2S refers to second seating or second seater in train seats. The seats are present in the form of benches. This coach does not have the facility for the passengers to sleep since there are no berths and it is a sitting arrangement.

How many trains LTT to Varanasi? Lokmanya Tilak Term to Varanasi Jn Train Time Table

Train No./Name Departure Duration
12167 MUMBAI LTT – BANARAS SF Express 22:45 26H 40M
22177 MUMBAI CSMT – VARANASI Mahanagari SF Express 00:25 27H 10M
11071 MUMBAI LTT – VARANASI Kamayani Express 14:00 29H 40M
15017 MUMBAI LTT – GORAKHPUR Kashi Express 06:35 30H 25M

Then, What is D5 in train? D5 means the confirmed seat is in coach number D5, D denotes a chair car coach. 8 is you seat number in above mentioned coach. NC means ‘No Choice’. In case you have selected seat preference like window seat etc. and that seat is not available then it is indicated as NC in ticket and another available seat is allotted.

What is 3A coach in train? 3A. AC three tier: Air-conditioned coaches with 64 sleeping berths. Berths are similar to 2A, but with three tiers across the width and two lengthwise for eight bays of eight. They are slightly less well-appointed, usually with no reading lights or curtains. Bedding is included in the fare.


What is SL and CC in train?

CC – AC Chair Car 2S – Seater Class: SL – Sleeper class: 1A – AC First Class: 2A – AC Second Class: 3A – AC Third Class: Plan Your India Tour.

What is the train number of Pawan Express? Lokmanya Tilak Terminus–Darbhanga Pawan Express

Current operator(s) Central Railways
Start Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
Stops 40 as 11061 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus–Darbhanga Pawan Express, 40 as 11062 Darbhanga–Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Pawan Express.

How many trains are running from Mumbai to Varanasi? Approximately 5 trains are found running between Mumbai to Varanasi covering a distance of approx 1472 kms.

Which train is running in lockdown from Mumbai to up?

Train no. Train name Source
01071/72 Kamayani Express Lokmanyatilak (T)
01093/94 Mahanagri Express Mumbai CST
01139/40 Mumbai CST Gadag Express Mumbai CST
01301/02 Udyan Express Mumbai CST

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What is P1 H1 in train?

H1 means AC first class and inside first class AC coach there are blocks of coupes and cabins defined by A,B,C,D etc. First AC cabin with 4 berths. First AC coupe cabin with 2 berths. Layout of H1 (AC First Class) Total Berths: 18-24.

What is GNWL railway? GNWL: General Waiting List (GNWL) waitlisted tickets are issued after the passengers cancel their confirmed bookings. This is the most common type of waiting list and has got the highest chances of confirmation.

What is P1 D2 in train?

P1 refers to Passenger 1. B2 refers to the coach and Air-conditioned 3-tier sleeper – Coaches are numbered B2. 23 refers to the seat number.

Can I sleep in 3A in train? Yes, there are only 2 berths on the side, but you don’t get a lot of privacy, as 3AC is very busy and people are constantly walking past, knocking the curtains or even opening them. Also the berths are slightly smaller. You would be able to lay down whenever you want.

What is B4 in train?

P1 is passenger number one of the reservation ticket booked.RC is the passenger position in Reservation against cancellation system.B4 is coach number in which your reservation seat located.Number 55 is your seat number.

What is EA in train?

A: Anubhuti (EA) is a new travel class introduced by Indian Railways in Shatabdi trains. This is a luxury Chair Car class, more like the business class in flights, with more space and legroom. Each seat is equipped with an infotainment screen, just like in flights.

What is 1a coach in train? AC first class: This is the most expensive class, where the fares are almost at par with air fare. There are eight cabins (including two coupes) in the full AC First Class coach and three cabins (including one coupe) in the half AC First Class coach. The coach has an attendant to help the passengers.

What is PQWL in train? What is PQWL or Pooled Quota Waiting List? This kind of waiting list, also known as PQWL, is shared by several small railway stations. Generally, pooled quotas operate only from the originating railway station of a train journey. However, for the entire train run, there is only one pooled quota.

Can we sleep in 3A in train?

Yes, there are only 2 berths on the side, but you don’t get a lot of privacy, as 3AC is very busy and people are constantly walking past, knocking the curtains or even opening them. Also the berths are slightly smaller. You would be able to lay down whenever you want.

What is the timing of Pawan Express? Jaynagar to Mumbai Pawan Express 11062 timing

It departs from Jaynagar station (JYG) at 13:00 and arrives at Lokmanya Tilak Term station (LTT) at 00:25 on platform 5. Pawan Express takes 35 hrs 25 mints to cover the distance of 1942 km between Jaynagar and Mumbai.

Where is Pawan Express running status?

11061 / Pawan Express (PT)(LTT – JYG) Running Train Status

Station Actual / Sch. Arrival Train Status
Katni Junction (KTE) 04:40/04:05 Departed /Late by 37 min
Maihar (MYR) 05:38/04:53 Departed /Late by 45 min
Satna Junction (STA) 06:13/05:25 Departed /Late by 51 min
Manikpur Junction (MKP) 07:24/07:30

What is time of Kamayani Express? The train 11072 is named as KAMAYANI EXPRES. It leaves Varanasi at 00:00 on day 2 and reaches Mumbai at 22:50 on day 2 .It takes 22 hrs 50 mins to reach from its source to the destination.

Kamayani Express -11072 ( Varanasi Junction to Lokmanyatilak T )

Station name (code) Saugor (SGO)
Arrives 03:35
Departs 03:40
Stop time 5 min
Distance travelled 600 km

How many trains are running from Mumbai to Uttar Pradesh?

mumbai to lucknow Train Tickets

Between the capitals of Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, 25 trains are operated by Indian Railways.

Are trains running from up to Mumbai? There are 16 weekly trains and 3 daily trains that run from Lucknow to Mumbai , covering the shortest distance of about 1425 km by LJN LTT EXPRESSS(12108). Note: The number of daily trains indicates particular trains that run everyday from Lucknow to Mumbai.


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