What to Pack for a Trip to Amsterdam

  • Remember to bring earplugs.
  • Keep Maestro cards or cash on hand.
  • Waterproof clothing is essential.
  • Backpacks are handier than wheelie suitcases.
  • Pack comfy shoes for walking and biking.
  • Bring along a travel adapter for your devices.
  • Purchase an OV-chipkaart when you arrive.

How do I not look like a tourist in Amsterdam? If you don’t want to look like a typical tourist, rent a black bike and roll like a local. Bear in mind that if you don’t feel confident on a bike it might be better to stick with a MacBike for safety reasons.

Then, What do you wear at night in Amsterdam? Women can wear a smart casual style with a nice, trendy dress or a modern jumpsuit with a blazer or jacket, even a black trouser or jeans with a neat blouse or a tunic dress. A denim jeans or a ripped jeans are definitely a no-go.

Do they speak English in Amsterdam Airport? Do you speak English? Yes we do! Big yellow signs are not the only way to find your gate. Since Dutch is quite a difficult language to learn and a 12-hour flight may not be enough to master the language, all KLM and Schiphol employees speak English and Dutch fluently.


What should I not do in the Netherlands?

10 things you should NOT do in the Netherlands

  • Do not flaunt (period) …
  • Do not confuse the Dutch with the Danes (or the Germans) …
  • You are not special (no, it doesn’t matter if your mom told you so) …
  • Thou shall not steal bikes (… …
  • Sidewalks are to walk, bike lanes are to bike (duh)

What do locals wear in Amsterdam?

  • Long-sleeved tops or sweaters. Baggy and over-sized tops are pretty popular here. …
  • Tank-top base shirt. …
  • Pants/trousers kind of goes without saying. …
  • Under-layer under the pants. …
  • Warm winter jacket that’s water & wind-proof. …
  • Boots or sneakers are both popular here. …
  • Scarf, hat, and gloves. …
  • Long-sleeved shirts.

Is it safe in Amsterdam at night? Is Amsterdam safe at night? Amsterdam is reasonably safe at night. But always remember that crime tends to take place at night in calm areas where no one can see you or help you. For women and men, take my advice: don’t walk alone in the park at night.

How do Europeans not look American? Don’t go too casual

Lately, American-style baseball hats, brands that are more visible, and sneakers are pretty popular all around Europe. If you’re someone who loves jeans and a t-shirt no matter where you travel, wear a nice cardigan over your outfit (not in summer).

Do they take cash in Amsterdam?

Money and currency

In Amsterdam, as well as in all the Netherlands and many other countries of European Community the accepted currency is Euro (EUR, €), no other currencies are commonly accepted, so you will have to change your dollars, sterling, yens, etc to Euros.

What can you not bring into the Netherlands? The Netherlands prohibits or restricts the importation of the following items:

  • Waste material.
  • Radioactive substances and nuclear material.
  • Cash and securities above a certain threshold.
  • Pets.
  • Counterfeit articles.
  • Protected animal and plant species.
  • Animal products and foodstuffs.

What age can you go clubbing in Amsterdam?

You will have to be at least 18 years old to enter most clubs, while some locations (or specific events) have an over-21s policy.

What does the 3 X’s mean in Amsterdam? The three Xs (XXX) are actually the three Saint Andrew’s crosses. St. Andrew was a fisherman who was martyred on an X-shaped cross in the 1st century AD, which is relevant to Amsterdam as the city’s symbol dates back to 1505 when it was a fishing town and all ships registered in Amsterdam flew this flag.

Are signs in English in Amsterdam?

All signs are in English and Dutch. Also, pretty well every Dutch person under 50 speaks fluent English. Put simply, language is not an issue.

Is Amsterdam friendly?

Out of 100 points the researchers established as the overall maximum, Amsterdam scored 70 which makes it the most tourist-friendly city in the world. The city also prides itself with some of the happiest locals with a score of 14.4 out of 20 possible.

What is considered rude in the Netherlands? For many, everything has fixed times, for example, a time to work, a time to eat, a time to visit friends, etc. Many Dutch consider it to be rude if one does not give prior notice or a legitimate reason for being late.

Do and don’ts Amsterdam? Things Tourists Should Never Do in Amsterdam

  • Don’t expect wild parties during weekdays.
  • Don’t get on public transport without an OV-Chip card.
  • Don’t take cash or credit cards for granted.
  • Don’t hire a bike if you can’t ride one.
  • Don’t walk in cycle paths.
  • Don’t buy a bike from an unofficial source.

What is the coldest month in Netherlands?

The hottest month of the year in Amsterdam is July, with an average high of 70°F and low of 56°F. The cool season lasts for 3.8 months, from November 20 to March 13, with an average daily high temperature below 48°F. The coldest month of the year in Amsterdam is January, with an average low of 34°F and high of 42°F.

What is the best time to visit Amsterdam? The best time to visit Amsterdam is between April and May or September and November – right before or directly after the summertime high tourist season.

Is the Red Light District in Amsterdam safe?

Compared to other prostitution areas around the world, Amsterdam’s red light district is one of the safest. Not only do police officers regularly patrol the streets, but many of the prostitutes employ private bodyguards, and the area is further monitored by cameras.

Is Amsterdam safe for a single girl? Amsterdam is a safe city for women of all ages traveling alone or together. Female travelers experience very little to no harassment in the streets or elsewhere. Incidents do occur, though. As everywhere, it is best to observe normal safety precautions.

Is Amsterdam English speaking?

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch. The majority of Amsterdam’s residents speak English well and are often fluent in one or two languages on top of that. You can usually get by effortlessly in Amsterdam without a knowing word of Dutch.

What should you not wear in Europe? 6 Things You Should Not Wear in Europe

  • A Non-Ironic Fanny Pack. Are you a hip teenager with the confidence to ironically wear a designer fanny pack slung over your shoulder? …
  • Head-to-Toe Sports Gear. …
  • Hiking Clothes. …
  • Flip Flops. …
  • Regular Sneakers. …
  • American-Only Branded Clothing.

Can I wear leggings in Europe?

Do people still wear leggings & shorts in Europe? The answer is “yes,” they do wear shorts and tennis shoes when they are purposeful, going hiking, going to work out, or to the beach. However, they do not wear those sports shoes and jogging outfits out into the city to shop or have lunch.

Do Europeans not wear sneakers? We show you that you can wear sneakers while traveling through Europe. There is a common misconception that all Europeans wear fancy shoes and if you wear sneakers in Europe you’ll immediately be pegged as a tourist and be constantly accosted by roaving hoards of pickpockets.


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