Watsons Bay Activities

  • Attraction. Hermitage Foreshore track. …
  • Tours. Watsons Bay Stand Up Paddling (WATSSUP) …
  • Attraction. Nielsen Park. …
  • Tours. Real Sydney Tours. …
  • Attraction. Shakespeares Point. …
  • Attraction. Hornby Lighthouse. …
  • Attraction. Sol Spa Vaucluse. …
  • Tours. Sydney Jewish Tours.

Is Watsons Bay Expensive? Watsons Bay has a median asking rent of $2500. While well-off families tended to go for houses in good school catchments with big living areas and backyards, and a lot of storage space, Ms Sargood said, while downsizers were interested in low maintenance properties with great views.

Then, Who lives in Watsons Bay? Population snapshot: Who lives in Watsons bay? At the time of the 2016 Census, Watsons Bay had just 850 residents, with a median age of 39. And there are just 336 properties. Of these, 46% are separate houses, 26.8% are semi-detached, row or terrace houses and 21.5% are units or apartments.

How do I get to Watsons Bay? We highly recommend catching a ferry to Watsons Bay. It’s a quick and easy way to get here and the views along the way are stunning. The ferry drops you off at Watsons Bay Wharf, only seconds from the entrance to the hotel. Watsons Bay Wharf is just a 15 minute ferry ride from Manly and Circular Quay.


How do I get from Watsons Bay to the city?

Getting to Watsons Bay, next to Vaucluse, is easy by public transport. A ferry from Circular Quay across sparkling Sydney Harbour takes less than 20 minutes. Alternatively, hop on a bus in the city at Walsh Bay, Barangaroo, Hyde Park or Kings Cross. There are buses from Bondi Beach as well.

What is near Watsons Bay? Top Attractions in Watsons Bay

  • NPWS South Head Heritage Trail. 141. Hiking Trails. …
  • Hornby Lighthouse. Lighthouses. …
  • Federation Cliff Walk. Scenic Walking Areas.
  • Robertson Park. Parks. …
  • Kutti Beach. Beaches.
  • Green Point Reserve National Park. Nature & Wildlife Areas • Parks.
  • Watsons Bay Baths. Sports Complexes. …
  • The Gap Lookout. Lookouts.

How long does the ferry take from Circular Quay to Watsons Bay? The ferry from Circular Quay, Wharf 2, Side B to Watsons Bay Wharf takes 23 min including transfers and departs every 30 minutes.

Are ferries running Sydney? F1 ferry services are running every 40 minutes between Circular Quay and Manly due to the severe weather. View travel alerts for this route. F3 Parramatta River ferries are not running between Sydney Olympic Park and Parramatta, due to flooding.

How much is ferry from Manly to Circular Quay?

The best way to get from Manly to Circular Quay ferry wharf without a car is to ferry which takes 22 min and costs $5 – $11.

How much is a ferry from Circular Quay to Watson Bay? Fares

Route Adult App (Multi trip)
To/From Circular Quay $8.50 From $7.90 per trip
To/From Manly $8.00 From $7.10 per trip
To/From Taronga Zoo $8.00

Are the Manly ferries running today?

Our Manly – Circular Quay and Manly – Watsons Bay services are operating again today. The Manly – Circular Quay service will be cancelled for the rest of the day due to strong winds and large seas. Last service to operate is the 17:10 out of Manly.

Where do Sydney ferries go at night? Each night two of the ferries bed down – called berthing in the maritime business – at Circular Quay and two bed down at what is now the spiritual home of all government-owned ferries – the Balmain Shipyard.

Does the Manly ferry run on Christmas Day?

Does anyone know if the ferry runs on Christmas Day? Yes it does.it runs on a Sunday/Public holiday timetable as does all tramsport in Sydney.

Which is better Bondi or Manly Beach?

Bondi is a run down hole but it’s closer to the airport. Manly has a longer beach and has more shady trees but is further from the airport. Definitely Manly Beach, plus its lovely catching the ferry over to see our beautiful harbour.

Does Opal card work on Manly Ferry? OpalPay is now available on the Manly to Circular Quay Fast Ferry service and will be available on the Taronga Zoo, Rose Bay and Watsons Bay services from February 4. Opal cards can be used on the Fast Ferry’s OpalPay system – although this is a different payment system to that used by Opal.

Where do Sydney Ferries go at night? Each night two of the ferries bed down – called berthing in the maritime business – at Circular Quay and two bed down at what is now the spiritual home of all government-owned ferries – the Balmain Shipyard.

Can you catch a ferry from Manly to Watsons Bay?

Yes, there is a direct ferry departing from Manly, Wharf 2 and arriving at Watsons Bay Wharf. Services depart every three hours, and operate Saturday and Sunday. The journey takes approximately 16 min.

Where do I catch the ferry to Manly? The Manly Ferry departs from Wharf 3, Circular Quay, in the city, with a service running every 30 minutes in each direct during daylight hours.

What Wharf does Manly Ferry leave from?

Sydney’s brightest hidden gem is without doubt the iconic Manly Ferry, which departs from Circular Quay, Wharf 3, to Manly Cove.

What time is the last Manly Ferry? Manly Departure Times

Times 6am- 8pm Weekdays
16 10 35
17 10 30
18 10 30
19 10 30

• 7 déc. 2021

Do Sydney Ferries have toilets?

All ferries have toilet facilities including at least one wheelchair accessible toilet.

What is the longest ferry ride in Sydney? Circular Quay to Parramatta (Via Olympic Park)

The longest ferry trip in this list is the one from Circular Quay heading out to Parramatta in the west along the Parramatta River.

How much is ferry from Sydney to Manly?


Route Adult Child
To/From Watsons Bay $8.50 $5.50
To/From Taronga Zoo $8.00 $5.50
To/From Manly $9.90 $6.00
Shark Island (return) $20.00 $17

Can you use Opal on Manly Fast Ferry? Fast Ferry between Manly and Circular Quay – Opal card accepted.

Can you use Opal card on Manly Ferry?

You can use an Opal card for an Opal fare on metro/train, bus, ferry or light rail services in Sydney and surrounds.

Is Bondi Beach free? Bondi Beach entry is free of cost. There is no entry fee charged for visiting Bondi Beach. You can visit this immensely pretty beach without any charges and have a relaxing and wonderful time by the water here.

What’s the most famous beach in Sydney? When visiting a patrolled beach, be sure to swim between the red and yellow flags, which indicate the safest place to swim. Bondi is Australia’s most well-known beach, but there’s much more to this famed spot than souvenir stores.

Are there sharks at Manly Beach?

Swimmers evacuated after shark sighting at Sydney’s Manly beach. Swimmers have been told to get out of the water at Sydney’s Manly beach after a shark sighting. The shark alarm went off about 11.30am today and crowds were instructed to get out of the surf. People have been told to swim in the nearby harbour beach.


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