When should you avoid Punta Cana?

But keep in mind: The Dominican Republic experiences some of the effects of the Atlantic hurricane season, which lasts from June 1 to Nov. 30. And Punta Cana in particular has been known to face severe tropical storms, with October being the rainiest month.

Additionally, Can you swim in the ocean in the Dominican Republic? Yes the beaches are swimmable but there is a wide variety of the size of the waves along the very long coast.

Do they speak English in Punta Cana? The official language is Spanish; however, tourism is such a large industry that English-speaking travelers should have no trouble communicating. And though the official currency is the Dominican peso, many of the Punta Cana resorts accept United States dollars and major credit cards.

Subsequently, What’s the best time to go to Dominican Republic? The best time to visit the Dominican Republic is in April and May when the peak tourist season has ended and before the start of the hurricane season later in the year. The Dominican Republic is a reliably popular winter destination for travelers looking to escape the cold up north.


Is there mosquitoes in Punta Cana?

If there has been a lot of rain (not just the usual shower a day), then the mosquitoes are worse. They are industrial sized too! Last December I was a mess, but I have had few problems since as long as I cover myself, especially in the evenings, with the spray. Got bit once in the Punta Cana airport washroom.

What is the hottest month in the Dominican Republic?

Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month August (83 °F avg)
Coldest Month January (77 °F avg)
Wettest Month August (4.57″ avg)
Windiest Month December (10 mph avg)

What is the nicest beach in Dominican Republic? 7 Best Dominican Republic Beaches

  1. Playa Minitas, La Romana. A resort beach with golden sands in the warm summer sun? …
  2. Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata. …
  3. Playa Rincon, Samaná Province. …
  4. Cayo Levantado, Samaná Province. …
  5. Playa Grande. …
  6. Bavaro Beach, Punta Cana. …
  7. Playa Boca Chica, Boca Chica.

Are there alligators in Punta Cana? close to the Haitian border. Even then, sightings are very rare. Unless someone has one in a penned area (some tours have had them), you will not see them in this region.

Do I need a visa to go to the Dominican Republic?

U.S. citizens do not need a visa for tourist or business travel to this country. A visa is required for U.S. Official and Diplomatic passport holders traveling for official business.

Are there crocodiles in Dominican Republic? Lake Enriquillo in the Dominican Republic is one of few saltwater lakes known to support a population of crocodiles. Some say it is the only saltwater lake that does. The crocodiles are ideally suited to Enriquillo’s water, which has a high salt content, sometimes reaching 100 parts per thousand.

Do I need a passport to go to Punta Cana?

The most relevant documentation to travel to Punta Cana is the passport, which must be valid, at least for a period of six months from the date of your entry. Also, two blank sheets are required to seal both the entrance and the exit.

What injections do I need for Dominican Republic? Courses or boosters usually advised: Hepatitis A; Tetanus. Other vaccines to consider: Diphtheria; Hepatitis B; Rabies; Typhoid. Selectively advised vaccines – only for those individuals at highest risk: Cholera.

What is the hottest month in Dominican Republic?

Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month August (83 °F avg)
Coldest Month January (77 °F avg)
Wettest Month August (4.57″ avg)
Windiest Month December (10 mph avg)

How do I plan a trip to the Dominican Republic?

10 tips for your first visit to Dominican Republic

  1. Visas. Depending on where you come from, you may require a tourist visa for your trip to the Dominican Republic. …
  2. Learn Some Spanish. …
  3. Official Currency. …
  4. Discover The Local Beaches. …
  5. Take Sunscreen. …
  6. Try The Food. …
  7. Stay Hydrated. …
  8. Buy Local Souvenirs.

Do I need malaria pills for Dominican Republic? Recommended for unvaccinated travelers of all ages to the Dominican Republic. CDC recommends that travelers going to certain areas of the Dominican Republic take prescription medicine to prevent malaria.

What diseases are common in the Dominican Republic? Diseases: Dominican Republic

  • Chikungunya. This nasty little virus infects its victims through mosquito bites. …
  • Cholera. Horrible bug guilty of causing severe watery diarrhoea in people travelling to mainly to Africa and Asia. …
  • Dengue Fever. …
  • Diphtheria. …
  • Hepatitis A. …
  • Hepatitis B. …
  • Malaria. …
  • Rabies.

Is there sharks in the Dominican?

The entire coastline of the Dominican Republic is surrounded by a coral reef. This means that sharks are rare guests in coastal waters, as the reef is a natural barrier for them. There are many types of sharks in the waters surrounding the Dominican Republic, however, shark attacks are incredibly rare.

What is the rainiest month in the Dominican Republic? The wettest month is September with an average of 128mm of rain. The best month to swim in the sea is in August when the average sea temperature is 29°C (84°F).

Is the sea warm in Dominican Republic?

Sea water temperature throughout Dominican republic warms above 20°C and it is enough for a comfortable bath. The warmest sea temperature in Dominican republic today is 27°C (in Juancho), and the coldest water temperature is 26.3°C (Maimon Bay).

Where is the bluest water in Dominican Republic? The Bahía de las Águilas, or Eagle Bay, is within the Jaragua National Park in the province of Pedernales. It’s one of the most spectacular settings in the Dominican Republic. This is beauty in its purest state: 5 miles of white sand dotted with giant boulders and cliffs with the clearest water you can imagine.

Can you swim in the ocean at Punta Cana?

Yes, you can swim in the sea in Punta Cana. With an average annual sea water temperature of 27.5 degrees Celsius, it is possible to swim all year round in Punta Cana.

Is Cap Cana better than Bavaro? Both hotels are praised by expert writers. Overall, Barcelo Bavaro Beach – Adults Only is preferred by most reviewers compared to Sanctuary Cap Cana by Playa Hotels & Resorts. Barcelo Bavaro Beach – Adults Only is ranked #14 in Punta Cana with recommendations from 4 reviews such as Oyster, Star Service and Frommer’s.

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