Can you swim in the sea in Pattaya?

Plenty of tourists and locals do swim in the sea at Pattaya, but the water is reputed to be not too clean. You can take a 15 minute bus ride to Jomtien, which is supposed to be a little cleaner. Wong Amat Beach in north Pattaya should be OK too.

Additionally, Is Pattaya good for family? Pattaya has lots of family-friendly activities

With a young family, recommended activities are day-trips to nearby islands such as Koh Larn, water parks and of course, the beach.

Is Pattaya beach clean? No clean beach in Pattaya. The water is murky. There are no clean beaches/good quality sea water in Pattaya. Jomtien is at best poor to mediocre.

Subsequently, How long is Pattaya Beach? Pattaya Beach lies parallel to the city centre, and runs from Pattaya Nuea south to Walking Street, about 2.7 km long. The beach, which used to be 35 m wide, suffers from erosion and in some places was reduced to a width of only two to three meters.


How much does it cost from Bangkok to Pattaya?

3 ways to get from Pattaya to Bangkok

Transport mode Duration Costs
Bus 2.5 hours 170 THB ($1.70)
Taxi 2 hours 1,500 THB ($15)
Train 4 hours 30 THB ($0.20)

5 févr. 2022

Is Phuket better than Pattaya? While Phuket offers a more rejuvenating and peaceful experience, Pattaya is a rather loud destination with a constant, frenzied party atmosphere. While Phuket is best suited for families, kids and couples, Pattaya is for the adventure freaks, adrenaline junkies and the spoiled part of the population.

Is Bangkok or Pattaya better? Bangkok vs Pattaya: Which is the better choice? Both cities are definitely worth visiting at some point, and each has its own unique charm and quirks. But if your priority is cultural experiences, a great nightlife, and a wealth of things to do, then Bangkok may suit you more than Pattaya.

What airport do you fly into for Pattaya? The nearest airport to Pattaya is the U-Tapao Airport located 30 kilometres away from Pattaya at Sattahip and offers limited connectivity to a handful of destinations. The Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is about 120 km away from Pattaya and a drive of an hour and a half approximately.

Can you surf in Pattaya?

Surfing in Pattaya

Also, like Phuket, Pattaya is famous for its predisposition to surfing. Here is 20 surf schools, and in every sporting goods store you can buy a board. From November to May, Pattaya welcomes everyone, teaching them water art.

How can I go from Bangkok to Pattaya? Pattaya is located 147 kilometres (2-hour drive) away from Bangkok. One can hire cars to drive between the two cities and for travel within Pattaya and Bangkok. A frequent bus service (2 hours) plies between Pattaya and Bangkok connecting the main bus terminal of Pattaya with other bus terminals of Bangkok.

Does Pattaya have a beach?

There’s no better place to start than the most popular and most lively beach in the city – Pattaya beach. At four kilometers long, this crescent-shaped beach has plenty of space for visitors and it needs it too, with plenty of people descending upon it to take advantage of the blazing sun and warm weather.

Does Pattaya have an airport? The nearest airport to Pattaya is the U-Tapao Airport located 30 kilometres away from Pattaya at Sattahip and offers limited connectivity to a handful of destinations. The Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is about 120 km away from Pattaya and a drive of an hour and a half approximately.

How many foreigners live in Pattaya?

A surprisingly large number of non-Thais are still residing in Greater Pattaya and the rest of Chonburi according to latest reports.

Is Thailand safe?

Safety in Thailand. Thailand is a very safe country for travelers who use common sense. Those who don’t can get scammed, sick, arrested, or badly injured. The most dangerous aspect of Thailand is its roads.

Where can I meet girls in Bangkok? Currently some of the top nightclubs and pick up bars to meet single girls in Bangkok are:

  • Onyx at RCA.
  • Route 66 at RCA.
  • Sing Sing Theater at Sukhumvit 45.
  • Demo in Thonglor.
  • Beam in Thonglor.
  • The Club on Khao San Road.
  • Super Flow Beach Club on Khao San Road.
  • Sugar at Soi 11.

Is Uber available in Pattaya? Unfortunately, Uber is no longer available in Thailand.

What’s better Patong or Pattaya?

Patong has a better beach than Pattaya. Pattaya is way cheaper though than Patong. In Pattaya you can see Thai classic dance with dinner, Alangkarn Show is B 750 compared with Fantasea at 1,200. Boat trip over to Koh Larn Island for better beach costs as little as B 30 each way on the ferry ( yes, a Dollar ).

Where is Sin city in Thailand? Pattaya, Thailand: ‘Sin City’ finds abstaining from sex hard.

Where is the best place to live in Pattaya?

The Best Areas in Pattaya For Buying Real Estate?

  • Naklua/Wongamat. …
  • Central Pattaya. …
  • Pratumnak Hill. …
  • Jomtien. …
  • Na Jomtien. …
  • Bang Saray. …
  • East Pattaya.

Is Pattaya cheaper than Phuket? Phuket will cost more than Pattaya but the beaches are better. Pattaya you can get to with a 2 hour bus ride for under $5. Hotels and local transportation is cheaper in Pattaya than than Phuket.

Is shopping cheaper in Pattaya or Bangkok?

Is shopping cheaper in Pattaya or Bangkok? You’ll find that shopping in Bangkok is way cheaper than shopping in Pattaya. In fact, you’ll be able to buy a lot of products at half the price in the night markets of Bangkok as compared to their counterparts in Pattaya.

What month is the cheapest to fly to Thailand? Top tips for finding cheap flights to Thailand

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Thailand is September.

How many days are enough for Pattaya?

A: You can cover all the main attractions of Pattaya in 3 days. Here is a suggested plan for your Pattaya trip in 3 days, giving a good mix of leisure and sightseeing: Day 1: Visit to the beach; attend the Alcazar show. Day 2: Day trip to Coral Island.

How much is a taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya? Traveling to Pattaya by taxicab is also an option, but a more expensive one. The official meter-taxi rate is about 1500 baht from central Bangkok and 1110 baht (including expressway fees) from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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