Who else auditioned for Joe Goldberg?

Dylan Arnold, who plays Theo Engler in the third season, had initially auditioned for the role of Goldberg before it was handed ver to Badgely. Arnold plays a nineteen-year-old college boy who is Joe and, his equally psychotic and murderous partner, Love Quinn’s neighbour.

Additionally, What did Joe do to Candace? Candace is killed by Love.

Joe confesses his crimes to Love, who then runs away in shock. Candace runs after Love to console her, but instead Love whips out a broken glass bottle. Love uses the bottle to slit Candace’s throat.

Why doesn’t Joe want a boy in You? Joe hates men, and he has a history of wanting to protect women. But, of course, he’d prefer a daughter over a son. Also, Joe doesn’t want to raise a son to become like him. Netflix’s You makes it clear that Joe’s abusive childhood helped contribute to the person he became.

Subsequently, What is Joe Goldberg diagnosed with? Joe has criteria that correspond to obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, which is that he is often anxious about himself and the people he loves, so he cannot control his emotions to commit sadistic actions to kill people who he considers to interfere with the relationship between Joe and Beck.


Is Penn Badgley part black?

Penn’s ancestry includes Irish, English, smaller amounts of French-Canadian, German, and Scottish, and remote Dutch, Welsh, and French Huguenot; also, one of Penn’s paternal great-grandfathers, Howard Duff, was an emigrant from Jamaica, and was likely of at least part African-Jamaican ancestry.

What did Joe do to Karen? First of all, Karen didn’t waste any time feeling sad after Joe broke things off. Joe: We’re over. Joe cheated on Karen and let Beck call her « little Karen Minty ». When it came time to end the relationship, Karen gathered her things and left Joe to his shenanigans without another word.

What happened to Delilah’s body on You? In one of the most tragic deaths in both Seasons 1 and 2 of You, Joe finds Delilah lying dead in his cage in a pool of her own blood after Joe locked her in when she finds out his secret life as a cold-blooded murderer.

Is Joe in Love with Love? In the end, their relationship ends catastrophically. Although their relationship went up in smoke (quite literally), actor Penn Badgley believed that Joe and Love were “perfect for each other.” In an interview with MTV News, the Gossip Girl alum explained why the couple was indeed soulmates.

Does Love have another baby in You?

Being pregnant was the thing that saved Love’s life, so maybe, because of that, she thinks that being pregnant again could solve her problems. What a wild, wild show. Although there was a short pregnancy scare in episode 5 and episode 6, Love does not get pregnant in You season 3.

Who is the father of Love’s baby in You? Milo is the father of Love’s baby.

At one point, Love tells Joe that she knows the baby isn’t Milo’s because she made him use protection, but there’s a chance she lied about that to save herself. After all, Joe was going to kill her just before she revealed she was pregnant.

What happens to Joe and loves baby?

The second season ended on a cliffhanger when we found out that Love was pregnant, and going into the third installment we know the pair are new parents to a baby boy named Henry. Trying to start a new life together, Joe and Love move to a suburb called Madre Linda and attempt to start over.

Is Joe a good guy in you? While we rationally know Joe is an evil human being, the inclusion of his empathetic relationship with characters like Paco, Ellie and, eventually, Theo, paired with Penn’s good looks and society’s relationship with ‘playing the chase’, means that some viewers can’t help but romanticise him.

What is a sociopaths vs psychopaths?

Some experts see sociopaths as “hot-headed.” They act without thinking how others will be affected. Psychopaths are more “cold-hearted” and calculating. They carefully plot their moves, and use aggression in a planned-out way to get what they want.

What disorder did Joe from you have?

« It’s very obvious from the beginning of [You] that [Joe] has narcissistic personality disorder, » Lev observes. « We can see that he’s more of a covert narcissist than an overt because covert narcissists seem really shy and sweet.

Did Blake Lively date Penn Badgley? Although he’s now married to musician Domino Kirke, Badgley once dated his former co-star Blake Lively. According to Elle magazine, The two secretly dated for almost three years while filming « Gossip Girl. » Reportedly, no one on set knew the two had broken up in real life until the season two finale of the series.

What religion is Penn Badgley? Badgley has been a member of the Baha’i Faith since 2015 and is an outspoken activist against the persecution of Baháʼís by the government of Iran.

What is Penn Badgley salary?

As of 2022, Penn Badgley’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $8 million . Penn Badgley is an American actor and musician from Maryland.

Net Worth: $8 Million
Last Updated: 2021

• 1 févr. 2022

How Does Karen know Claudia? Karen was a friend of Joe’s neighbor Claudia in New York. She met him in passing a couple of times, including while Joe was on his way to Beck’s surprise party carrying the special cake he had made her with the scrabble board spelling out « everythingship ».

Why does Karen Minty know about Candace?

All Karen probably knows is that Joe was left heartbroken after Candace cheated on him. He was also probably having the same nightmares about Candace that he had when he was sleeping next to Beck and was calling Candace’s name in the night when he was also with Karen.

What did Karen know about Joe? Karen Knows Joe’s Secret

Karen heard Joe saying her name in his sleep, which could’ve prompted her to look into Candace. She could’ve figured out the same theories as Candace’s friends – that she’s dead and Joe had something to do with it. She tells Beck, « Maybe he’ll do [to you] whatever the hell he did to Candace. »

What happened to Joe’s mom in You?

A flashback in the finale revealed that Joe’s mom moved on and started looking after another child after abandoning her son. Effectively, she left Joe behind for good, much to the chagrin of our antihero. But the maternal influence in Joe’s life might be back for future installments of the series.

Does Joe sleep with Marienne? Joe and Marienne almost get together, but Love halts their budding romance. They pretty much did everything a couple would do, such as flirt, kiss, and even sleep together. But they never officially got together because Joe was in a relationship with Love, and Marienne refused to be a homewrecker.

Is Love from You a psychopath?

While we’ve known Joe Goldberg to be the obsessive stalker with murderous tendencies for three seasons of You, Love Quinn proved that she was the true psycho of the series in Season 3.

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