14 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Belgium

  • Grand Place, Brussels. Grand Place, Brussels. …
  • The Canals and Belfry of Bruges. …
  • The Battlefields of Flanders. …
  • Ghent’s Gravensteen and Old Town. …
  • Horta Museum and Town Houses. …
  • Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent. …
  • Basilica of the Holy Blood, Bruges. …
  • Grand Place (Grote Markt), Antwerp.

What is Brussels best known for? Brussels is known for its cuisine and gastronomy, as well as its historical and architectural landmarks; some of them are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Consequently, What’s famous in Belgium? What is Belgium famous for? Belgium is world-famous for its chocolate, waffles, beer, and its national football team, the Red Devils. Belgium is also home to NATO headquarters and to the EU Commission and European Parliament. Brussels is often referred to as the capital of the EU.

Is Brussels good to visit? Voted many times round as one of the most beautiful squares in Europe, it is definitely a reason to visit the EU capital. Surrounded by exquisite buildings, it’s listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and lined with restaurants and lively cafes.


How do I spend a day in Brussels?

10 Things to see in Brussels in 1 Day

  1. Grand Place or Grote Markt. …
  2. City Museum and the Brussels Town Hall. …
  3. Take a horse carriage ride at the Central Square. …
  4. Eat some waffles at Maison Dandoy. …
  5. Try some Belgian fries & beer. …
  6. Comic Strip Walk and Museum. …
  7. St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels. …
  8. Manneken Pis Statue.

How many days do you need in Brussels? As a minimum, we recommend 3-4 days in Belgium. With 3 days, you can briefly visit the most beautiful cities such as Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, and Bruges. If you have 4 days, you can also visit some of the famous Belgian war sites.

Is food expensive in Brussels? Brussels Food Prices. In general, the food in Brussels is expensive and it’s the highest near the city center so you’ll have to actively seek out the best deals if you’re on a budget. Belgium is known around the world for its fries, waffles, and chocolate.

Is 1 day in Brussels enough? Luckily, one day in Brussels is just enough time to explore the highlights and fill up on Belgium’s famous food and drink.

Is there anything to do in Brussels?

Undoubtedly, one of the best things to do in Brussels is to visit the heart of the city—the Grand Place. The central square is surrounded by ornate guildhalls, the city’s towering Town Hall, and the Breadhouse that is home to the Museum of the City of Brussels.

Is Brussels the most boring city in Europe? Brussels, the capital of Europe, is the most boring city on the continent, despite its renown for its waffles, chocolates, and comic books, according to a survey of international travellers published on Wednesday (12 March).

Is it better to stay in Brussels or Bruges?

While Bruges is a relaxing tourist town pleasant to visit on foot during a short stay, Brussels is an interesting city with a lot to see including mixed cultures, diverse and attractive architecture, good food and nightlife options.

Can I speak English in Belgium? Belgium has three official languages. Flemish Dutch, French and German. Flemish Dutch is spoken by 56% of the population, French 40%, and German 1%. Even though English isn’t an official language of Belgium, it is still spoken by 55% of its people.

Is beer expensive in Brussels?

Brussels is 27.92% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Cost of Living in Brussels.

Restaurants Edit
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 65.00€
McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) 9.00€
Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 4.00€
Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 4.00€

Is Brussels cheaper than London?

Cost of living in Brussels (Belgium) is 39% cheaper than in London (United Kingdom)

Can you walk around Brussels? Discover the variety of brussels’ neighbourhoods through these walks! These sixteen walks, which each take around two and a half hours, allow you to explore Brussels’ patchwork of charming neighbourhoods.

Is driving in Brussels hard? Driving in Belgium

Traffic can be notoriously bad, especially in the major cities. In fact, Brussels ranks the 3rd most congested city on the 2021 Global Traffic Index with drivers spending an estimated 134 hours a year sitting in traffic.

What to do in Brussels in 2 hours?


Is Brussels a safe city? Overall, Brussels is a safe city. However, it has the highest crime rates in Belgium. So if there is one place where you should be extra vigilant in Belgium, it’s Brussels. During the day, be careful of pickpockets.

What language is spoken in Brussels?

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, has two official languages: French and Dutch. Luxembourgish is spoken by around 0.5% of the population, but the language has no official status. About 10% of the Belgian population are non-native, and languages spoken include Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arabic and Turkish.

Are museums free in Brussels? Brussels City Museum

Free every first Sunday of the month from 10 am to 5 pm.

What is the dirtiest city in Europe?

World air quality report

Rank City FEB
1 Orzesze, Poland 47.7
2 Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina 34.6
3 Valjevo, Serbia 54.6
4 Lukavac, Bosnia Herzegovina 62.4

What is the most overrated city in Europe? By Reuters Life! LONDON (Reuters Life!) – Holidaymakers, be warned: London has the worst food, Paris is the most overrated and Brussels is the most boring, according to a survey of what travelers think about European cities.

Which is better to visit Antwerp or Brussels?

Brussels is good for a day/evening trip. See the sights and towards evening the Palace is beautiful. Antwerp is a wonderful walking city with lots to see, eat, and endless shopping.

Which is better Bruges or Antwerp? As mentioned, Antwerp is a much bigger city and feels like one, while Bruges has a small-town vibe. Bruges can be described as picturesque, compact, and touristy with a beautifully preserved historic center and attractive canals. It’s not very vibrant but pleasant to visit for a day or two.

How long is the train journey from Brussels to Bruges?

The train from Brussels to Bruges usually takes around 58 minutes to travel the 55 miles (88 km) between them, although the quickest SNCB services can take as little as 53 minutes.

How do I say hello in Belgium? Most people in Belgium speak French, with a small portion of the Belgian population speaking Dutch (Flemish).

Belgian Phrases.

Hello: Salut Pronounced: Sal oo
Thank You: Merci Pronounced: Mer see
Please: S’il vous plait Pronounced: Seel voo play
Excuse Me: Pardon Pronounced: Paar don
My name is..: Je m’appelle Pronounced: Zhuh-ma-pel

Do you tip in Belgium? Do you tip in Belgium? It’s normal to tip for good service in restaurants, bars and cafes in Belgium – especially in touristy or business areas. Tips are also appreciated in hotels and serviced apartments – and other places where staff may not be so well rewarded, like spas or salons.

Is English widely spoken in Brussels?

The number of native English speakers in Brussels is a tiny 3 percent, but hearing it is common on Brussels’ streets and almost 30 percent of citizens speak it well as a second language.


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