It got its name from the owner’s custom of shouting gin & raspberry to all hands when a bucket of pay-dirt yielded an ounce of gold. The « Whitestar’ was a dredge that operated in the valley at the turn of the century. Robert McDougall was the famous shopkeeper who established the general store in Cardrona township.

What is Cardrona known for? The Cardrona Valley is famous for winter sports with world class skiing and snowboarding at Cardrona Alpine Resort(opens in new window) and cross country (Nordic) skiing at the Snow Farm.

Who owns Cardrona skifield? John Lee was not a skier, so built Cardrona’s base area in the middle of the resort at 1670m – something very rare for a ski field. The resort was bought by the Vealls of Melbourne in 1989.

Then, How high is Cardrona New Zealand? The beautiful scenic drive from Wanaka along the Cardrona Valley leads over the Crown Range which, at 1121 metres, is the highest main road in New Zealand.


How old is the Cardrona Hotel?

Established as a gold rush township in the 1860s on the banks of the small river of the same name, it is known for its distinctive hotel of gold rush vintage which is on the opposite side of the river to the original township of which few buildings remain.

What is the Maori name for Cardrona? The river runs past the settlement of Cardona and the Cardrona skifield, then south of Wanaka township. The original name of the river is the Ōrau. It was a traditional Māori route linking Whakatipu Waimāori (Lake Wakatipu) with lakes Wānaka and Hāwea.

Is Cardrona Pub open? Our in-house bar and restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is popular amongst house-guests, locals and visitors alike.

What elevation is Cardrona? The ski resort Cardrona is located in Otago (New Zealand, South Island). For skiing and snowboarding, there are 40 km of slopes available. 6 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,260 and 1,860 m.

Who started Coronet Peak?

Coronet Peak: The first commercial ski resort

Established in 1996 after a now famous remark by ‘young’ Derek McKeown who, at 58 years old, made a cheeky observation about three older members taking some time off the slopes to rest in the sun.

Who owns Treble Cone ski? Treble Cone Investments is owned by Tony Hannon, managing director of fund equity manager I-Cap Partners, and Dunedin businessman Nat Craig. The pair intended to include a consortium of investors from Wanaka, Dunedin and Auckland in the skifield’s ownership, and promised further development of the area.

Is Cardrona open?

Welcome to Cardrona Alpine Resort, New Zealand’s ultimate mountain playground! … Founded in 1980, Cardrona is now open for both winter skiing & snowboarding, as well as a range of summer activities.

What is the altitude of Cardrona? The ski resort Cardrona is located in Otago (New Zealand, South Island). For skiing and snowboarding, there are 40 km of slopes available. 6 lifts transport the guests. The winter sports area is situated between the elevations of 1,260 and 1,860 m.

What is the oldest pub in New Zealand?

Welcome to the Moutere Inn, New Zealand’s Oldest Pub, in its original building, established 1850.

How high is Treble Cone?

Treble Cone has a vertical rise of 700m creating the longest runs in Queenstown Southern Lakes District, including the 4 km High Street to Easy Rider beginner to intermediate groomed run. Treble Cone is most known for its fairly steep and challenging terrain which it claims is some of the best in the country.

Is the Crown Range open today? Current Status: OPEN and Clear

The Crown Range lies between Queenstown and Wanaka. The road over the range, known as the Crown Range Road, is the highest main road in New Zealand.

What time does Cardrona Pub open? Our opening hours are currently from 10am until late seven days, and are subject to change to a 12pm open on weekdays later in the new year.

How much snow does Cardrona get?

Average Annual Snowfall: 2.9m – snowmaking supplements natural snow in the Main, Captain’s, Arcadia & Valley View basins.

How many lifts at Cardrona? All lifts/cable cars Cardrona

Number of ski lifts 6
Total capacity 11450 Passengers/hour
Total lift length 5.2 km Total

Is Coronet Peak or Remarkables better?

The Remarkables ski area is easily the better place to ski compared to Coronet Peak. The Remarkables is in a valley that protects the snow from the sun and the wind creating better conditions. It also has a cool jump park and lots of nice back-country ski areas.

Who owns Coronet Peak land? Coronet Peak Station is leased by Coronet Peak Holdings Ltd. The 22,211 ha property is located immediately north of Arrowtown in Central Otago.

How much did Cardrona sell for?

Cardrona would pay the $7 million and also provide those company shareholders who are entitled to Treble Cone ski passes with a replacement 20-year transferable pass for Cardrona, the Soho Ski Area and Treble Cone.

What mountain is Treble Cone on? Treble Cone is the largest ski area in the South Island, boasting the longest vertical rise in the Queenstown Southern Lakes District. Treble Cone is most known for its views over Lake Wānaka and Mount Aspiring/Tititea and its intermediate to advanced terrain.

Treble Cone
Night skiing no

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