What is special about Ocracoke Island?

Ocracoke Island is famous for its exceptional shelling and is one of the best shelling destinations on the Outer Banks.

Additionally, Can you swim on Ocracoke Island? Surf in the ocean, swim around Silver Lake, splash in the sound u2013 Ocracoke Island has no shortage of opportunities for a wet and refreshing thing to do on Ocracoke. The Ocracoke beach offers 16 miles of protected seashore, and the temperatures in the ocean can hit mid-80 degrees in the summer.

Does Ocracoke Island have a beach? Ocracoke Island is a beach paradise.

As you leave Ocracoke Village and head toward the Hatteras ferry terminal, you can access the beach right away. There is also a beach near the airport, which has easy vehicle access.

Subsequently, Can you drive in the beaches at Ocracoke Island? Driving on the beach is permitted at a number of beaches on Ocracoke Island, year round. Beach drivers must obtain a beach driving permit first from the National Park Service website, or in person at the ranger station near the Ocracoke Campground.


Is Ocracoke worth visiting?

This secluded and tranquil island offers a quiet escape to untouched shores and a charming town well worth exploring! For more ways to make the most of your time in the Outer Banks, be sure to download our complimentary Vacation Guide. It’s full of the best things to do and places to see in our area!

How long is ferry ride to Ocracoke? The vehicle ferry ride takes approximately one hour. Once you arrive at the Ocracoke North Ferry Terminal, Ocracoke Village is approximately a 13-mile drive south on NC-12. The Ocracoke Express is a passenger ferry that runs between the Hatteras Ferry Terminal and the Ocracoke Ferry Terminal.

Is Ocracoke Island walkable? WALK. You can walk to most places within the village and on the outskirts. Even the Lifeguard Beach is only a 2-mile walk from the village down a wide paved path.

How much does it cost to ride the ferry to Ocracoke Island? Cedar Island, Ocracoke, Swan Quarter

Type One-Way Fare
3-Wheel Motorcycle $10
Motorcycle with Trailer $15
Motorcycle with Side Car $15
Vehicle and/or Combination Less Than 20 Feet $15

• 1 déc. 2020

What is the best day to go to Ocracoke Island?

When is the best time of day to go on the Hatteras – Ocracoke Ferry? In the summer months, when the Hatteras – Ocracoke Ferry traffic is at its peak, the best time to depart Hatteras is in the early morning, (before 9 a.m.), and in the afternoon and evenings.

Can you stay on Ocracoke Island? There are no chain accommodations on Ocracoke Island. The options here range from homey bed and breakfasts to elegant inns and from mom-and-pop motels to luxurious condominium-style suites overlooking the water.

Do people live on Ocracoke year round?

There are less than 1,000 year-round residents in Ocracoke. In the summer, this population swells to thousands of day-trippers and vacationers. The town-wide speed limit through Ocracoke Islands is 25 mph.

How long is the ferry ride from Cedar Island to Ocracoke? Two ferries serve Ocracoke Island from the mainland: the Cedar Island-Ocracoke Ferry and the Swan Quarter-Ocracoke Ferry. The Cedar Island Ferry crossing takes two hours and 15 minutes, and the Swan Quarter Ferry crossing takes two hours and 40 minutes.

What can I bring to Ocracoke?

You will need to supply the following items:

  • Paper Products (Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, etc.)
  • Trash Bags.
  • Sheets and Bath Towels (if not supplied by your property)
  • Properties that do offer linens provide a sheet set, one hand towel, bath towel and washcloth for each guest.
  • Food and Condiments.

How long is the ferry ride from Ocracoke to Swan Quarter?

These ferries carry passengers between Ocracoke and the mainland towns of Cedar Island and Swan Quarter. The Cedar Island Ferry is 2¼ hours long and the Swan Quarter is 2½ hours long.

Is there a bridge to Ocracoke Island? Today, the lack of a bridge lends the Ocracoke a remote feel, even though it’s only a few miles from Hatteras. People come to Ocracoke to get away from the world, and the island supports that experience perfectly.

How much is the Cherry Branch ferry? At the Cherry Point-Minnesott Beach crossing, pedestrians will have to pay $1, bicyclists will pay $2 and motorcyclists $3. Vehicles greater than 40 feet will have to pay $12 each way. An annual pass for that route would cost $150, while an annual passenger pass would cost $25.

How do I spend a day in Ocracoke?

Here Is How You Should Spend a Day Trip to Ocracoke Island

  1. Take a Scenic Ride on the Ferry.
  2. Mosey Around the Ocracoke Village.
  3. Snap a Photograph of the Ocracoke Lighthouse.
  4. Explore the Island by Bike or Golf Cart.

How long is the ferry ride from Ocracoke to Cedar Island? The total crossing time for the Ocracoke – Cedar Island Ferry from either terminal is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Are there wild ponies on Ocracoke?

Some of the most popular Ocracoke locals are the Wild Ponies, which are protected in a secluded 180 acre area enclosure on the soundside of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, but can still be enjoyed by anyone passing through the island on NC Highway 12.

Is Ocracoke Island open for visitors? But make no mistake: Visitors are now welcome on Ocracoke Island! The ferries are running, the shops and restaurants are open, accommodations are welcoming guests and recreational activities are happening. Best of all, those beautiful beaches await.

Is Ocracoke Island Open?

Ocracoke Island is open for all amidst the waning COVID-19 pandemic and businesses have opened for the season.

Can you drive from Hatteras to Ocracoke? You can’t just hop in your car and drive. The only way to get to Ocracoke is by boat (or small plane). Free ferries from Hatteras Island run continuously throughout the summer season to Ocracoke Island; wait times may average one to two hours. During the off-season, the ferry Hatteras ferry runs on the hour.

How much does it cost to live on Ocracoke Island?

Ocracoke cost of living is 81.9

COST OF LIVING Ocracoke North Carolina
Overall 81.9 90.6
Grocery 95.7 96.5
Health 116.9 107.5
Housing 58.8 81

Does Ocracoke have snow? Ocracoke averages 2 inches of snow per year.

The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

How deep is the water around Ocracoke Island?

The controlling depth is about 5 feet through the swash channel to Pamlico Sound. Some local vessels use this channel as a short cut, but Big Foot Slough Channel is the recommended channel. The town of Ocracoke is 3.5 miles inside the inlet.

How much does it cost to ride the ferry from Cedar Island to Ocracoke? How much is the Ocracoke – Cedar Island Ferry? The cost to ride the Ocracoke – Cedar Island Ferry varies by vehicle / passenger type. Passengers are charged $1 per crossing, while standard cars and trucks less than 20 feet are charged $15 per crossing, and larger vehicles are charged $30 to $45 per crossing.

Do you need reservations for Ocracoke ferry? The N.C. Ferry Division accepts reservations up to 90 days in advance for service on the popular Cedar Island-Ocracoke and Swan Quarter-Ocracoke routes. Reservations are recommended – especially during the busy summer season – to ensure your desired departure time.

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