What is the train station at Zurich airport called?

Zürich Airport railway station (German: Bahnhof Zürich Flughafen) is a railway station serving Zurich Airport in Switzerland.

Zürich Airport railway station.

Zürich Airport Zürich Flughafen
Owned by Swiss Federal Railways
Line(s) Zürich–Winterthur line
Distance 9.6 km (6.0 mi) from Zürich Hauptbahnhof
Platforms 2

Additionally, How much is a taxi from Zurich Airport to city Centre? You can get to downtown Zurich quickly and comfortably by taxi. The taxi ranks are located in front of Arrivals 1 and 2. In most taxis, you pay a basic fare of CHF 6 and an additional CHF 3.80 per kilometer. The taxi ride from the airport to the center of Zurich costs CHF 50–70.

Are the trams free in Zurich? All public transport in Zurich is free with a Swiss Travel Pass and several other rail passes. Alternatively, you can purchase a Zurich Card that allows free public transport throughout the city as well.

Subsequently, Does Uber exist in Switzerland? Uber is present in Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne with 300,000 regular customers and some 2,600 drivers in Switzerland, Salom told SonntagsBlick. But it has also run into some difficulties with local authorities, trade unions and taxi drivers who complain of unfair competition.


Does Zurich accept euros?

Re: Is Euro accepted in Zurich? No €. Swiss franc is the official currency and everyone will be expecting you to use it.

How much is uber from Zurich Airport to city Centre? Transfer comparison

Transport Travel time Cost
Public train ⏱️ 15 Min. 6,80 CHF
Tram 35 Min. 6,80 CHF
Taxi 20 Min. 60‑75 CHF
Uber 20 Min. 35‑60 CHF

Can I leave Zurich Airport during layover? If you have time to leave the airport and explore Zurich during your layover, you can ditch your luggage at the Left Luggage office and lockers. You can find more information on a PDF file here. For transportation, you can always grab a taxi outside terminal 1 and 2, or you can take the Swiss Federal Railways.

Is it worth to buy Swiss Pass? The Swiss Travel Pass is worth considering if you will primarily be travelling by train in Switzerland. The Swiss Travel Pass can also be worth buying if you plan on doing mountain excursions and scenic boat cruises, visiting museums, and using local public transportation.

Does Zurich have a subway?

These proposals eventually evolved into the current Zürich S-Bahn system, which uses several newly built tunnels to pass both under the city centre and adjoining hills.

Do I need a transit visa for Zurich? The Swiss airport transit visa is valid for 24 hours. It is also only valid within the transit area of a Swiss airport. If you want to leave the airport transit area or stay for longer than 24 hours, you need a regular, Swiss Schengen visa.

Are taxis expensive in Switzerland?

Taxis in Zurich are the most expensive in the world, according to a new survey. Hailing a cab in the Swiss city will cost you more than other major cities including Paris, London and New York.

How much is Uber from Zurich airport to city Centre? Transfer comparison

Transport Travel time Cost
Public train ⏱️ 15 Min. 6,80 CHF
Tram 35 Min. 6,80 CHF
Taxi 20 Min. 60‑75 CHF
Uber 20 Min. 35‑60 CHF

How much an Uber driver makes in Switzerland?

Uber revealed that its Swiss drivers earn an average of CHF26. 81 ($26.84) per hour (after deducting the 25% commission paid to the platform). It estimates that after deducting all costs (car depreciation, petrol, insurance), the drivers take home CHF21 per hour on average for a standard car model (Toyota Prius).

Why is Switzerland not in EU?

Switzerland is not a member state of the European Union (EU). It is associated with the Union through a series of bilateral treaties in which Switzerland has adopted various provisions of European Union law in order to participate in the Union’s single market, without joining as a member state.

What language is spoken in Zurich? Zurich lies in the German-speaking part of Switzerland but, in everyday life, people in Zurich speak Swiss German, a German dialect.

Can I use my credit card in Switzerland? Major credit and debit cards are widely accepted in Switzerland, including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and Cirrus. American Express cards aren’t as widely accepted, but can be used in many places.

How many fountains are there in Zurich?

1,200 Fountains in Zurich

There is always a supply of fresh, top-quality drinking water in Zurich – thanks to more than 1,200 fountains that can be found every few meters all over the city. Thus Zurich is one of the cities with the largest number of fountains in the world.

How expensive is Zurich? In Zurich, the average price is $5.03, a rise from 2019 (when it was $4.69), but actually cheaper than ten years ago, when the same loaf would have cost you $5.75. So, it’s not all bad news.

How far is Zurich old town from airport?

The distance from Zurich Airport to downtown is 12 kilometers and the travel time from Zurich airport to city center is around 10 minutes by high speed train. The cheapest way from Zurich airport is by train €6 and if you go by taxi will be around 20 minutes and the taxi fare around €60.

Is 55 minutes enough time for a layover in Zurich? Your layover should be at least 4.5 hours, which will give you a couple of hours to explore the city, plus allow for transportation time back to the airport, clearing airport security, collecting any stored bags, and being at your gate at least 30 to 45 minutes before departure.

Is 50 minutes enough layover in Zurich?

Yes I would. Done it many times. Zurich is one of the most efficient airports in the world and this sort of transit is quite usual. Passport control (which as noted you do in Zurich because Switzerland is part of Schengen) takes just a few minutes (no long lines).

What can I do with a 6 hour layover in Zurich? Make time to spend a couple of hours exploring the exhibits, artifacts and the armory tower at the National Museum. The museum is right next to the Zurich main station. Keep it at the end of your itinerary so you can easily walk to the station for your train back to the Airport.

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