What is the best month to see the Northern Lights in Tromsø?

Generally speaking, the best time to see the Northern Lights in Tromso is from mid September to April. You may get lucky and see auroras even at the very end of August or mid April. But if you want to increase your chances, it’s probably best to come between October and March.

Additionally, Can you see Northern Lights in Tromsø in December? If you visit tromsø Norway in December, you’re likely to experience both and it’s a fantastic destination for northern lights holidays. This article may contain compensated links.

Is Tromsø worth visiting? These activities include, but are not limited to, concerts, marathons, kayaking, sailing, and hiking. Experiencing the disorientating but beautiful midnight sun should be on everyone’s bucket list, and although it can take some time to fall asleep (bring a sleeping mask), it is something well worth visiting Tromsø for.

Subsequently, Can you fly direct to Tromsø from UK? Which airlines fly direct between London and Tromsø? Norwegian is the only airline operating direct flights from London to Tromsø.


Does Tromsø have polar night?

Polar Night Season happens every year in Tromsø. It begins on November 27th and lasts until January 15th. However, due to the high mountain ranges around the city, it actually gets dark beginning November 21st until about January 21st. During this time, the sun does not rise at all.

Is it safe to drive in Tromsø in winter? Driving in Tromso in Winter

Rental cars come fully equipped for a winter drive. If you are wondering if it is safe to drive in Tromso in winter, the answer is it is a bit tricky to drive in extreme winter here. We encountered icy roads many times and some of us who had prior experience driving in snow hard.

Does it snow in Tromsø in December? The average sliding 31-day snowfall during December in Tromsø is rapidly increasing, starting the month at 10.8 inches, when it rarely exceeds 24.7 inches or falls below 1.3 inches, and ending the month at 14.3 inches, when it rarely exceeds 26.9 inches or falls below 2.9 inches.

Which is better Oslo or Tromsø? When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between Tromso and Oslo, we can see that Oslo is more expensive. And not only is Tromso much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination. So, traveling to Tromso would let you spend less money overall.

Is Tromsø safe?

Crime rates in Tromso, Norway

Level of crime 28.33 Low
Crime increasing in the past 3 years 50.66 Moderate
Worries home broken and things stolen 30.24 Low
Worries being mugged or robbed 25.66 Low
Worries car stolen 25.63 Low

Is Tromsø pretty? The mountains are more rugged than in the south and even in June their peaks were covered in snow. And of all the landscape I saw, that surrounding Tromsø was some of the most beautiful. What is this? There are also so many lovely little villages close by Tromsø.

How do you get to Tromsø from UK?

Train, bus

  1. Take the train from London St Pancras Eurostar to Lille Europe.
  2. Take the bus from Lille to Dresden Hauptbahnhof.
  3. Take the train from Dresden Hbf to Stockholm Centralstation.
  4. Take the train from Stockholm Centralstation to Narvik station.
  5. Take the bus from Narvik storsenter to Tromsø Prostneset.

Where in the UK flies to Tromsø? There is 1 airport in United Kingdom that has a direct connection to Tromsø, which is London Gatwick. From London Gatwick, direct flights are offered by Norwegian.

Can I visit Norway without quarantine?

No testing, no quarantining, no registration! As of February 12, 2022, all COVID-19 entry requirements have been lifted for all travellers to Norway. It is now super easy to travel to Norway, and we have lots of space!

Is it 6 months dark in Norway?

In Svalbard, Norway, the northernmost inhabited region of Europe, there is no sunset from approximately 19 April to 23 August. The extreme sites are the poles, where the Sun can be continuously visible for half the year. The North Pole has midnight sun for 6 months from late March to late September.

Where is it night all day? Norway. Norway: Situated in the Arctic Circle, Norway is called the Land of the Midnight Sun. For about a period of 76 days from May to late July, the sun never sets. The bright sunlight engulfs the entire region for about 20 hours a day.

Is there 6 months of darkness in Alaska? 1. Alaska Gets Six Months of 24-Hour Sunlight and Darkness. … Barrow is one of Alaska’s northernmost cities and gets complete darkness for two months out of the year. During the summer, the sun doesn’t completely set in Barrow from early May until the end of July.

Is there snow in Tromsø in February?

When you travel to Tromsø in February you can expect: almost every day snow, the occasional rain, exceptionally fog, rarely hail The range of average daytime temperatures are around -4℃ and 2℃.

How many days do you need in Tromsø? If you want to see and do the same things that I did, consider spending at least 5-6 days in Tromso. It will be a much more relaxing and enjoyable trip. And – if you have more time in Tromso – your chances of seeing auroras are also bigger because you have more evenings when you can go aurora hunting.

Is there a Christmas market in Tromsø?

Christmas market in the backyard of Mack in Tromsø .

Does Tromsø have a Christmas market? Christmas markets and shopping

From mid-November and throughout December, there will be a variety of Christmas markets around the city. Besides all the markets, there are plenty of shops selling unique presents from Northern Norway, all around the city.

What should I wear to Tromsø in winter?

Warm clothing is key to a good and comfortable stay in Tromsø during winter. Start with wool clothing closest to your body and then supply with layers of warm and dry sweaters and jackets. Don’t forget to bring warm shoes, gloves, scarfs and hats.

Is Tromsø worth visiting in winter? If you’re looking for a winter destination that combines incredible nature experiences, beautiful landscapes, amazing food, and a charming city, Tromso is surprisingly the perfect place.

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