The only toll roads in New Jersey are the Garden State Parkway and the New Jersey Turnpike. You can avoid taking the Garden State Parkway by using Route 9 and you can avoid the New Jersey Turnpike by using Route 130.

Is there a ferry from NJ to NYC? Liberty Landing Ferry operates between the World Financial Center in NYC and Jersey City, NJ. In New Jersey, the ferry makes stops at Liberty Landing Marina in Liberty State Park and Warren Street before returning to the World Financial Center. New York Waterway runs a number of routes between New Jersey and Manhattan.

Then, Can you enter NYC Without toll? Manhattan is an island, and unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to avoid paying at least one toll to drive into it. Even roads that don’t have tolls in other areas will still have one prior to entering or exiting a bridge or tunnel.

How much is the toll from NJ to NY with EZ Pass? Most of the MTA’s bridges and tunnels, including the Robert F. Kennedy, Throgs Neck and Bronx-Whitestone bridges, as well as the Hugh Carey and Queens Midtown tunnels, cost $6.12 to use for drivers with a New York-issued E-ZPass tag. For drivers from New Jersey and elsewhere and those paying by mail, the toll is $9.50.


How much does it cost to drive from NJ to NYC?

The total cost of driving from Newark, NJ to Manhattan, NY (one-way) is $2.66 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $5.31 to go from Newark, NJ to Manhattan, NY and back to Newark, NJ again. Regular fuel costs are around $3.91 per gallon for your trip.

How do I get to NYC from NJ? The cheapest and most efficient way is to use the PATH subway. The PATH subway will take you from Newark to Manhattan in about 30 minutes. The cost is $2.75. Trains also depart from Newark’s Penn Station and commute to NYC’s Penn Station, however the train is often more expensive and slower.

Can I use MetroCard on NYC Ferry? Unfortunately, you can’t use your MetroCard on the ferry, which has led critics to question how much the ferry will actually benefit commuters. But the service does offer free transfers within its routes up to 90 minutes from when you first board the ferry.

Is NJ ferry free? The Staten Island Ferry is a free service provided by the City of New York. Be aware of scammers trying to sell tickets.

How much is the toll from NJ to NYC?

With a New York or New Jersey E-ZPass during off-peak hours: $11.75, up from $10.50. With a New York or New Jersey E-ZPass during peak hours: $13.75, up from $12.50. Cash or tolls by mail during all hours: $16, up from $15.

Do you have to pay toll from New York to New Jersey? Tolls are collected entering New York. No tolls are collected entering New Jersey. The Bayonne Bridge, Goethals Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing, the George Washington Bridge’s Lower Level and Palisades Interstate Parkway toll lanes, and the Holland Tunnel are cashless and no longer accept cash toll payments.

Is Brooklyn Bridge free?

The Brooklyn Bridge is a fully operational bridge managed by the NYC Department of Transportation, the Bridge is free to walk across.

Is NJ E-ZPass cheaper than NY? New Jersey E-ZPass holders don’t get a discount going through the Queens Midtown tunnel toll unlike New York E-ZPass holders. Driving into or around New York City using an E-ZPass can mean not having to wait in a long line of cars at the tollbooth.

Can I get a ny E-ZPass if I live in NJ?

A New York-issued E-ZPass is available to drivers regardless of the state in which they live, officials said in an statement. The same thing happened to out-of-staters in New Jersey in 2011 when the NJ Turnpike Authority ended off peak E-ZPass discounts for out-of-staters.

Can I use NJ E-ZPass in other states?

E-ZPass is accepted on all toll roads and bridges in Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Why are New York City tolls so high? The high tolls are there because NYC can’t absorb an extra million cars on its already-gridlocked traffic grid every day. The money raised by the tolls pay for the airports and subsidize the PATH train.

Why are New Jersey tolls so expensive? Peters said the New Jersey Turnpike Authority’s toll hikes are fueled by a funding flaw. Under an agreement reached in the 1980s, the authority reimburses the state $22 million each year, used to subsidize the Transportation Trust Fund and improvements on other non-toll roads.

Why are New York tolls so high?

The only reason that I can see tolls being so expensive in the NYC area is that New York and New Jersey governments use them as a source of general revenue. With so many drivers having no choice but to take bridges and tunnels to get to work, that’s quite a considerable revenue stream.

What city in New Jersey is closest to New York City? In terms of commute, Downtown Hoboken is very close to NYC, offering path train and ferry service from Hoboken Station. The commute time to Lower Manhattan is less than 10 minutes and about 20-25 minutes to Herald Square.

Can you live in New Jersey and work in New York?

YES. If you live in Jersey City or anywhere in New Jersey and commute to New York, you have to file in both states. In fact, if you are commuting, your employer is required to withhold your New York taxes and even report your wages earned to New Jersey.

How much is the bus from NJ to NYC? Information on this bus route

Daily Buses 9
Minimum Price $14
Average Ticket Price $21
Minimum Trip Duration 25m
Average Bus Trip Duration 30m

How much is ferry from NJ to NYC?


One Way FareS
$9.00 Adult
FREE Child 5 and Under Two children ride free for every paying adult.
$6.00 Child 6-11
$8.25 Senior 62+ / Disabled Available at Ticket Office.

Is there a bathroom on the NYC Ferry? Pro Tip: All NYC Ferries have a restroom located in the back of the vessel, just before the doors to exit to the top deck.

Does NYC Ferry go to Ikea?

NY Waterway is introducing free ferry service to the IKEA store in Brooklyn, from three locations in Manhattan.


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