How much is a train ticket from Osaka to Kyoto?

The Shinkansen service which runs from Shin-Osaka Station to Kyoto Station is the fastest way and it’s covered by the JR Pass. The bullet train time is only 15 minutes. If you don’t have a JR Pass, the Shinkansen price for this journey is 1,420 yen.

Additionally, How much is a train pass in Osaka?

JR Kansai Area Pass click here for details
Type: Unlimited travel on local and rapid (kaisoku) JR trains in the region around Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe and Himeji and on the Haruka limited express to/from Kansai Airport.
Price: 1 day 2,400 yen 2 days 4,600 yen 3 days 5,600 yen 4 days 6,800 yen
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• 12 oct. 2021

Can I use JR Pass in Kyoto? Numerous trains in and around Kyoto can be accessed using your Japan Rail Pass. Kyoto Station is the central city’s transportation hub for Japan Railways and other private services, as well as shopping centers. From here, you can access the Shinkansen bullet train to Osaka, Tokyo, and many other destinations.

Subsequently, Is Osaka Metro covered by JR Pass? While the shinkansen trains do not travel to Osaka Station or on the Osaka Loop Line, you can reach downtown Osaka station by a Rapid Express JR train from Shin-Osaka. This is included in your Japan Rail Pass.


How long is the train ride from Osaka to Kyoto?

The distance between the beautiful cities is only 38 km (23 mi), which means that fast and modern Nozomi Osaka to Kyoto trains will take you to your destination in only about 13 minutes! This is the fastest way to travel between these popular Japanese destinations.

How long does it take to get from Osaka to Kyoto by train? Take the Special Rapid train from JR Osaka Station to arrive at JR Kyoto Station in about 30 minutes (560 yen). From JR Shin-Osaka, the journey is about 25 minutes and costs the same. The route takes less time and is easy to understand since Osaka Station and Kyoto Station are directly connected.

Is Nara closer to Osaka or Kyoto? Nara is 35 kilometers south of Kyoto City and about 28 kilometers east of Osaka. Thus, it’s within easy day trip distances of these cities. Of course, if you want to slow down and enjoy Nara a bit more, it makes sense to stay a night in Nara to really explore the area.

How much is the Haruka express ticket? Prices

Service area HARUKA service section ICOCA & HARUKA (ICOCA card + HARUKA discount ticket)
OSAKA Umeda Namba Kansai-airport – Tennoji 4,400YEN
Kansai-airport – Shin-Osaka 5,200YEN
KYOTO Saga-Arashiyama Kansai-airport – Kyoto 5,600YEN

How do you get around in Kyoto?

The Takeaway:

  1. Kyoto is a compact city with a well-developed transport network. …
  2. The subways and trains are the most convenient way to get around the city.
  3. Buses are less convenient, but cover almost the whole city.
  4. Taxis are plentiful and reasonably cheap. …
  5. Bicycles are a great way to get around Kyoto.

How do I get to Osaka by train? Subways and the Osaka Loop Line are the best way to get around Osaka. Two subway lines will get you almost everywhere you need to go: the red Midosuji Line and the green Chuo Line. The most useful train line is the Osaka Loop Line (frequently called just the “Loop Line”). You can use a Japan Rail Pass on this line.

How much is the bullet train from Tokyo to Kyoto?

A standard fee for a one-way Tokyo to Kyoto ticket is around 160 USD during peak seasons and 100-120 USD off peak, although the price heavily depends on such factor as what travel class you prefer or do you purchase a ticket with reserved or unreserved seats.

How far is Osaka and Kyoto? The distance between Osaka and Kyoto is 43 km. The road distance is 55 km.

Can I use JR Pass from Kyoto to Hiroshima?

Kyoto and Hiroshima are connected by the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen lines. You can use your JR Pass and the journey between Kyoto Station and Hiroshima Station takes 1 hour 40 minutes. The Nozomi Shinkansen trains only take 1 hour 15 minutes but are not covered by the pass.

Is Nara a day trip from Kyoto?

Nara is the most popular day trip from Kyoto, and there are two train operators for lines running between Kyoto and Nara: JR West and Kintetsu Railways.

Can I use JR Pass for Haruka? Arriving in Japan at Kansai International Airport (KIX)? Then you can use the Haruka Express train for quick and comfortable access to Kyoto and Osaka. The best part is that it is completely free with your JR Pass or regional JR West pass.

What is the main train station in Kyoto? Kyōto Station

Kyōto Station 京都駅
Location Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyōto Prefecture Japan
Operated by JR West JR Central Kintetsu Railway Kyoto Municipal Subway
Connections Bus terminal

Can I use JR Pass from Kansai Airport to Kyoto?

The JR Haruka Limited Express takes around 70 minutes to get from Kansai Airport to Kyoto and there are departures every 30 minutes. It is the quickest way and it’s covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

Is Kyoto a walkable city? Kyoto is located in a basin surrounded by mountains. This has limited the city’s sprawl and has made it feasible to walk from one end to another (although there are few who would actually do that). It’s also a very flat city, and the streets are laid out in a grid, making it easy to navigate with minimal exertion.

Where can I sleep in Kyoto?

The best area to stay in Kyoto for tourists is Downtown Kawaramachi. Other recommended best places to stay in Kyoto are Gion, Kyoto Station and Central Kyoto. Downtown Kawaramachi offers plenty of shops and restaurants, and is in walking distance to historical Gion, making it the best place to stay in Kyoto.

How much is Kyoto day pass? The Kyoto City Bus One-Day Pass allows for unlimited travel on all Kyoto city buses and Kyoto buses within the downtown fixed rate zone (including Arashiyama and Shugakuin, but excluding Kibune, Kurama, Takao, Ohara and Iwakura) and costs 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children.

What is the main train station in Osaka?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Osaka Station (大阪駅, Ōsaka-eki) is a major railway station in the Umeda district of Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan, operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). It forms the city’s main rail terminal in the north.

How many train stations are there in Osaka? The Osaka Metro consists of eight subway lines and one automated people mover, with a total of 133 stations (108 stations counting interchange stations, served by multiple lines, only once).

How much is a train ride from Tokyo to Osaka?

The fastest way to travel between Tokyo and Osaka is via the Nozomi trains on the Tokaido Shinkansen Line. In just 2 hours and 30 minutes, you can get from Tokyo Station to Shin-Osaka Station. A one-way trip costs 13,620 yen (unreserved seat) or 14,650 yen (reserved seat), and is not covered by the JR Pass.

How far is Mt Fuji from Kyoto by train? The quickest way to get from Kyoto to Mount Fuji is to train via Shizuoka which costs ¥33000 – ¥45000 and takes 4h 28m. What is the distance between Kyoto and Mount Fuji? The distance between Kyoto and Mount Fuji is 273 km. The road distance is 384.6 km.

Is the bullet train covered by JR Pass?

The PASS is valid on all Japan Railways (JR) Group Shinkansen “bullet trains” (except for the “NOZOMI” and “MIZUHO” trains), limited express trains, express trains, and local trains (Green Car passes are valid for Green Car travel) in addition to the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit system).

Is it better to visit Tokyo or Kyoto? Tokyo is the political and economic capital of Japan, so it’s much more bustling, modern and new. Kyoto, on the other hand, is the storehouse of Japan’s traditional culture. So, if you want to see what modern Japan is all about, visit Tokyo. And, if you want to experience traditional Japan, then visit Kyoto.

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