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Country State Zipcode
United Kingdom England SY9
United Kingdom England DY13
United Kingdom England WR6
United Kingdom England CW8

Additionally, Whats a zip code on a card? What is a debit card zip code? A credit card zip code is the specific zip code associated with your billing address and will appear on your bank account statement. When you receive a debit card from your card issuer, you are required to register the card with a billing address, usually your home address.

What is the zip code for Canada? Like British, Irish and Dutch postcodes, Canada’s postal codes are alphanumeric. They are in the format A1A 1A1, where A is a letter and 1 is a digit, with a space separating the third and fourth characters.

Subsequently, What is California zip code? Zip Code List Zip Code – 902 in California

Zip Code City County
90202 Bell Gardens Los Angeles County
90209 Beverly Hills Los Angeles County
90210 Beverly Hills Los Angeles County
90211 Beverly Hills Los Angeles County


What is the zip code for a Visa gift card?

If you received the gift card in the mail, enter the zip code that matches your mailing address. If using the Visa gift card online, use the same Zip code you entered in the shipping address. If that doesn’t work, enter your home zip code. If using the Visa gift card in stores, enter your home zip code.

What is zip code Maybank? Dataran Maybank

Location Name: Dataran Maybank
Postal Code: 59000

What is Toronto ZIP code? postal codes

Place Code
1 Toronto 66777
2 Toronto 57268

What is the ZIP code for Ontario Canada? Ontario, CA Covers 5 ZIP Codes

ZIP Code Type Area Code(s)
91710 Standard 909
91758 Standard 909 / 951
91761 Standard 909 / 951
91762 Standard 909

• 1 mars 2022

How do you enter a Canadian ZIP code?

Canadian ZIP codes use an alphanumerical format with six characters in the format “A1A 1A1” with the first character denoting the province of the address. The second character is a district within that province. The third character is a letter representing the “postal zone” of the province.

Which city has the most zip codes? The Most Populated Zip Codes in America

Rank ZIP code Metro area
1 77449 Houston, Texas
2 11368 New York, New York
3 60629 Chicago, Illinois
4 79936 El Paso, TX, Texas

• 26 juin 2019

What city is ZIP code 90001?

ZIP Code 90001

Post Office City: Los Angeles, CA (View All Cities)
Neighborhood: Los Angeles
County: Los Angeles County
Timezone: Pacific (8:32pm)
Area code: 213 (Area Code Map)

How do you put a zip code on a Visa gift card?

Where is the zip code on a Mastercard gift card?

Why is venmo saying invalid zip code?

Invalid zip code error is displayed when attempting to process a payment from your customer with a billing address outside the U.S. They may have a ZIP code (or Province code) that includes characters that do not meet the U.S. 5 digit standard.

What is zip code Malaysia? Postal Codes in Malaysia

A Malaysian postcode is a five digit numeric code. The first two digits of the code refer to the state or administrative area: for example, 50XXX or 60XXX is for Kuala Lumpur.

What is Maybank Malaysia bank code? 1) Q: What is the Swift Code for Maybank? A: The swift code for Maybank is MBBEMYKL.

What is CIMB Malaysia zipcode?


Bank: Cimb Bank Berhad
Country: Malaysia
City: Kuala Lumpur

What is the area code of Toronto? Area codes 647 and 416 are primarily used in the city of Toronto. Ontario area codes 613 and 343 are primarily used in Ottawa as well as the surrounding Eastern Ontario area. 705 is primarily used in most of Central and Northeastern Ohio. 807 is the area code used for Ontario numbers located in Northwestern Ontario.

What is the zip code for Calgary?

Alberta – postal codes

Place Code
64 Calgary (Kensington / Westmont / Parkdale / University) T2N
65 Calgary (City Centre / Calgary Tower) T2P

Is ZIP code and postal code the same? Zip Code refers to a postal code, used in a few countries with a postal address to specify the location at which mail is sent. On the other hand, postal code indicates the code used in the postal address, which assists in the sorting the mails for the purpose of delivering them at their exact destination.

Are all Canadian ZIP codes 6 digits?

The 6-digit postal codes system in Canada consists of letters and numbers. A space separates the first three and last three characters. It is one of the few countries that uses a 6-digit postal code system. Other countries are the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.

What is the weirdest zip code? Fishers Island, NY – 06390

That’s strange. Their mail comes via Connecticut.

What is the smallest zip code in the US?

The lowest ZIP Code number is 00501, unique for the Internal Revenue Service in Holtsville, NY.

How many US zip codes exist? There are 41,692 ZIP Codes in the country. ZIP Codes range from 00501, belonging to the Internal Revenue Service in Holtsville, NY, to 99950 in Ketchikan, AK. Easiest to remember?

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