Uber/Lyft. Use your app to book a Uber or Lyft ride from Bob Adams Field to your destination. Downtown Steamboat Springs is less than five miles away.

How do you get around Steamboat Springs without a car? Now that you’ve arrived in Steamboat, one of the most efficient and convenient ways to get around town is the free transit system. Utilized frequently by locals and visitors alike, the free Steamboat Springs Transit can take you just about anywhere you need to go.

Is there public transportation in Steamboat Springs? Welcome to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and the Free Bus System operated by Steamboat Springs Transit (SST). SST moves more than one million riders a year and operates one of the most efficient rural transportation systems in the state.

Then, Does Steamboat have a shuttle? The Steamboat Springs Transit Service offers a FREE, city wide bus route. For those who have particular destinations in mind, shuttle services like The Storm Mountain Express and Go Alpine are also an option, as well as UBER or LIFT. Take a look below to see what option suits you the best.


Does Steamboat Springs have an airport?

Steamboat Springs Airport/Bob Adams Field is a General Aviation (GA) Airport with over 10,000 operations per year. These operations include flights by private and recreational, as well as corporate and business, based and transient airplanes and helicopters.

Is there a free shuttle in Steamboat? Steamboat Springs Transit is a service provided by the City of Steamboat Springs. Ride the Free Bus! Mobility devices, bicycles and other items: may be asked to exit the bus or deflate their tubes if it limits the passenger capacity of the bus.

How do you get around Steamboat? The best ways to get around Steamboat Springs are on foot and by using the free bus system, but if you want to explore the surrounding area, you will need a car. Yampa Valley Regional Airport (HDN) is 24 miles west of the city, while Denver International Airport (DEN) is about 178 miles southeast.

How do you get around Steamboat Springs? The best ways to get around Steamboat Springs are on foot and by using the free bus system, but if you want to explore the surrounding area, you will need a car. Yampa Valley Regional Airport (HDN) is 24 miles west of the city, while Denver International Airport (DEN) is about 178 miles southeast.

Is there a bus from Hayden airport to Steamboat?

Go Alpine Airport Shuttle provides shared service from Hayden or Denver International Airport. To book airport service call Steamboat Central Reservations or call Go Alpine at 800-343-7433.

Why is Steamboat Springs so popular? Steamboat Springs was originally a summer resort before it became known as Ski Town, USA and renowned for its world class skiing and famed Champagne Powder. Travelers in the early 1900s visited Steamboat Springs in the summer months for the natural hot springs and vast hunting and fishing opportunities.

Is Steamboat a fun town?

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is not only a fun destination for outdoor lovers, but also home to great attractions and restaurants. Hiking is a must in the summer, along with horseback riding and romantic walks through the beautiful Yampa River Botanic Park.

Is Steamboat good for beginners? The Steamboat beginner skiing is ideal for those with an adventurous nature. The beginner trails are spread out throughout the Steamboat’s 2,965 acres, allowing beginners to explore the whole mountain and take in the gorgeous Rocky Mountain views.

How do I get from Denver to Aspen?

The cheapest way to get between Denver and Aspen is to take public transportation utilizing the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Bustang system. From Union Station in downtown Denver, you will take the CDOT West Line bus (runs twice daily) west to the West Glenwood Park and Ride in Glenwood Springs.

Is there a shuttle from Denver to Breckenridge?

Our Epic Mountain Express Services in Breckinridge

Reserve airport shuttles with Epic Mountain Express. We have shuttles from Denver to Breckenridge, Copper, Keystone, Silverthorne, and more.

Does Uber pick up at Hayden airport? Do Uber driver-partners pick up at HDN Airport? Yes.

Can you get uber from Hayden airport? Uber is a reliable option for travelers heading to the airport. Based on the operating agreement with HDN, riders can be dropped off at the terminal.

Is Steamboat Springs worth visiting?

Per the name of the city (« springs »), Steamboat is rich with natural hot springs, known for its health and relaxation benefits. The Old Town Hot Springs is great for families. Plus, the mineral-rich water will make you feel great. This isn’t just a small hot springs pool, though.

Why is steamboat called Ski Town USA? The Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation trademarked the name in 1959. Earlier this year, in order to entice more skiers to their city, the Visit Salt Lake organization started a campaign urging people to visit Ski City USA. They advertised that once you visited Ski City you would never again visit Ski Town.

Why is it called Steamboat?

The name of Steamboat Springs is thought to have originated around the early 1800s when French trappers thought they heard the chugging sound of a steamboat’s steam engine. The sound turned out to be a natural mineral spring, to be named the Steamboat Spring.

Is Steamboat Springs or Breckenridge better? Breck is a fun town, but Steamboat has better skiing and less crowds.

Is it expensive to live in Steamboat Springs?

The cost of living index in Steamboat Springs is 144.8. With an expected increase of about 2.3 percent since last year, it is likely the community will experience moderate increases for the next few years.

Does Steamboat have a magic carpet? Around the base area, you’ll notice various magic carpets for beginners learning how to ski. Those magic carpets are utilized by the Steamboat SnowSports School, which is also a great resource for teaching your kids how to ski.

How difficult is Steamboat?

Over 40% of the 2965 acres on the Steamboat ski mountain is rated as “more difficult” and the familiar blue square can be spotted just about everywhere. One of our favorite ski trails is Rainbow, and it’s easily accessible from the top of Four Points lift.

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