Why is Marlborough famous?

Marlborough is about world famous Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s largest winegrowing region, and the soils and enviable climate that create it. It’s about fresh seafood sought by the world’s finest chefs. It’s about diverse landscapes, from valleys of vines to sheltered waterways of the Marlborough Sounds.

Additionally, Is Marlborough a grape? It is particularly famous for its pungent, zesty white wines made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, which dominates the Marlborough vineyards.

Is Marlborough posh? This is a town famous for its posh college, alma mater of luminaries Chris de Burgh and Kate Middleton (OK, and John Betjeman). But it also blew raspberries at the King in the Civil War.

Subsequently, Is Marlborough a nice place to live? BRITAIN’S best places to live have been revealed with Marlborough ranked highly in the South West. From job prospects and school rankings to broadband speed and community spirit, the list compiled by the Sunday Times revealed Marlborough and Tisbury as the only two towns in Wiltshire to be named.


Is Marlborough a wine?

Marlborough is not only about world famous Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand’s largest winegrowing region, it’s also about fresh seafood sought by the world’s finest chefs, and diverse landscapes, from valleys of vines to sheltered waterways.

Are all Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand? Marlborough, remarkable for its southern latitude as a wine region, is home to 88% of New Zealand’s vines and most of those vines are Sauvignon Blanc. In fact, 80% of all wine from New Zealand is Sauvignon Blanc.

How many vineyards are there in Marlborough? Classic New Zealand Wine Trail

Marlborough’s vast flat areas are also ideal for a gentle gourmet cycle tour. From the small township of Renwick(opens in new window), there are 30 great wineries within a 24 kilometre circuit.

What wine is grown in Marlborough? Marlborough is home to New Zealand’s signature wine, Sauvignon Blanc, alongside a range of other mouth-watering varieties. Situated at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, with Cook Strait to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the east, Marlborough experiences a maritime climate.

Is Great Bedwyn a nice place to live?

Great Bedwyn is a great village for those who want to enjoy country life, but don’t want to be cut off from London. It has great communications with its own train station – London Paddington in 60 – 70 minutes, with trains running twice an hour in rush hour – and the M4 just 10 minutes away.

Is Marlborough College a good school? Marlborough can best be described as a traditional boarding school and the results are good. They have dropped the IB Diploma from their sixth form curriculum and concentrate now on a mix of A levels.

What is the largest village in Wiltshire?

Population ranking

# Settlement Designation
1 Swindon Town
2 Salisbury City
3 Trowbridge Town

Where should I move in Wiltshire? The cheapest to steepest places to live in Wiltshire ranked

  • Tidworth, Melksham and Swindon are the cheapest places to live in Wiltshire, according to new data.
  • In Wiltshire, a total of 82% of places surveyed were under the county average, including Salisbury (-0.4%), Chippenham (-14.1%) and Trowbridge (-21.4%).

What day is the market in Marlborough?

Wiltshire’s markets are an integral part of the local community and provide an assortment of goods, from antiques, carpets and clothing to fresh fruit and vegetables.


Location Time
Marlborough High Street 9am – 4pm

Why is Marlborough good for grapes?

Being one of the sunniest and driest areas in New Zealand, Marlborough also has relatively cool climate conditions, providing the grapes with a long slow, flavour-intensifying ripening period.

Is Chardonnay better than Sauvignon Blanc? To wrap things up, if you like a dryer wine, Chardonnay is probably your best bet, but if you like wine that is fruitier and a bit more on the sweeter side, give Sauvignon Blanc a try.

How do you pronounce sovereign Blanc?

Where are the Marlborough Sounds?

The Marlborough Sounds are an extensive network of sea-drowned valleys at the northern end of the South Island of New Zealand. The Marlborough Sounds were created by a combination of land subsidence and rising sea levels.

How much Sauvignon Blanc does Marlborough produce? In 2020, the region harvested 343,036 tonnes of grapes – 77 per cent of New Zealand’s total grape harvest – from more than 27,000 hectares of vines. With some 90 per cent of the country’s sauvignon blanc plantings, it is certainly Aotearoa’s capital of the grape variety.

Is Marlborough a grape or region?

The Marlborough wine region is the largest wine region of New Zealand, with its 23,000 ha of vines and 305,467 tones of grapes produced. Marlborough accounts for the 70% of the entire New Zealand wine production. Marlborough is also known for having a fermentation method for sparkling wines named after it.

Where is the nicest place to live in Wiltshire? 1. Warminster. Warminster is dubbed a « proud town » of indie businesses with a good selection of schools and of course, countryside on the doorstep. It is also celebrated for its surrounding natural landscape, featuring landmarks such as Cley Hill, Longleat, Stonehenge and Cranborne Chase Area of Natural Beauty.

Whats it like to live in Corsham?

“Corsham has a comforting, calm feeling about it — it’s an easy place to live where everyone talks to one another,” says Jackie Hulbert, who works part-time at the John Parker Gallery on the high street and as a visitor guide at Corsham Court.

What is it like to live in Hungerford? Convenient and attractive, and in an area with low property density, Hungerford enjoys consistently high property demand and limited supply. Unless you live for golf, horses, angling or antiques, there is not much to do, see or buy in Hungerford, and for most locals that is just as it should be.

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