Origin of Name

Reputedly the name ‘Horizontal Falls’ was coined by the TV naturalist, David Attenborough, seeking to find a suitable description for the phenomena.

Additionally, How old is the Horizontal Falls? These rocks said to be 1.7 billion years old – almost half the age of the Earth – are bent, buckled and scrunched up like paper, testifying to the cataclysmic force that shaped them when the lands came together. Against this, even the Horizontal Waterfalls seem like a gentle brook.

What are the Horizontal Falls Australia? What are the Horizontal Falls? The Horizontal Falls are fast moving tidal currents that squeeze through two narrow gorges of the McLarty Range in Talbot Bay, located in the Buccaneer Archipelago. They are waterfalls ‘turned on their side’.

Subsequently, What type of rock is Horizontal Falls? If you kept walking, you would go from young rock (Pentacost Sandstone) back over 40 million of years of strata, until you got to the oldest rock (King Leopold Sandstone) forming the McClarty Ranges.


What animals live in Horizontal Falls?

The key species likely to be found in the waters of the Lalang-garram/Horizontal Falls Marine Park include barramundi, threadfin, mangrove jack, black jewfish and mud crabs.

Can you drive to the Horizontal Falls? Are the Horizontal Falls accessible by vehicle? The Horizontal Falls are not accessible by vehicle. You can view the Horizontal Falls from the air with a scenic flight or helicopter flight from Broome or Derby.

Where is the waterfall that goes both ways? One of the the Kimberley’s most unusual sights is the horizontal ‘two-way’ waterfall of Talbot Bay in the Buccaneer Archipelago.

How long is the flight from Broome to Horizontal Falls? How do you get to the Horizontal Falls? There are no roads to this part of the Buccaneer Archipelago so most people get to the Horizontal Falls by plane. The flight takes about 1 hour 15 min from Broome and about 40 minutes from Derby. It’s possible to go by helicopter, but most people choose the seaplane option.

How do I get to Horizontal Falls from Derby?

Fly directly from Derby on a seaplane to the Horizontal Falls where you’ll meet our expert skipper for an exhilarating fast boat ride through the narrow gorges.

What is the most famous landform in Australia? Uluru. Uluru is the traditional Anangu name for perhaps Australia’s most famous landform, Ayers Rock. This looming sandstone monolith, along with the nearby cobble formations of Kata Tjuta or Mount Olga, originally derived from sediments washed out of a mountain range since eroded away – or so the geologists say.

Who are the traditional owners of Horizontal Falls?

We recognise and acknowledge Dambimangari people as the traditional custodians of Lalang-garram/Horizontal Falls Marine Park.

Can you take your own boat to Horizontal Falls? Going to the Horizontal Falls by boat is not practical as a day trip (or even an overnight trip). It’s about 12 hours one way from Broome and there’s not much along the way. However, there are longer cruises that are going along the coastline past Talbot Bay, and some of them will stop here.

How do the Horizontal Falls work?

The Horizontal Falls form when the very high tide shifts through a gap in the ridges of the McLarty Range. The massive tidal movement builds up on one side of the narrow cliff passage, pushing through at rapid speeds to create the appearance of a waterfall, according to the Derby Visitor Centre.

What is the most visited waterfall in Australia?

The Top 10 Best Australia Waterfalls and How To Visit Them

  • Russell Falls. …
  • MacKenzie Falls. #7 MACKENZIE FALLS. …
  • Blencoe Falls. #6 BLENCOE FALLS. …
  • Fitzroy Falls. #5 FITZROY FALLS. …
  • Ellenborough Falls. #4 ELLENBOROUGH FALLS. …
  • Mitchell Falls. #3 MITCHELL FALLS. …
  • Wallaman Falls. #2 WALLAMAN FALLS. …
  • Jim Jim Falls. #1 JIM JIM FALLS.

What goes backwards in Australia? In a year where rivers in Arizona run black with steaming sludge and red « blood snow » stains the Antarctic Peninsula, you may not be surprised to learn that several waterfalls in southeast Australia have been flowing backwards.

What waterfall runs backwards? A famous beauty spot in the Peak District has been spotted behaving a little differently to usual. Strong winds at Kinder Downfall, in Derbyshire, caused the 98ft (30m) waterfall to blow backwards into the air.

Where is Talbot Bay?

Talbot Bay is located in the Buccaneer Archipelago in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It is best known as the location of the Horizontal Falls, also called Horizontal Waterfalls.

How do I get to King George Falls? Due to its remote location, a cruise to the King George River gorge or a scenic flight over the north Kimberley coast are the only ways to access King George Falls. Flights depart from Broome and Kununurra, and cruises are available from Kununurra.

Where is Dampier Peninsula?

The Dampier Peninsula is situated along the north west coast of western Australia within the famous Kimberley area. Around half of the Peninsula is covered by Aboriginal land and is home to Aboriginal people of six different language groups.

How do I get to Montgomery Reef?

Why is Perth so Sandy?

Perth has some of the most hydrophobic soils in the world. It’s caused because when organic matter breaks down, it coats the large sand particles with a waxy substance.

Was Australia ever covered in ice? The enlarged continent caused climatic changes. Evidence from across much of Australia suggests the ice age was arid and windy – in some respects similar to conditions we have seen in recent times – and extended over approximately 200 human generations (about 6,000 years).

What are the 4 major landforms in Australia?

It can be divided into four major landform regions: the Coastal Plains, the Eastern Highlands, the Central Lowlands and the Western Plateau.

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