What island is best to visit in August?

Cook Islands

The traditional dance and choir performances that take place throughout the week are not to be missed. Plus, postcard-perfect beaches and resorts at half the price of other islands in the South Pacific make the Cook Islands one of the best places to travel in August.

Additionally, Which Caribbean island is best in August? As far as hurricanes go, Aruba is so far south that it is typically out of the path of most hurricanes. Probably your best bet as far as avoiding hurricanes in August. I would also recommend Aruba, the weather is guaranteed to be nice for the most part.

Where is the best place to travel in August? Best Places to Visit in August

  • Whistler.
  • Fiji.
  • Kluane National Park and Reserve.
  • Cape May.
  • Rovinj.
  • Petrified Forest National Park.
  • Masai Mara National Reserve.
  • Ixtapa.

Subsequently, Is August a good month to go to the Caribbean? Spring temperatures are very warm and there is little rainfall. Beach days are optimal, and swimming, snorkeling, and diving are great, with clear and calm water before hurricane season arrives in June. The summer months of June, July, and August are considered the low season in the Caribbean.


Can you go to St Lucia in August?

St Lucia in August

For travellers considering when to visit St Lucia, August is one of the hottest and sunniest months of the year with maximum daily average temperatures breaking 31°C.

How is St Lucia in August? St Lucia Weather in August

Temperatures are an average of 28°C but can drop as low as 25°C. If you are worried about the rain, don’t be; it usually only rains for a couple of hours at most, and the rainy days are mixed in with glorious, sunny days.

Should I go to Antigua in August? Visiting Antigua in June – August

The official hurricane season is July to November, and while the risk is very small, you might encounter some tropical storms. However, lower prices make it a great value time to travel, and you may be able to see turtles nesting along the beaches.

Can you go to Barbados in August? August is a brilliant time of the year to visit. Mid-August is right after the Crop Over Festival so the island will still be busy with lots of visitors.

How is Costa Rica in August?

The rains are frequent enough to cool things off a bit on the beaches and in the lowlands with highs around 84 to 90 °F (29-32 °C) followed by overnight averages of 69 to 77 °F (21-25 °C). Average temperatures around the central valley are usually 75 to 85 °F (24-29 °C) this time of year and it cools off more at night.

What is Antigua like in August? In August, Antigua is hot with an average daytime temperature of 29°C and highs of 31°C. At night the temperature dips only slightly to 26°C, so you’ll be grateful for air conditioning at your hotel. As for wet weather, the island gets a small amount of rain with 78mm expected to fall over the course of the month.

Does it rain in Antigua in August?

Throughout August, Antigua is subject to an average of 78mm/3 inches of rainfall spread out between 18 rainy days that’s slightly more than in July. With rainfall occurring on almost 2/3 of days during this month, you’re almost guaranteed to see a shower or two during your holiday, so be prepared.

Is Antigua in hurricane belt? June to November is also hurricane season, and although Antigua doesn’t see too much rain, you should pack your umbrellas to be safe. Keep in mind that this area of the Caribbean has unfortunately not been spared from hurricanes in the past: In September 2017, Barbuda suffered severe damage from Hurricane Irma.

What is the Maldives like in August?

August in the Maldives is hot and humid, with an average 7 hours of sunshine each day and short heavy downpours. Diving visibility is slightly reduced due to the plankton in the water, but enticing offers mean this is still a popular time to visit.

Does it rain all day in Barbados in August?

The average high in Bridgetown is 31ºC in August so it’s lovely and hot. Things stay warm in the evenings too, which only cool to 23ºC. The sea temperature’s 28ºC, while humidity’s very high. There’s 154mm of rain over 16 days, although you can expect 13 hours of daylight with eight hours of sunshine each day.

Is August hurricane season in Barbados? The official hurricane season in Barbados runs from June to November, although most storms occur from August to late October (as the locals say, ”June is too soon; by October it’s all over!”).

Is August a good time to visit Belize? The best time to visit Belize is from late November to mid-April, during the country’s dry season. Although this peak season draws thousands of tourists, dealing with crowds is an easy sacrifice to make for warm temperatures, clear skies and easy access to the country’s top attractions.

How is Aruba in August?

August Weather in Oranjestad Aruba. Daily high temperatures are around 90°F, rarely falling below 87°F or exceeding 93°F. Daily low temperatures are around 81°F, rarely falling below 79°F or exceeding 83°F.

Does it rain a lot in August in Costa Rica? August is the height of Costa Rica’s « green » (rainy) season (May to November). During this month you can expect temperatures to be a few degrees cooler in most places, and also there will be more frequent rains.

When should I go to St Lucia?

The best time to visit Saint Lucia is in the high season, from Mid-December to Mid-April. During this season, you’ll experience the most sunshine. If you are looking for a more laid-back vibe, the ‘wet’ season might be your pick during the months of June to November. Often you’ll find accommodation at a lower rate.

Are there sharks in Antigua? Generally not regarded as a diving destination, our waters are in fact teeming with colourful fish, healthy coral and an array of pelagic species. When Scuba Diving in Antigua, it is quite likely you’ll encounter sharks, particularly reef and nurse sharks.

Is Antigua safe to walk around?

Most visits are trouble-free, but there have been incidents of violent crime including murder, armed robbery and sexual assault. You should maintain at least the same level of personal security awareness as you would in the UK and make sure your accommodation is secure.

Is Antigua sunny in August? Antigua weather in August is marked by intense sunshine and year-high temperatures of up to 31°C, but with significantly more rainfall than the spring months.

Is Antigua expensive to visit?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Antigua is $1,167 for a solo traveler, $2,096 for a couple, and $3,929 for a family of 4. Antigua hotels range from $44 to $200 per night with an average of $77, while most vacation rentals will cost $140 to $420 per night for the entire home.

Which Caribbean island is the safest? Montserrat. Nicknamed « The Emerald Isle of the Caribbean » both for its terrain and the heritage of its inhabitants, Montserrat is a British territory in the Leeward Islands and it is considered to be the safest island in the Caribbean, with its last recorded murder occurring in 2008.

What are the 7 Caribbean islands?

The Caribbean Islands

  • Greater Antilles. the most-visited region in the Caribbean. …
  • Haiti. Port-au-Prince, capital city of Haiti. …
  • Leeward Islands. the northern islands of the Lesser Antilles chain. …
  • Guadeloupe. Basse-Terre, capital city of Guadeloupe. …
  • Saint Barthélemy. …
  • Sint Eustatius. …
  • Windward Islands. …
  • Martinique.

Is August OK for Maldives? August is a truly tropical month in Maldives. The weather is warm and moisture-filled. The average temperature during August ranges from 29° Celsius to 25° Celsius. The sea temperature in August is 29° Celsius making it perfect for swimming and water sports.

Is Maldives better in July or August? July and August offer an inter-monsoonal period, July brings hot weather to the Maldives, more sunshine and short sharp showers of rain. The water visibility remains cloudy with high levels of plankton, great for divers looking for the larger manta rays and whale sharks.

How is Bali in August?

August is a great time to visit the tropical island of Bali which has a long duration of monsoons from October to April. August is therefore quite dry and you need not worry about incessant showers. The weather in Bali during August is relatively warm with the temperatures ranging between 29ºC to 23ºC.

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