Purgatoire River – near Trinidad. The Purgatoire River is 196 miles long and is located in southeastern Colorado. It’s also known to locals as “Purgatory River”, getting that name from the English translation for the French word “Purgatoire”.

Is there gold in the Purgatory River? Some say that the Spaniards buried the chests of gold somewhere along the banks of the Purgatory River. However, the more prevalent theory is that the Spaniards were attacked by Indians, who took their weapons, tools, clothing, and animals. Having no use for the gold, they probably threw it into a cave or a ravine.

How do you pronounce purgatoire? pur·ga·toire.

Then, Is there any buried treasure in Texas? Texas has an estimated $340 million in buried treasure, more than any other state in the U.S. Many of the 229 treasure sites are hidden under layers of limestone and spread across acres of hardy oaks in the Texas Hill Country.


Can I pan for gold in the Animas River?

Animas River

Pan slowly and carefully to get those tiny specks. The river flows through many miles of public land (more downstream of Silverton than upstream) that you should be able to find some access for a bit of gold panning.

Is there lost treasure in Colorado? The Musgrove Corral Treasure of gold and silver coins is said to remain buried along the Cache la Poudre River. Otero County – The site of Bent’s Fort on the old Santa Fe Trail is supposed to be where much treasure is buried.

What state has the most lost treasure? Arizona. Widely regarded as the state with the most ‘lost’ or ‘buried’ treasure, Arizona lore is rife with tales of abandoned gold bars and bank robbers loot.

Is metal detecting legal on Texas beaches? Additionally, metal detecting is prohibited in all state and federal parks. This activity is not restricted on (non-park) state public land such as beaches; however, removing artifacts found this way is unlawful.

Can gold be found in Texas?

There are only a few places in Texas where you can legally just go out and pan for gold. Along the Llano River, the most accessible place in the area south of Kingsland Slab. You can also legally pan along the area where the river cuts through Llano.

Where has the most gold been found in Colorado? Most of the richest historic mining areas are around Summit, Clear Creek, Jefferson, and Park Counties. If you want to know where to search for gold nuggets, you can’t go wrong by looking in the same areas where gold nuggets have already been found.

What is the biggest gold nugget found in Colorado?

The Discovery of “Tom’s Baby

“Tom’s Baby” is the largest solid chunk of gold ever found in Colorado. It was found in 1887, by miners at the Gold Flake Mine in Breckenridge. It got its unique name because it was said that the finder, Tom Groves, would carry it around like a baby.

Where is the most gold found in Colorado? San Miguel County is a major gold producer for Colorado. Three major mining districts include Ophir, Telluride, and Mount Wilson. Although nowhere near as rich as the hard rock mines in the county, some gold can be found in the San Miguel River too.

What was in Fenn’s treasure?

Fenn estimated over 350,000 people searched for the chest, and a few even died on their journey. Stuef spent two years searching for Fenn’s treasure, which included gold, jewelry and other artifacts believed to total over $1 million. He finally found it in the Wyoming wilderness in June.

Where was the treasure found in Colorado?

Fenn at the time said he hid the chest filled with coins, gold nuggets and other valuables estimated in value at $1 million to $3 million in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe in either Colorado, Montana, New Mexico or Wyoming.

Who found Fenn’s hidden treasure? Finder Of Forrest Fenn’s Buried Treasure Reveals His Identity The grandson of Forrest Fenn, who hid the trove that set off a hunt for buried treasure, confirmed that it was found by a man named Jack Stuef. Stuef says a lawsuit forced him to come forward.

Has Jesse James treasure been found? Survivors of the gang claimed to have not known where James hid the gold. According to a number of Old West historians, the gold is still hidden in the “hidey holes” where it was buried so many years ago. Today, its whereabouts are unknown.

Who is the richest treasure hunter?

Blackbeard was one of the most successful and notorious pirates of the golden age of piracy and he is undoubtedly the most well-known today. He is believed to have amassed fabulous riches during his long reign over the seas, but treasure-hunters have had little luck locating any of that wealth so far.

What happens if you find buried treasure? They will pay a reward to the finder that can not exceed the set market value. If no museum wants to purchase the treasure, the finder may keep it and do as they please with it. In other words, museums get a preemptive right to purchase a treasure. The market value is above the amount an antique dealer would pay.

Where can you metal detect without permission in Texas?

Typically, a person can engage in metal detecting in city parks if they follow the rules of the parks. An individual is usually not allowed to engage in metal detecting on state lands, except beaches, unless they get permission from the Texas Historical Commission.

Do you need a license to metal detect in Texas? Metal Detecting Laws For Texas

It is an offense for any person to operate or use a metal detector, except as authorized by permit.” The Texas Historical Commission points out that it is prohibited to detect metal in state and federal parks in Texas.

Where is the best place to metal detect in Texas?

Cities and Towns

Often the best places to metal detect in cities and towns are in the old downtown sections. This is usually where the town first got established and you will find the oldest coins and relics here.

Can diamonds be found in Texas? There is only one well-authenticated find of diamond in Texas. A small brownish diamond was found in1911on section 64, block 44, Foard County.

Is turquoise found in Texas?

Texas boasts a number of rocks and minerals. Among these, Texas gemstones do exist. Some of the collectible, semi-precious and precious gemstones found in Texas include agate, topaz, opal, turquoise, jasper, petrified wood, turquoise and other crystalline and quartz varieties.

Is there silver in Texas? Almost all of the silver produced in the state has come from the Trans-Pecos area where silver is the most widespread of any commercially produced metal. It is found in some quantity with other minerals in many localities in that region.

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