What is the prettiest beach in Florida?

Here are 14 of the best beaches in Florida.

  1. Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, Key West. …
  2. Miramar Beach, South Walton. …
  3. Cocoa Beach, Brevard County. …
  4. South Beach Park, Vero Beach. …
  5. Juno Beach Park, Juno Beach. …
  6. Bowman’s Beach, Sanibel Island. …
  7. Delray Beach, Palm Beach County. …
  8. Lummus Park Beach, Miami Beach.

Additionally, What is the most tropical place in Florida? Despite its difficulty getting to, Loggerhead Key is by far the best tropical beach in all of Florida. Located in the Dry Tortugas National Park and only accessible by boat, this is the only beach where you feel like you are truly in the middle of the Caribbean.

What side of Florida is better? The waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the East Coast of Florida are, in general, known to have more wave action than the Gulf Coast. It means more opportunities for surfing (Kelly Slater grew up surfing this coast) and general water play for those looking for a vacation that includes a more active beach experience.

Subsequently, What is the number 1 beach in Florida? Best Florida Beaches

  • Destin.
  • Sanibel Island.
  • Clearwater Beach.
  • Naples.
  • St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Siesta Key.
  • Marco Island.
  • Santa Rosa Beach.


Where is the clearest water in Florida?

Wondering which beach in Florida has the clearest water? The following areas are more likely to have clear water on any given day: northwest Florida beaches in and around Panama City Beach, Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and Pensacola; southwest Florida beaches on Anna Maria Island, Longboat Key and Siesta Key.

Where is the bluest water in Florida? Clearest Water in Florida

  • Destin. …
  • Panama City Beach. …
  • Freshwater Springs. …
  • Miami. …
  • Palm Beach. …
  • Tampa. …
  • Sarasota. Sarasota is fast becoming one of Florida’s best destinations. …
  • Boca Grande. As one of our favorite places in Florida, Boca Grande is located in the middle of boating paradise and at the northern end of Charlotte Harbor.

What is the safest beach in Florida? Satellite Beach

Satellite Beach is ranked No. 1 on safest cities for 2020 in the Sunshine State. Located in Brevard County along the Atlantic, Satellite Beach is a beautiful coastal city with a population of over 11,000 residents.

What is the best time of year to visit Florida? The best time of year to visit Florida is during the spring or fall. While most hop on a plane bound for the sunshine coast during the winter school holidays and Spring and Easter Breaks, you’ll experience the best the state has to offer when traveling at these off-peak times.

What is the cleanest beach in Florida?

Destin. Destin is commonly referred to as the Florida beach with the clearest water. Why this beach in particular? It’s because of the Choctawhatchee Bay just beyond the beach that acts as a filtration, taking in the darker sediment and leaving clear waters atop Destin’s fine quartz sand.

Which US coast is better? If you have never visited the United States you may be asking which place is better to visit. The West Coast or the East Coast? Many people will have arguments for both coasts that will sound promising. However, the east coast is by far much better especially for first-time visitors in the United States.

What is the most affordable beach town in Florida?

According to Neighborhoods.com, the 10 most affordable beach towns in Florida are:

  • Port Charlotte.
  • Fort Pierce.
  • Daytona Beach.
  • Venice.
  • Palm Bay.
  • Melbourne.
  • Port Orange.
  • Tarpon Springs.

Why is Destin so popular? Snuggled against the Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida, Destin is rightfully famed for its sugar-white sands and emerald-hued waters. And due to its plentiful and always hungry underwater population, Destin is widely known as the « world’s luckiest fishing village. »

Where is the blue water in Florida?

Destin. Destin is commonly referred to as the Florida beach with the clearest water.

What part of Florida has white sand beaches?

Northwest Florida has some of the purest whitest sand anywhere in the state. Its dazzling crystals are nearly pure quartz resulting in soft fluffy sand that is a pleasure to walk on. I’ll never forget my first steps onto the white sand beach at St. Andrew’s State Park near Panama City Beach.

What is the calmest beach in Florida? 7 most relaxing beaches in Florida where you can ease off

  • Ponte Vedra.
  • Boca Grande.
  • Cayo Costa State Park.
  • Captiva Island.
  • Blowing Rocks Preserve.
  • Playalinda.
  • Caladesi Island State Park.

Which side of Florida is warmer? This makes us wonder, which of Florida’s coasts is warmer – is it Florida’s Atlantic east coast or her beautiful western Gulf coast? Florida’s east coast is slightly warmer than the west coast. However, the difference is pretty small, and you’re likely to be nice and warm most anywhere in the Sunshine State.

Where in Florida should I move?

1. Naples. Nestled in the southwest corner of Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico, Naples holds the top spot for places to live in Florida. Naples is known for its paradise weather, gentle waters and “sugar” sand beaches.

Which part of Florida is safe from hurricanes?

  • Leesburg. Leesburg, Florida is considered one of the safest places in the state when it comes to the risk of hurricanes. …
  • Orlando. If you’re looking for hurricane-safe Florida cities, you’ll want to check out O-Town. …
  • Sanford. …
  • Kissimmee. …
  • Palatka. …
  • Lake City. …
  • Naples. …
  • Ocala.

Where is the best place to live in Florida with a family?

Top 40 Cities for Families in Florida

Rank City % High School Graduate or Higher
1 Cooper City 94.5%
2 Rockledge 92.9%
3 Oviedo 94.1%
4 Ormond Beach 93.5%

When should you not visit Florida? Some people thrive in hot and humid weather, but for the rest of us, the summer months are not the best time to visit Florida. Temperatures all over the state reach into the upper 80s and low 90s Fahrenheit from April through October, with high humidity levels leaving you drained when exposed to the heat.

What is the coldest month in Florida?

January is the coolest month of the year in Florida, with average lows of around 49 F (around 10 C) in Orlando. However, temperatures in the middle of the day can hit 74 F in the Florida Keys (around 23 C), making it possible to spend plenty of time exploring the great outdoors.

What is the hottest month in Florida? July is the hottest month in Florida with an average temperature of 28°C (82°F) and the coldest is January at 16°C (61°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 10 in July. The best month to swim in the sea is in July when the average sea temperature is 29°C (84°F).

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