• Jacobabad.
  • Kashmore.
  • Larkana.
  • Qambar Shahdadkot.
  • Shikarpur.

Why is Malir called Malir? Sindh Abadgar Board’s senior vice president, Syed Mehmood Nawaz Shah says the district was named Malir because in Sindhi it means greenery. « It was a green valley, » he says. On a visit to the river, a visitor who is also a resident of Malir, offers a guava to Pasha which he has brought from his orchard.

Consequently, What is the district of Malir Cantt Karachi? Malir Cantonment

Country Pakistan
Province Sindh
City District Karachi

Which areas are in Karachi north? North Karachi is located between the Lyari River, the Manghopir Hills and two major roads – Surjani Road to the north and Shahrah-e-Zahid Hussain to the south. To the north and west lies Gadap Town, and to the south lie the towns of Gulberg and North Nazimabad.


Which areas are in west Karachi?

The following is a list of Karachi West District’s dehs, organised by taluka:

  • Mauripur Taluka (9 dehs) Allah Banoo. Chhatara. Gabopat. Gond Pass. Lalbakhar. Maindiyari. …
  • Mangho Pir Taluka (11 dehs) Bijar Bhatti. Bund Murad (P) Halkani. Hub. Jam Charkho. Mai Garhi. …
  • Orangi Taluka (1 deh) Orangi.
  • Baldia Taluka (2 dehs) Maouch-I. Metan.

Which district is Malir Karachi? Malir Town

Malir Town ملیر ٽائون
Province Sindh
City District Karachi
Established 14 August 2001
Disbanded 2011

What is my district Karachi? Districts and Subdivisions

Name Status Population Census 2017-03-15
Karachi Central District 2,971,382
Gulberg Sub Division 496,094
Liaquatabad Sub Division 449,098
Nazimabad Sub Division 446,347

Is Karachi Urban or rural? However, according to the provisional results of the 2017 census, the total population of Karachi division is 16.051m with 1.14m rural population — about triple that of 1998’s figures — and 14.91m urban population.

How many Division are there in Sindh?

Sindh Province have 7 Divisions . Karachi is the biggest Division of Sindh by population and Hyderabad is the largest Division of Sindh by area.

How many union councils are there in Sindh? There are around 1,100 union councils in Sindh, but after the government decision to increase the number of union councils by 300, the number will reach at around 1,400 in the entire province, The Express Tribune has learnt.

Which district is Federal B Area in Karachi?

Karachi Central District (Urdu: ضلع کراچی وسطی) is an administrative district of Karachi Division in Sindh, Pakistan.

What is taluka of Karachi? 1.2 Map of Sindh Province صوبہ سندھ According to District Wise.

سندھ کے ڈویژن،ضلع اور تحصیل

Divisions of Sindh Province Districts of Sindh Province Tehsils/Talukas of Sindh Province

How many towns are there in Karachi?

Karachi has a total of 18 Towns, and 178 Union councils.

How many areas are there in Karachi West?

It is located in the western side of Karachi. In 2000 it was divided into 4 towns i.e. Kimiari Town, SITE town, Baldia town and Korangi Town. Various spoken languages people are living in this district. They are Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi and Urdu Speaking Mohajirs.

Who is DC West Karachi? Mr. Saleemullah Odho, Assumed the charge of Deputy Commissioner Karachi West.

Which areas are in Karachi Central? History. The District was abolished in 2000 and divided into four towns namely Liaquatabad Town, North Nazimabad Town, Gulberg Town and New Karachi Town.

What is meant by union council?

A union council in Punjab is an area within a district consisting of one or more revenue estates, one or more census villages or one or more census blocks. The area of a union council is a territorial unity, whose boundaries do not cross the limits of Metropolitan Area, Municipalities or the District.

What are union councils in Pakistan? A Union Council or Village Council in Pakistan is an elected local government body that has 21 councillors. They are elected by the people. Each Union Council is headed by a Nazim, which is similar to a mayor, and a Naib Nazim (similar to a deputy mayor).

Which district is North Karachi?

Administratively, North Karachi comes under district ‘Central‘ of Karachi.

What tehsil is Karachi? Karachi Central District

  • Gulberg Town.
  • Liaquatabad Town.
  • New Karachi Town.
  • North Nazimabad Town.
  • Nazimabad.

Which areas are in District West Karachi?

  • Jacobabad.
  • Kashmore.
  • Larkana.
  • Qambar Shahdadkot.
  • Shikarpur.

Is Karachi Sindh urban? Areas like Karachi and some regions of Hyderabad and Khairpur are considered to be a part of Sindh Urban.

Is Karachi good place to live?

Karachi is a very good place to live. The security issues in Karachi resolved from past 2 to 3 years there are also many good places in Karachi to visit you will definitely enjoy when you will visit Karachi.

Is Karachi the biggest city in the world? As one of the most populous countries in the world, Pakistan is also home to some of the world’s megacities. Its most populous city, Karachi, is not only the largest in Pakistan but is also the 7th most populous city in the world, boasting a population that exceeds 11 millon people.


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