Who owns Wexford bus?

Wexford Bus is fully owned and operated by Wexford based Brendan and Lorene Crowley. Brendan established the business in 1996 to operate a service around Wexford Town and the surrounding towns and villages.

Additionally, How much is the bus from Wexford to Waterford? Buy Tickets

Adult Child
Cash Single (exact change required) € 2.50 € 1.50
Leap Single € 2.00 € 1.20
Leap Day Ticket € 4.50 € 2.25
Leap Weekly Ticket € 15.00 € 7.50

Does Wexford bus run on bank holidays? Sunday 1st January: First bus departs Wexford @ 07.30. First bus departs Dublin Airport @ 10.30. Bank holiday timetable will be in operation for the remainder of the day.

Subsequently, How do I contact Bus Eireann? Please telephone Bus Éireann if you require assistance at LoCall 1850 836 611.


How do I reserve a seat on Wexford bus?

Booking and reserving your seat in advance on www.wexfordbus.com is recommended. Alternatively, monthly ticket holders can use the Seat Reservation System.

Is Bus Éireann still operating? We are please to advise customers that services in Waterford, Kerry, Cork and Clare have resumed, however, a small amount of cancellations remain in place – see www.buseireann.ie/StormEunice for cancelled services.

Do you have to book Bus Éireann? Customers are advised to book their tickets online in advance of travel to guarantee a seat reservation. Tickets purchased for Expressway services are valid only on Expressway services.

Is Bus Éireann running during Covid? Bus Éireann services will continue to run according to timetable, without capacity restrictions. Transdev, which operates Dublin’s tram system, also confirmed that no communication about the reintroduction of restrictions had been received from either the National Transport Authority or Government.

Are there toilets on Wexford Bus?

The bus is tidy, but not overly clean (similar to riding most buses in the US). Be aware that there are no toilets on board.

Does Wexford Bus have a toilet? Please note we have no toilet facilities on any of our buses or coaches. There is No smoking permitted in any format including e-cigarettes on Wexford Bus.

Do I have to book a seat on Wexford Bus?

Advance booking recommended:

Booking and reserving your seat in advance on www.wexfordbus.com is strongly recommended. Alternatively, monthly ticket holders can use the Seat Reservation System.

Do I have to wear a mask on Dublin Bus? You are recommended to wear a face mask when using public transport. This includes in taxis, as well as in bus and rail stations.

Is Dublin Bus working tomorrow?

Dublin Bus

Normal services run from 5.00am until midnight. The Nitelink service operates from midnight until 4.00am on Friday and Saturday nights.

Who owns transport for Ireland?

The rail network is also state-owned and operated, while the government currently still owns the main airports. Public transport is mainly in the hands of a statutory corporation, Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ), and its subsidiaries, Bus Átha Cliath (Dublin Bus), Bus Éireann (Irish Bus), and Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail).

Who gets free travel in Ireland? Everyone aged 66 and over, living permanently in Ireland, can get the Free Travel Scheme. People with disabilities and carers aged under 66 may also qualify for Free Travel. If you qualify for Free Travel and you are married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting, your partner may travel with you for free.

Do you tag off on Dublin Bus? For short single journeys up to 3km tell the driver your destination and hold your TFI Leap Card to the target on the driver’s ticket machine. The correct fare will be deducted for your journey. You will hear a tone when you have successfully touched on. Do not touch off when using the bus.

Does Dublin Bus take card?

Bus Éireann, Irish Rail, Go Ahead, Dublin Bus and Luas all accept Leap Cards on some or all of their services. They can also be used on commuter and rural bus services within the TFI public transport network.

Do I have to wear a mask on the bus? Face masks to remain mandatory on Tube and buses in London despite Plan B restrictions ending.

Do you have to wear masks on public transport?

Under the current rules, masks must be worn in most indoor public spaces including public transport, shops and gyms (although they can be temporarily removed when exercising).

Does Wexford have an airport? Waterford Airport – Wexford’s closest airport which offers a range of flights to and from the UK.

Does Bus Eireann toilet?

We are extremely proud and super excited to tell you all about them! You’ll find onboard toilet facilities that will make journeys that bit more pleasant, and a climate control system that will make journeys more comfortable, even on the hottest of days. You’ll also find great features such as: 4G WiFi.

Where is the toilet in Dublin? Find a Dublin City Council Public Toilet

  • Ballyfermot Leisure Centre – Public Toilets. …
  • Ballyfermot Library – Public Toilet. …
  • Ballymun Leisure Centre – Public Toilets. …
  • Ballymun Library – Public Toilet. …
  • Cabra Library – Public Toilet. …
  • City Hall – Public Toilets. …
  • Clontarf Rd. …
  • Coolock Library – Public Toilet.

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