Split Rock is born

Led by the U.S. Steel company president, a delegation descended upon Washington, D.C. to lobby for a light station. Originally known as Stony Point, the name Split Rock was first used by the lobbyists when describing the location, and the name stuck.

Where is Split Rock in the Poconos? 428 Moseywood Rd. Split Rock Resort is a full service, four season resort featuring a variety of suites and villas plus three options for dining.

Why Is Split Rock important? Split Rock Lighthouse opened in the summer of 1910 to guide bulk ore ships sailing near Lake Superior’s rocky coast. By 1940, its picturesque North Shore setting had made it one of the most visited lighthouses in the United States. … A single storm on November 28, 1905 damaged twenty-nine ships.

Then, How did Split Rock split? The History at Split Rock

500 million years ago, there was an ocean where you are standing. 300 million years ago, glaciers crept across the land creating Lake Harmony and the actual Split Rock from which this resort got its name.


How was Split Rock Lighthouse built?

Split Rock Lighthouse was built in response to the great loss of ships during the famous Mataafa Storm of 1905, during which 29 ships were lost or damaged on Lake Superior. One of these shipwrecks, the Madeira, is located just north of the lighthouse.

How many rooms does Split Rock Resort have? All 426 rooms boast jetted tubs and offer free WiFi and TVs. Guests will also find microwaves, stovetops, and coffee makers. Split Rock Resort offers 426 air-conditioned accommodations with safes and coffee/tea makers.

Does Split Rock have skiing? Split Rock in the United States (Pennsylvania State) is a tiny ski resort with just two ski lifts with only 76 metres (250 feet) of vertical descent. Split Rock has 40 acres of terrain over 6 trails.

What county is Split Rock Resort in? Split Rock Resort | Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

How long did it take to build Split Rock Lighthouse?

By the time Split Rock Light Station was completed in mid-summer 1910, workers had spent 13 months on the desolate cliff, with only a break during the worst months of winter.

Is Split Rock Lighthouse open in the winter? The lighthouse and historic building interiors are closed in the winter. Admission is free. Split Rock Lighthouse is open daily from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The visitor center, fog signal building, and historic grounds are open to visitors with a grounds pass.

Do you have to pay to see Split Rock Lighthouse?

Access to the lighthouse and keeper’s house are only available on the Keeper’s Tour.


Grounds pass Includes access to the visitor center, historic grounds, and fog signal building. $8 (Free for MNHS members)

Is Split Rock Lighthouse still in operation? While the lighthouse was decommissioned in 1969, the lantern is still in operational condition and is lit each November 10 during the Edmund Fitzgerald Beacon Lighting Ceremony.

When was Split Rock Resort built?

Since opening its doors in 1942, Split Rock Resort has embodied the true spirit of adventure, entertainment and family fun in the legendary Pocono Mountains. Over the ensuing decades, the iconic, four-season resort in Lake Harmony came to define the quintessential Northeastern Pennsylvania getaway.

How much does it cost to get into Split Rock Lighthouse?


Grounds Pass $8 Free for MNHS members (On-site only)
General Admission Adults Seniors, veterans and active military, college students (ID required) Students (ages 5-17) MNHS members $12 $10 $8 Free for MNHS members
Keeper’s Tour $25 $20 for MNHS members
Children ages 4 and under Free

How far is split rock from Jack Frost? Split Rock Resort is 9.9 mi from Jack Frost Ski Area and the Pocono International Raceway is 8 mi away.

How many people visit Split Rock Lighthouse every year? The ceremony attracts about 900 people each year (see link to this event below). Split Rock Light and historical buildings are closed during the winter, with only the Visitor Centre open: Split Rock Lighthouse website.

When did Split Rock Lighthouse become a state park?

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park
Area 2,200 acres (8.9 km 2 )
Elevation 728 ft (222 m)
Established 1945
Named for Split Rock Lighthouse

How much does it cost to get into Gooseberry Falls? Park permits: $35 annual, $26 second vehicle, $12 handicapped, or $7 daily.

Is Split Rock trail open?

Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is open year-round.

Can you swim in Gooseberry Falls? over a year ago. From the Midwest Weekend, website: « Beyond Two Harbors, everyone’s favorite place to wade — and now swim — is Gooseberry Falls State Park. When water flow is low, you can swim in pools at the bottoms of falls. »

Can you climb Split Rock Lighthouse?

Climb the short, steep circular stairs to the top of the lighthouse. Spend some time at this historic treasure!

Is Split Rock free? In line with resorts/hotels throughout the region, Split Rock has a resort fee paid by guests staying with us for use of the destination’s amenities.

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