Getting There: The closest airport is Liberia. It is 1 hour drive from The Four Seasons.

Is Costa Rica humid or dry? Costa Rica Climate u2013 An Overview

Costa Rica is located in Central America between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. This puts it deep inside the tropics u2013 about half way between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. This region is characterized by heat and humidity and by the existence of a rainy season and dry season.

Then, What is the climate of Costa Rica? Costa Rica is beautifully warm all year, with an average annual temperature of 80°-90° Fahrenheit on the coasts and 75°-80° in the countryside and on the mountainsides. The most stable weather is between December and April. These months have little to no rain in most of the country.

Does it rain all day in Costa Rica? Basically, for about five months of the year, most locations see less than five or so days with rain. That means it is virtually dry in most areas of the country from December to April. One exception is the Caribbean coast (in yellow), which has its own unique weather patterns with more consistent year-round rain.


Is Costa Rica safer than Mexico?

The US State Department considers Costa Rica among the safest countries for US nationals. As per its safety ranking, Costa Rica is Level One whereas Mexico is Level Two.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Costa Rica? The cheapest months to book a flight to Costa Rica: August and July, followed by November. Booking a flight in August can result in an average 2% savings compared to the average yearly flight price.

Why you should not go to Costa Rica? Reason not to visit: If you are into nightlife such as clubbing or late nights in general, Costa Rica may not be the best destination for you. Most bars at resorts close by 10pm and most public bars close by midnight unless you are staying in places such as Tamarindo, San Jose, Puerto Viejo or Jaco.

Should I go to Cancun or Costa Rica? Costa Rica is beautiful but in a much different way then Cancun. There is not much action in Costa Rica. Also, Costa Rica beaches are surrounded by jungles and mountains, while Cancun is just beach and water everywhere. If you are looking for lots of restaurants and activities, Cancun would be the place.

Is Costa Rica a second world country?

Crime. Costa Rica is considered on of the safest countries in Central America. But exotic as it is, Costa Rica is still a Third World country, meaning the poor far outnumber the middle class and rich.

How long is flight from US to Costa Rica? Flying time from United States to Costa Rica

The total flight duration from United States to Costa Rica is 4 hours, 41 minutes. If you’re planning a trip, remember to add more time for the plane to taxi between the gate and the airport runway.

How long is it from Florida to Costa Rica?

Flying time from Florida to Costa Rica

The total flight duration from Florida to Costa Rica is 2 hours, 58 minutes.

Why is Southwest not flying to Costa Rica? Southwest Airlines remains the only U.S. airline that has not resumed any service to Costa Rica since suspending flights due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Is Costa Rica safe for tourists 2021?

Generally speaking, Costa Rica is safe for tourists and an overall fantastic eco-tourism destination. Costa Rica has no army and ranks #39 in the world on the 2021 Global Peace Index. This makes it the most peaceful country in Central America with low violent crime and virtually no political instability.

Do Costa Ricans like tourists?

Since tourism is such an important part of the country’s economy, many Costa Ricans are very hospitable. Ticos are also extremely polite, and will often go to great lengths to avoid directly saying no to people, which can be a little confusing for some tourists!

Can you drink the water in Costa Rica? The short answer is yes. You can drink the tap water in Costa Rica safely in most every part of the country. In some rural areas, including the Caribbean and in non-touristy places, you may want to stick with bottled water.

What should I avoid in Costa Rica? Things You Should Never Do While Visiting Costa Rica

  • Leave valuables unattended. Unfortunately, one of the most common crimes in Costa Rica is theft. …
  • Go to the beach at night. …
  • Buy drugs. …
  • Speed. …
  • Swim in front of a surf break. …
  • Take a dip in the river. …
  • Think you can get a base tan. …
  • Skip out on mosquito repellent.

Is Costa Rica or Mexico expensive?

Mexico is 35.9% cheaper than Costa Rica.

Is Costa Rica nicer than Mexico? If you’re after a more activity-based and nature-diverse holiday, Costa Rica is probably a better choice than Mexico due to its stunningly varied terrains and beaches. On the other hand Mexico’s strength lies in its water activities and sea life, although both countries have gorgeous tropical beaches. What is this?

Is Costa Rica wealthy?

In many aspects, Costa Rica is a success story in terms of development. It is considered an upper middle-income country, which has shown a steady economic growth over the past 25 years.

Is it expensive in Costa Rica? Costa Rica can be expensive. At least, it can feel expensive to Westerners who expect to be able to have the same buying power as in places like India or Thailand. Costa Rica is ranked as the most expensive country in Central America and the sixth most expensive in North America and the Caribbean (2015).

Is Costa Rica a nice place to live?

With beautiful beaches, safe towns, affordable real estate, and a thriving expat community, Costa Rica is one of the most amazing places you can live. Topping many lists as the best place to retire, it has a fantastic climate, a thriving culture, and an affordable cost of living.

Do they accept US dollars in Costa Rica? U.S. Dollars are Accepted in Costa Rica

For visitors from the U.S. there’s no reason to change money in advance because dollars are commonly used in Costa Rica. The taxis out in front of the airport, the restaurants and hotels all accept dollars.

What U.S. cities fly direct to Costa Rica?

The cities with the most direct flights into Costa Rica are Los Angeles, Miami, and Orlando.

Can you drive from U.S. to Costa Rica? Driving from the United States to Costa Rica is an adventure best undertaken with patience, a sense of humor, and about two weeks of free time. From the U.S. border at Brownsville, Texas to the Nicaraguan-Costa Rican border at Penas Blancas, the distance totals almost 2,300 miles.

Can you take a boat from Florida to Costa Rica?

Windstar also offers a 10-day itinerary that departs from Miami (FL). The benefits of one-way cruises to Costa Rica – Aside from the obvious benefit of having freedom and independence once in Costa Rica, Windstar and Variety also offer the stellar bonus of daytime sailing across the famed and historic Panama Canal.

Can I take a boat to Costa Rica? Getting to Costa Rica by boat

Costa Rica borders the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Hence, both Caribbean and South America cruises call at Costa Rica. Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean are just three major operators that include the country on their itineraries.

Can you take a boat from Miami to Costa Rica? There are no « regular » boat trips from Miami to Costa Rica. You would have to charter a boat which would be insanely expensive. It would be an epic road trip to go by land. You could bus to New Orleans where you can pick up the Amtrak for the trip West.


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