London is 75.7% more expensive than Vienna.

What is a good salary in Vienna? A net salary between 2,000 EUR – 3,000 EUR per month is considered good in Vienna, Austria. The average salary in Vienna is 52,000 EUR per year.

Consequently, How is it to live in Vienna? Living in Vienna is something we should all aspire to. After all, Austria’s illustrious capital was named the world’s most livable city in 2019 for the tenth year in a row. It not only boasts an abundance of culture, food, and entertainment but also some of the most beautiful architecture the country has to offer.

How big is Vienna compared to London? Re: How big is Vienna compared to London, Paris or Rome? Far, far smaller and much more compact than the behemoths you mention. The metropolitan areas of London or Paris have about 4 times the inhabitants of Vienna.


Is Vienna cheaper than London?

Cost of living in Vienna (Austria) is 41% cheaper than in London (United Kingdom)

What are the highest paying jobs in Austria? Top Salaries in Austria

  • Executive Management & Change: 90,590 EUR (101,000 USD)
  • Financial Services: 84,300 EUR (94,000 USD)
  • Marketing, Product & Communications: 80,700 EUR (90,000 USD)
  • Finance Control & Strategy: 75,000 EUR (83,000 USD)
  • Consulting, Accounting & Professional Services: 69,000 EUR (77,000 USD)

Are taxes high in Austria? In 2016, there was a tax reform in Austria changing e.g. income tax rates (see table in the article). Interesting fact is that the tax rate for the highest level of income is 55% which is the 4th highest in EU after Sweden, Portugal and Denmark.

Can a US citizen live in Austria? U.S. citizens may request a visa that will permit them to stay beyond 90 days or to work in Austria by applying for such a visa prior to traveling to Austria at an Austrian Embassy or Consulate General or by applying in Austria before their 90-day stay has expired.

What are the cons of living in Vienna?

Pros and Cons of Moving to Vienna

  • + PRO: Vienna is bicycle friendly. Ample bike paths run throughout Vienna, ensuring that the whole city can be navigated by bicycle. …
  • – CON: Housing is expensive and challenging to find. …
  • – CON: Long winters. …
  • – CON: Service can seem rude. …
  • – CON: Austrian German is challenging.

Can you live in Vienna without speaking German? In urban Austria, not just Vienna, you can actually live without German. But if you decide to move to a “rural” Austria, you can get in trouble. Austria is not the same as the Netherlands or Scandinavic countries, where everyone young and old can speak good English.

Is Vienna safe?

Vienna is (normally) relatively – even remarkably – safe for a city approaching 2 million inhabitants. This reputation reflects the country at large: the 2021 Global Peace Index, for example, ranked Austria as the sixth most peaceful country in the world, just ahead of Switzerland.

Should I move to Vienna? Vienna has always been a popular choice for migrants both from Austria and abroad. The most popular reasons for relocating to Vienna are, of course, academic study, work, and the overall quality of life.

Is Vienna safer than London?

Vienna is a safe, and fairly flat city. There is more wind than in London, meaning the air quality is better. Lots of London buildings are made in red brick, whereas the primary colour in Vienna is grey. The Viennese pass each other on the right, but in London everything is more chaotic.

How expensive is life in Vienna?

Summary about cost of living in Vienna, Austria: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 3,178$ (2,811€) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 907$ (802€) without rent. Vienna is 32.70% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Is Austria more expensive than London? When we compare the travel costs of actual travelers between London and Vienna, we can see that London is more expensive. And not only is Vienna much less expensive, but it is actually a significantly cheaper destination.

Can you work in Austria without speaking German? Work in Austria with no German

It’s possible to find a job in Austria without speaking their language, as the country has a large labor market, low unemployment rate (4.9%), good international connections, and branches worldwide.

Is it easy to get a job in Austria as a foreigner?

Whilst the country has a competitive job market, workers with the right skills, qualifications and a valid Austria visa for non-EU and Schengen citizens will find that sourcing work in Austria isn’t as difficult as it might appear.

How can I migrate to Vienna Austria? The Process of Getting a Residence Permit

You have to apply for certain permits from your country of origin before moving to Vienna. If you are an EU citizen or are permanently settled within the EU, you enjoy freedom of movement and do not have to apply for a residency permit.

Is healthcare free in Austria?

The Austrian health system provides universal coverage for a wide range of benefits and high-quality care. Free choice of providers and unrestricted access to all care levels (general practitioners, specialist physicians and hospitals) are characteristic features of the system.

Are US pensions taxed in Austria? Thus, Austrian social security benefits paid to a U.S. resident or citizen are exempt from U.S. taxation.

What is the life expectancy in Vienna?

Life expectancy falls in Austria

Date Life expectancy – Women Life expectancy
2020 83.60 81.30
2019 84.20 82.00
2018 84.10 81.80
2017 84.00 81.70

Is it easy to immigrate to Austria? The process of moving to Austria is much easier if you are an EU or EEA citizen, primarily because you do not need a visa to live there, nor a residence or work permit. Those from a non-EU/EEA country will need to apply for a visa.

Can I retire in Vienna?

Retiring in Vienna is an excellent option once you hit retirement age.


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