Why is Perfect Blue so confusing?

The reason being is that this movie is designed to confuse you. It’s calibrated to have you change opinions every ten minutes. Whereas Kon expects you to understand Paprika and Paranoia Agent.

Additionally, Why is Perfect Blue so good? It’s a masterpiece in every possible way. From the way it uses its colors and direction to the voice acting and the detailing of each scene, everything works so well together that it is almost impossible not to awe in its amazingness. Perfect Blue manages to show that true horror is experienced in many ways.

Are Mima and Rumi the same person? Biography. Rumi imagining herself to be Mima. She is the manager of pop-idol Mima. When Mima quit singing and became an actress, Rumi was so distraught that she started to imagine, she herself was Mima and the real Mima was a fake.

Subsequently, What was the last line of Perfect Blue? The final line is chilling however you interpret it

To assuage our concerns, the final scene sees Mima suddenly look at us through the rearview mirror of her car, and then say, in the most saccharine voice, « I’m the real one! »


What is the plot twist in Perfect Blue?

Rumi reveals herself as Idol Mima. She’s in a full-blown episode from her dissociative identity disorder and tries to kill Mima. A chase ensues, coming to an end when both women end up hit by a truck.

Is Perfect Blue disturbing? Perfect Blue is an animated film that is far more disturbing than many of the live action psychological thrillers that I have come across in my time. The film deals with the issues of fandom, fame, reality, and most importantly deals with the theme of depression.

Does Perfect Blue have Jumpscares? There are 0 jump scares in Perfect Blue, which has a jump scare rating of 0.0. See below for more details. Jump Scare Rating: Utilizing a mix of David Lynch-esque psychological horror and some traditional slasher elements, Perfect Blue manages to create an engaging horror narrative without the use of jump scares.

Is Rumi Mima Perfect Blue? Rumi. Rumi is the major curveball of Perfect Blue. In the beginning, she appears dedicated to protecting Mima as her protege goes down a new career path.

What did the letter in Perfect Blue say?

She receives a weird letter that says « I love looking at Mima’s room, » a telephone call from a heavy breather and a fax that calls her a traitor.

What did Perfect Blue inspire? Much like Paprika, Perfect Blue has left a lasting impact on film making and served as inspiration for much more popular films. Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan, which follows a ballerina’s aspirations for greatness and her downward spiral, is one such film.

Who dies in Perfect Blue?

It is revealed that Rumi also killed Tadokoro and hid Mr. Me-Mania’s body when she found Mima on-set. The “real Mima” then says she will murder Mima and accuses her of being the imposter (Mima was apparently suffering a shared psychosis, called Folie a deux, and also hallucinates Rumi as the “Real Mima”).

Is Rumi Mimas sister? It even revolves around Eri Ochiai’s character’s line, « by killing, and later becoming, her sister the top-model, she salvaged her heart », which deepens the point with how Rumi, as her Mima persona, believes she is the « real » Mima and the Mima is a « fake » which ruined the « former’s » life when the « latter » left her pop …

Does Mima have did Perfect Blue?

Mima manages to finish shooting Double Bind, the final scene of which reveals that her character killed and assumed the identity of her sister due to trauma-induced dissociative identity disorder.

Does she get raped in Perfect Blue?

While Mima herself wasn’t raped in the scene (you can clearly see that the actor playing the rapist still has his underwear on while simulating sex with her), it can still be seen as a metaphorical violation— by performing this scene, Mima’s image as a « pure » and « virginal » pop idol has been « tarnished », as her …

How gory is Perfect Blue? Parents need to know that Perfect Blue is an animated thriller with serious violence and death, including recurring images of stabbing victims with their eyes gouged out.

Is Perfect Blue ok for a 13 year old? as i said, you really shouldn’t watch this before you’re about 13-14 because it will make you paranoid. there is murder, sex, sexual assault, and loss of reality. its all amazing but not for younger viewers.

Is Perfect Blue appropriate?

Like « Graveyard of the Fireflies, » « Perfect Blue » is not designed for younger viewers. In fact, the film is rated R for « for animated sequences of violence and nudity, and for brief language. » Yet it has earned a measure of critical acclaim.

Is Perfect Blue good anime? Reviewing the 2019 GKIDS Blu-Ray release, Neil Lumbard of Blu-Ray.com heralded Perfect Blue as « one of the greatest anime films of all time » and « a must-see masterpiece that helped to pave the way for more complex anime films to follow, » while Chris Beveridge of The Fandom Post noted « this is not a film one can watch …

Was Rumi the killer?

The real killer is Rumi, who believes herself to be the real Mima. Rumi was working with Mr. Me-Mania. Rumi unsuccessfully tries to kill Mima and is later committed to an asylum.

How many episodes does Perfect Blue anime have? Perfect Blue (TV series)

Perfect Blue
Original language Japanese
No. of episodes 11
Producers Junichirō Shiraishi Yoshihiro Haruno

Is Perfect Blue real story?

Perfect Blue is the story of a retired pop singer-turned-actress, Mima , as her sense of reality starts to shake as she is stalked by an obsessed fan while being haunted from reflections of her past.

Perfect Blue
Music By: Masahiro Ikumi
Edited By: Harutoshi Ogata
Release Information

Is Perfect Blue sad? Perfect Blue is an animated film that is far more disturbing than many of the live action psychological thrillers that I have come across in my time. The film deals with the issues of fandom, fame, reality, and most importantly deals with the theme of depression.

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