We’ve sent you a new SIM so that you can keep using our services and make the most of any new features. It’s important you swap your SIM to keep your phone service running. It already comes with your mobile number, and all your services will work as normal, which means you won’t need to set anything up again.

What happens to Virgin Mobile customers now? Virgin Mobile to axe pay-as-you-go services from 2022 – what it means for its 123,000 customers. Virgin Mobile is to close down its pay-as-you-go (PAYG) services from January 2022 in a move that impacts 123,000 customers. Here’s what it means for your plan, mobile number, and unused credit.

Is Virgin Media sending out new SIM? Re: New sim

If his current SIM is older than December 17 and is coloured red, then yes – the newer Virgin SIM’s are purple and anyone with with a old SIM are being sent new ones.

Then, Is Virgin Mobile closing down? In January 2020, Virgin Mobile announced that it would shut down, and transfer its remaining customers to its sister brand Boost Mobile the following month.


Can I have 2 SIM cards with the same number virgin?

‘Dual SIM Dual Standby’ allows you to have two phone numbers to make and receive voice calls, and to send and receive SMS and MMS. On iPhone XR, Xs and iPhone Xs Max, ‘Dual SIM Dual Standby’ is a combination of a physical nano-SIM and an eSIM.

Who is taking over Virgin Mobile? First announced in May 2020 and ratified by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority a year later, Virgin Media and O2 have now combined in a 50-50 deal to become one communications giant.

Why is Virgin ending Pay As You Go? “We regularly review our offerings to make sure we’re meeting our customers’ needs and usage. After careful review, we’ve decided to close our Pay As You Go services and focus on providing even greater Pay Monthly plans.

Who took over Virgin Mobile? Virgin Mobile USA

Type Subsidiary
Successor Boost Mobile
Headquarters Kansas City, Missouri , United States
Number of locations 40,000 (handset retail partners) 150,000 (Top-Up card retailers)
Area served Contiguous United States Hawaii Puerto Rico

Is Virgin Mobile still with EE?

On 6 November 2019, it was announced that Virgin Mobile would end their 20-year contract with BT and EE, and would use Vodafone’s network from 2021, initially for five years. In January 2021, Virgin Media launched 5G services using the Vodafone network.

Why is my new Virgin SIM card not working? If your SIM card isn’t working, you can log on to My Virgin Media to request a replacement SIM or contact us and we can send you out a new SIM card by post if you need one. Before you reach out, try your SIM in a different, unlocked, phone to determine if it needs to be replaced.

Can I put SIM card in new phone before switching on?

When you first start up your new Android phone, it’ll ask you to insert a SIM card, if you haven’t already. If you had a physical SIM card in your old phone, you should be able to bring it over to the new one. Just look for a tiny slot somewhere along the device’s sides.

Which network does virgin use? Virgin Media is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) – an operator that don’t have any mobile phone masts and, instead, piggybacks off the signal provided by one of the four providers that do (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone).

Can I add another sim to my Virgin Mobile?

To add another SIM, please click here or follow these easy steps: Update your app to the latest version, available on your app store. Open the Virgin Mobile App and click on « ADD SIM” on your ‘HOME’ screen. Choose a number for your new SIM, choose a plan.

Can I add a mobile phone to my Virgin Media account?

If you want to make the most of all Virgin Media has to offer, adding your Mobile to the Fixed My Virgin Mobile Account is a brilliant way to do it. You need to have a My Virgin Media account, you’l be asked to sign in while purchasing.

Can I add someone to my Virgin Mobile account? Re: Adding a second person name on my account

If you’re the account holder and can pass security with us, we can add a note onto your account for your wife. However please note that even if you’ve given permission, some changes on your account can only be done by the account holder.

Which carrier does Virgin Mobile use in the UK? It is owned by Virgin Media which is part of Virgin Media O2. The company was launched by Virgin Group in 1999 as the world’s first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). As a virtual operator, Virgin Mobile does not maintain its own network and currently uses the EE and Vodafone networks.

What network is Virgin Mobile on in Canada?

Virgin Mobile runs on Bell’s network, which is one of the most reliable and farthest-spanning networks in the nation. Virgin Mobile’s 4G LTE network covers over 99% of Canadians, meaning you can rest assured you’ll receive great coverage—as long as you live in a highly-populated area.

Has Virgin Mobile changed carrier? However, Virgin Mobile will start switching 4G plans over to Vodafone from late 2021, with all customers expected to be moved by early 2022.

Is Virgin Mobile going out of business?

Sprint announces Virgin Mobile is shutting down and all current customers will be transferred to Boost Mobile starting in February. This week Sprint announced it will close Virgin Mobile, and beginning in February customers with existing contracts will be transferred to Boost Mobile.

What has happened to Virgin Mobile UK? Virgin Media was purchased by Liberty Global in 2013, and merged with O2 in 2021. Virgin Mobile offers contract mobile packages, as well as mobile broadband services. It sells its services directly, as well as through price comparison sites.

Is Virgin Mobile still around?

The Virgin Mobile USA service will be discontinued, and we are happy to announce that most of the existing Virgin Mobile customers will be transferred to our sister brand, Boost Mobile beginning in February.

Why does my Virgin Mobile phone keep losing service? Try restarting your device to refresh your network connection. It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many problems a reboot can fix. Check your phone’s Settings to make sure Mobile data is set to On – and that Airplane Mode is switched Off. Check your phone’s Settings to make sure you are connected to a network.

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