Liverpool’s city centre is considered to be safest, as well as those areas near the waterfront. Areas with a low crime rate include Walton, Anfield, Sefton Park, Merseyside, River Mersey and Breckfield. These are all safer areas.

What are the rough areas of Liverpool? Liverpool Waterfront, Baltic Triangle, Sefton Park, Toxteth, Wavertree and St. Michael’s Hamlet. Everton, Anfield, Norris Green, Fazakerley, Vauxhall, Kirkdale and Warbreck. Birkenhead, Bromborough, Brimstage, Heswall and Thornton Hough.

Consequently, Where is the best place to live in Merseyside? In 2020, Southport was ranked among the most desirable locations to live in the North West by the Sunday Times, along with the Georgian Quarter and West Kirby. As a seaside town, Southport boasts a beautiful beach which is home to the second longest pier in the country.

Why is Liverpool the best place to live? The former seaport is famous for many things: its friendly people, world-class football teams, distinctive local accent, famous musicians, epic warehouse parties, and much more, and many southerners tired of their gruelling commute and high living costs find that a happier life awaits them in this northwestern …


What is the posh part of Liverpool?

Woolton. Situated in the south of the city, Woolton is an affluent and coveted area. Only 6 miles from the city centre, this area is alive with a wealth of bars and restaurants and is home to some of the best properties in the city.

Is Liverpool or Manchester safer? Liverpool has the 21st highest crime rate in the country. Although much lower than in other northern cities such as Manchester, Newcastle and Burnley, the crime rate in Liverpool is still high, with 266 crimes per 1,000 people. This is 78% higher than the national average of 149.

Is Mossley Hill Posh? Prized property

North Mossley Hill Road and its nearby streets boast possibly the highest concentration of surviving Victorian mansions in Liverpool – and certainly some of its most desirable.

Is Formby posh? Formby is one of the most affluent areas of Merseyside and boasts Shireburn Road, the most expensive road in the whole county, amongst its offerings.

Is Crosby Liverpool rough?

Crosby is the third most dangerous medium-sized town in Merseyside, and is among the top 20 most dangerous overall out of Merseyside’s 39 towns, villages, and cities. The overall crime rate in Crosby in 2021 was 76 crimes per 1,000 people.

Is Liverpool a poor city? For average rank, Liverpool is considered the 4th most deprived local authority in England (previously ranked 7th in 2015). We are behind Blackpool, Manchester and Knowsley. For average score, Liverpool is considered the 3rd most deprived (previously ranked 4th).

Is living in Liverpool expensive?

Liverpool is a relatively inexpensive city compared to other UK cities and enjoys low rents whether you are in the city centre or on the outskirts. A one bedroom apartment in the city centre costs, on average, $679 per month while a one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the city will cost just $590 per month.

How many murders has Liverpool had in 2021? Historical Crime Rates for Liverpool

Year Crime Rate per 1,000 people Total Crimes
2021 123 72,220
2020 105 61,664
2019 108 63,620
2018 108 63,329

• 1 févr. 2022

Is Waterloo Liverpool nice?

Waterloo is a fantastic place to live for young professionals,” he says. “With a choice of highly rated restaurants, bars and eateries to choose from and excellent transport links into town, L22 is an excellent place to live for those looking for a good time.”

Is Toxteth rough?

In April 1994, The Independent newspaper highlighted that Toxteth was still one of the most deprived areas in Britain, with unemployment in some districts exceeding 40%, with theft, drug abuse and violent crime being rife.

Is Aintree a nice place to live? Aintree is relatively close to Liverpool, so it offers the best of both worlds. Whenever you need to shop or seek excitement, you’re just a short trip away from Liverpool city centre. On the other hand, the town is quiet and serene. The locals are very friendly.

Where do LFC players live? At present, four first-team Liverpool players reside in the Merseyside suburb of Formby. Club captain Jordan Henderson, full-back Andrew Robertson, striker Divock Origi and midfielder Fabinho all call the area home, as well as manager Jurgen Klopp.

Is Ormskirk a nice place to live?

Ups: Bustling town with plenty going on, low crime levels, good schools and lots of attractions in and around Ormskirk to keep the family entertained. Downs: Traffic can be a problem, plus a lack of high quality shopping facilities.

Is Birkdale posh? Where to buy Birkdale is the posh southerly end, and has its own train station, too. North Churchtown by Hesketh Park is nice, and around the leafy grids of Scarisbrick New Road. Cheap in the town centre, Marshside/Crossens and High Park/Blowick.

Is Crosby Liverpool Posh?

Crosby has been named as one of the most desirable places to live in the North West in a national list of little Nirvanas compiled by The Sunday Times. The north Liverpool suburb is just inside the Sefton borough – so, best of all, no purple bins.

Is hightown a nice place to live? Hightown was named as one of Britain’s most desirable places to live in new research from estate agents Savills as part of a piece published in The Telegraph.

Is Waterloo Liverpool a nice place to live?

Waterloo is a fantastic place to live for young professionals,” he says. “With a choice of highly rated restaurants, bars and eateries to choose from and excellent transport links into town, L22 is an excellent place to live for those looking for a good time.”

Is it cheaper to live in Liverpool than Manchester? Cost of living in Liverpool (United Kingdom) is 13% cheaper than in Manchester (United Kingdom)

What’s it like to live in Liverpool?

Liverpool is the 6th most visited city in the UK thanks to its rich history, beautiful architecture and diverse nightlife. Although Liverpool is a thriving city, property prices and the cost of living remain low compared to other UK cities, with the cost of living index 19% lower than in London, according to Numbeo.

Is Woolton posh? Always deemed the posh part of liverpool it has held on to its village theme. The local pubs are brimming with friendly locals. Lots of nice places to eat.

Where should I move in Liverpool?

The 10 Best Places To Live In Liverpool

  1. 1 – Lark Lane. Just south of the Liverpool city centre is Lark Lane, which has been a popular spot for students and young professionals. …
  2. 2 – Crosby. …
  3. 3 – Aigburth. …
  4. 4 – Woolton. …
  5. 5 – Anfield. …
  6. 6 – Allerton. …
  7. 7 – West Derby. …
  8. 8 – Ropewalks.

What is a good salary in Liverpool? Liverpool average salary comparison by sex

Local authority Female average salary, 2021 Male average salary
Sefton £29.4k £37.3k
West Lancashire £28.1k £36.5k
Liverpool £32.4k £36.3k
United Kingdom £33.2k £41.5k

Is it better to live in Liverpool or Manchester? Liverpool is significantly cheaper (accommodation, nights out etc). Liverpool is also a big city, with loads to do, but it is a bit quieter than Manchester. Manchester often feels chaotic and really busy. Also, it has quite a stretched out city centre, whereas Liverpool is all in one ‘zone’ if you like.


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