What is the ugliest state?

Nevada is considered to be one of the ugliest states in the U.S. because of its unforgiving desert landscape and test sites for military nuclear testing. Despite this, Nevada is also home to Red Rock Canyon, Lake Tahoe, and the swirling rock formations of Valley of Fire State Park.

Additionally, What state has the most beautiful woman? Connecticut tops the chart as the state with the most beautiful women while Manhattan, NY is the number one city.

What is the most loved state? The most popular state, by far, seemed to be California.

Subsequently, What is the most unhappiest state? Here are the 10 unhappiest states, according to the analysis:

  • West Virginia.
  • Arkansas.
  • Louisiana.
  • Mississippi.
  • Oklahoma.
  • Kentucky.
  • Tennessee.
  • Alabama.


What is the most liked state in America?

Nevada, the home of Las Vegas, landed in the fourth-favorite spot (61%), with North Carolina only marginally behind it (61%).

Americans favor their home state or current residence.

Rank State Win Percentage
1 Hawaii 69
2 Colorado 65.4
3 Virginia 64.1
4 Nevada 61.4

• 13 avr. 2021

What is America’s favorite city? 1. Norfolk, Virginia. Norfolk leapt from the No. 4 city in 2016 to America’s favorite place this year, earning top marks for things to see overall, the cleanliness of the city, and for the people, who readers described as smart, friendly, and welcoming to visitors.

Which state is safe to live in USA? 1. Maine. With a score of 66.02, Maine is the safest U.S. state. Maine ranks first for Personal & Residential Safety, Road Safety, and Emergency Preparedness.

Which state has the best future? Best States To Live in 2022

State Total Economy
Washington 1 3
New Hampshire 2 13
Minnesota 3 18
Utah 4 2

Which U.S. state is the healthiest?

Massachusetts is the healthiest state in the U.S., according to the most recent annual ranking from Sharecare, a digital health company, and the Boston University School of Public Health.

What states have the saddest people? Below are the most depressed states in the country.

  • Maine. Depression rate: 23.52% …
  • Arkansas. Depression rate: 23.2% …
  • Kentucky. Depression rate: 22.84% …
  • Oklahoma. Depression rate: 22.70% …
  • Alabama. Depression rate: 22.64% …
  • Vermont. Depression rate: 22.64% …
  • Tennessee. Depression rate: 22.36% …
  • Washington. Depression rate: 22.22%

What is America’s happiest city?

Fremont, California, takes the top spot as the happiest city in the United States. It is located near Silicon Valley on the southeast side of San Francisco Bay and has a population of more than 231,000 people.

What state do people love to live in? The States American Want To Live In The Most (And The Least)

Rank State Population Change
1 Arizona 155,376
2 Idaho 37,265
3 Utah 59,272
4 Washington 129,848

• 21 févr. 2020

What is the rudest city in America?

They were conducted on the internet and there was a margin error of 2%. New York City was the winner (loser?), after it was voted by 34.3% of respondents as the city with the rudest citizens. Los Angeles came in second place, with 19.7% of respondents saying they were the worst.

What is the safest city in America?

Wayland, Massachusetts is the safest city in the United States in 2022. Described as a quiet, peaceful community, the town of just under 14,000 people located 30 minutes west of Boston boasts by far the lowest overall crime rate in the nation at 7.22 per 100,000 people.

What is the rudest city in the world? Budapest came in No. 3 with 17.5% of people saying the city was the rudest.

These are the rudest cities In Europe, 2020.

Rank 1
City Paris
Country France
Vote 36 percent

• 13 janv. 2020

What state has the less crime? Crime in the U.S.

Those figures saw broad variation among states; Maine saw the lowest rate of violent crime – about 115 per 100,000 people – while Alaska, the state with the highest rate, had about 867 incidents per 100,000 people.

What state has the least crime?

States with the Lowest Crime Rates

Maine has the lowest crime rate of 1,360.72 incidents per 100,000 people. In 2018, the total number of crimes reported in Maine dropped for the seventh straight year.

What is the cheapest US state to live in? 1. Mississippi. The cheapest state to live in in the United States is Mississippi. Overall, Mississippi’s average cost of living is about 15% lower than the national average cost of living.

What state is best to raise a family?

According to WalletHub, these are the top 10 states to raise a family:

  • Massachusetts.
  • New York.
  • Vermont.
  • Minnesota.
  • Nebraska.
  • New Hampshire.
  • Connecticut.
  • Washington.

What state has the best quality of life? Ten States with the Best Quality of Life

  1. Washington. Washington state has the highest quality of life in all 50 states. …
  2. New Hampshire. …
  3. Minnesota. …
  4. Utah. …
  5. Vermont. …
  6. Maryland. …
  7. Virginia. …
  8. Massachusetts.

What state has the best education?

New Jersey is the top state for education. It’s followed by Massachusetts, Florida, Washington and Colorado to round out the top five. Six of the 10 states with the best education systems also rank among the top 10 Best States overall. Learn more about the Best States for education below.

What is the sickest state in America? The unhealthiest states in the U.S. are mostly located in the South.

  1. Mississippi. Mississippi has consistently been the country’s most unhealthy state for several years. …
  2. Louisiana. …
  3. Arkansas. …
  4. Alabama. …
  5. Oklahoma. …
  6. West Virginia. …
  7. Tennessee. …
  8. Kentucky.

Which state is the smartest?

Massachusetts is the smartest state in the U.S. Massachusetts has the highest percentage of Bachelor’s degree holders at 42.1% of adults and graduate or professional degree holders at about 32.4%. Additionally, Massachusetts is home to MIT, Harvard, and several other high-ranked institutions.

What is the cleanest state to live in? The cleanest states

  1. 1. California Cleanliness Score: 7.36. California is the cleanest state overall with a cleanliness score of 7.36. …
  2. HawaiiCleanliness Score: 6.94. Hawaii claims second place with a cleanliness score of 6.94. …
  3. WashingtonCleanliness Score: 6.40.

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