Centurion (previously known as Verwoerdburg and before that Lyttelton) is an area with 236,580 inhabitants in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, between Pretoria and Midrand (Johannesburg) .

Centurion, Gauteng.

Country South Africa
Province Gauteng
Municipality City of Tshwane

What is Centurion famous for? Centurion, Northern Gauteng

Lying just outside of Midrand on the N1, part way between Jo-burg and Pretoria, Centurion is probably best known for its mall – one of the largest shopping centres in South Africa with over 200 stores and restaurants.

Then, Is Centurion a good place to live? Centurion at a glance

Its location makes it the perfect residential district for business-oriented people and families. The daily commute is significantly trouble-free for residents because of the easily accessible, major roadways linking through to Johannesburg, Midrand, Krugersdorp, Pretoria and O.R.

Is Centurion Gauteng safe? Crime rates in Centurion (Verwoerdburg), South Africa

Level of crime 80.56 Very High
Worries being mugged or robbed 75.00 High
Worries car stolen 70.14 High
Worries things from car stolen 71.53 High
Worries attacked 68.57 High


Which city is Centurion ground?

Centurion Park is a cricket ground in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa. It is also known as SuperSport Park since television company Supersport bought shares in the stadium. The capacity of the ground is 22,000.

Why was verwoerdburg changed to Centurion? Centurion (formerly Verwoerdburg) (1974 – 1994)

Lyttelton was renamed Verwoerdburg in 1967, after the assassination of former South African Prime Minister Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, the so called « architect of apartheid ». The name of the town was changed again to the more politically neutral Centurion in September 1995.

When was the last time South Africa lost at Centurion? South Africa’s fortress

The venue has hosted 26 Tests, of which South Africa have won 21. They have lost only two, one of which was against England in 2000, when both teams forfeited an innings each and contrived to produce a result.

What is the capital of South Africa? South Africa has three cities that serve as capitals: Pretoria (executive), Cape Town (legislative), and Bloemfontein (judicial).

How many cricket grounds are in South Africa?

List of cricket grounds

Ground Name Location Notes
Lord’s Cricket Ground Benoni
Willowmoore Park Benoni Hosted 18 ODIs.
Barnard Stadium Kempton Park Hosted one List A match in 1989 between Eastern Transvaal and Orange Free State.
Olympia Park Springs, South Africa

Is Midrand in Pretoria or Johannesburg? Midrand is a city in central Gauteng, South Africa. It is situated in-between Centurion and Sandton and forms part of the City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

What caused the flood in Centurion?

Low lying parts of Centurion flooded on Wednesday due to heavy rainfall in Gauteng. Social media is flooded with clips showing water rushing through rivers and over low-lying roads. The flash floods come after heavy rains in Mpumalanga. Heavy rain has caused major flooding along the Garden Route.

Has South Africa lost a Test match in Centurion? 3 Test defeats for South Africa at the SuperSport Park in Centurion, where they played 27 Test matches and won 21. Their previous two Test losses at this ground came against England in 2000 and against Australia in 2014. … The other two instances came in Johannesburg – against Australia in 2002 and India in 2018.

Which teams have won in Centurion?

Team 1 Team 2 Winner
South Africa Sri Lanka South Africa
South Africa Sri Lanka South Africa
South Africa West Indies South Africa
South Africa England drawn

Which team defeated South Africa in Centurion?

India won the contest by a huge margin of 113 runs.

Team India scripted history after defeating South Africa by 113 runs on Day 5 of the Boxing Day Test at SuperSport Park in Centurion. India became the first Asian Team to register a win in Centurion, which is considered as South Africa’s fortress.

What was South Africa called before? The name « South Africa » is derived from the country’s geographic location at the southern tip of Africa. Upon formation, the country was named the Union of South Africa in English and Unie van Zuid-Afrika in Dutch, reflecting its origin from the unification of four formerly separate British colonies.

Which country has no capital? Nauru, an island in the Pacific Ocean, is the second-smallest republic in the world—but it doesn’t even have a capital city. Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings explains why.

Who lives in South Africa?

About 44 million people live in South Africa. Blacks make up almost 80 % of the population. They belong to different ethnic groups and speak different languages. The largest tribes , the Zulu and Xhosa, have lived in South Africa for the longest time.

Which is the biggest cricket ground in South Africa? List of stadiums in South Africa

# Stadium Capacity
1 FNB Stadium 94,736
2 Ellis Park Stadium 62,567
3 Odi Stadium 60,000
4 Phakisa Freeway 60,000

Which is the most beautiful cricket stadium in the world?

Most beautiful cricket stadiums in the world

  • Galle International Stadium, Sri Lanka. …
  • Dharamsala Cricket Stadium, India. …
  • Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi. …
  • Newlands Cricket Stadium, South Africa. …
  • Daren Sammy National Cricket Stadium, West Indies. …
  • Sydney Cricket Ground, Australia. …
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Which is the biggest cricket stadium in the world? Active stadiums

Rank Ground Capacity
1 Narendra Modi Stadium 132,000
2 Melbourne Cricket Ground 100,024
3 Eden Gardens 68,000
4 Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh International Cricket Stadium 65,400

Is Mall of Africa the biggest mall in Africa?

Mall of Africa is a shopping mall located in Waterfall City, Midrand, Gauteng. It is the third largest single-phase shopping mall to be built in Africa , but smaller than Gateway, Sandton, Menlyn and Fourways Mall.

Mall of Africa
Lifts/elevators 50
Other information
Parking 6000 bays

Does Ekurhuleni fall under Johannesburg? The City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is a metropolitan municipality that forms the local government of the East Rand region of Gauteng. The municipality itself is a large suburban region east of Johannesburg. The name Ekurhuleni means place of peace in XiTsonga.

What is the solution of flood?

Flood control infrastructure, such as levees, seawalls, and tide gates, work as physical barriers to prevent areas from flooding. Other measures, such as pump stations and channels, help reduce flooding.

What are the causes of flood? Floods are the most frequent type of natural disaster and occur when an overflow of water submerges land that is usually dry. Floods are often caused by heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt or a storm surge from a tropical cyclone or tsunami in coastal areas.

What Causes floods in South Africa?

Large parts of South Africa’s most important farming provinces have been soaked by unprecedented rain, causing floods and crop damage and adding to concern that climate change is making weather cycles more erratic.

Did India ever win at Centurion? The Indian cricket team created history on Thursday as they registered a 113-run victory over South Africa in the first Test in Centurion to take a 1-0 lead in the three-match series. South Africa suffered their third-ever Test defeat in Centurion and it was the first time when an Asian team breached their fortress.

Which teams have won Test series in South Africa?

Series/Tournament Season Winner
Australia in South Africa Test Series 2017/18 South Africa
Pakistan in South Africa Test Series 2018/19 South Africa
Sri Lanka in South Africa Test Series 2018/19 Sri Lanka
Basil D’Oliveira Trophy (England in South Africa) 2019/20 England

Has India won Test series in South Africa?

Rahul Dravid led India to their first-ever Test victory in South Africa when the visitors defeated the Proteas by 123 runs in the series-opener at Johannesburg.


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