Renowned for its multiculturalism, Tunisia is a country open to the world. Living and working in Tunisia offers a friendly and hospitable environment and living conditions of the most enjoyable. Thus numerous amenities are available in the main cities of the country.

Where do expats live in Tunisia? Expats in Tunisia mostly live in Tunis, the capital and are usually employed in the manufacturing, mining, tourism and agriculture sectors which are the main drivers of the local economy. Though there have been several security concerns that started in 2015, many will still find this country an interesting destination.

Consequently, How much money do I need to live in Tunisia? Summary about cost of living in Tunis, Tunisia: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,348$ (3,979DT) without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are 383$ (1,129DT) without rent. Tunis is 70.26% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Which is the most beautiful city in Tunisia? The 10 Most Beautiful Towns In Tunisia

  • Kairouan. Founded by the Arabs in the year 670, Kairouan in Arabic means ‘military camp’. …
  • Hammamet. …
  • Sfax. …
  • Dougga. …
  • Sousse. …
  • Houmt Souk. …
  • Sidi Bou Said. …
  • Matmata.


Which country is better Morocco or Tunisia?

Tunisia had a higher literacy rate at about 82% compared to Morocco’s 68.5%. However, Morocco has a lower unemployment rate at 10% compared to Tunisia’s 15.9%. In terms of economic comparison, the GDP per capita of Tunisia is $11,800 while Morocco has a lower GDP per capita of $8,600.

How much does a house cost in Tunisia? A one-bedroom house costs an average of TND45,000 (€25,090). Beni Khiar, a small coastal town renowned for its quality blankets, carpets and kelims. The price of a small villa in the area starts at TND70,000 (€39,029).

Is Morocco richer than Tunisia? Morocco vs Tunisia: Economic Indicators Comparison

Morocco with a GDP of $117.9B ranked the 60th largest economy in the world, while Tunisia ranked 97th with $39.9B.

Which is cheaper Morocco or Tunisia? Tunisia is 21.7% cheaper than Morocco.

Is Morocco safer than Egypt?

Based on the statistics, Morocco is a bit safer than Egypt, though there is an ongoing conflict with Western Sahara.

Can you eat pork in Tunisia? While it is legal and relatively easy to enjoy pork in Tunisia, it is important to keep in mind that doing so goes against the cultural grain.

How poor is Tunisia?

In 2020, extreme poverty—measured using the international poverty line of living on US$1.90 per day—still remained below 1% in Tunisia; however, poverty measured within the US$3.20 per day bracket was estimated to have increased from 2.9% to 3.7%.

Can I buy apartment in Tunisia? A foreigner can buy a property in Tunisia, a villa or an apartment. On the other hand, he cannot become the owner of agricultural land.

Is Tunisia richer than Algeria?

Algeria has a GDP per capita of $15,200 as of 2017, while in Tunisia, the GDP per capita is $11,900 as of 2017.

Is Tunisia a rich country?

Luxembourg on the left is the world’s richest country and Burundi on the right is the poorest.


Rank Country GDP-PPP ($)
113 Equador 11,529
114 Jordan 10,821
115 Jamaica 10,815
116 Tunisia 10,720

• 30 nov. 2021

Which country is bigger Morocco or Tunisia? Morocco is about 2.7 times bigger than Tunisia.

Tunisia is approximately 163,610 sq km, while Morocco is approximately 446,550 sq km, making Morocco 173% larger than Tunisia.

Is Tunisia close to Morocco? It is bound by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Morocco to the west, Mauritania and Mali to the southwest, Niger to the southeast, Libya to the east and Tunisia to the northeast….

Which is better Morocco or Turkey?

Verdict: Turkey

While Morocco’s historical sights and architecture are truly unique and stunning, Turkey is arguably home to the world’s most awe-inspiring historical sights and architecture, meaning it takes this round.

Where exactly is Tunisia? Tunisia is situated on the Mediterranean coast of Northwest Africa, midway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Nile Delta. It is bordered by Algeria on the west and southwest and Libya on the south east. It lies between latitudes 30° and 38°N, and longitudes 7° and 12°E.

Is Algeria or Morocco richer?

Algeria ($151.46 Bn) Morocco ($124.00 Bn)

Is Morocco cheaper than Egypt country? Egypt is 18.6% cheaper than Morocco.

Is Morocco richer than Egypt?

Morocco has a GDP per capita of $8,600 as of 2017, while in Egypt, the GDP per capita is $12,700 as of 2017.

Can you kiss in Tunisia? According to the police, they were found « in an indecent position ». « In Tunisia, kissing your girlfriend can cost you four and a half months in prison… and the beating will cost you absolutely nothing,” wrote one Tunisian on Facebook. « An umpteenth couple thrown into prison for exchanging a kiss in public!

Are Tunisians friendly?

Tunisian people are friendly and kind. They don’t hesitate to offer advice or help everywhere you go. You never see then being in a rush – there always seems to be enough time for everything The official language is Arabic, but most of locals are bilingual in Arabic and French.

How do you say hello in Tunisian? The Tunisian word for “Hi” or “Hello” is Aslema. While there are many other greetings in French or more formal Arabic, Aslema is a greeting unique to Tunisian Arabic, and it is the most common greeting that Tunisians share with each other.

Who is the richest person in Tunisia?

The richest people on the Tunis Stock Exchange

  • #1 Ismaïl Mabrouk and family. Net worth on the BVMT: $343,450,837. …
  • #2 Rached Horchani and family. …
  • #3 Karim Ben Yedder and family. …
  • #4 Mehdi Tamarziste and family. …
  • #5 Karim Milad and family. …
  • #6 Yahia Bayahi. …
  • #7 Moncef Sellami. …
  • #8 Ridha Charfeddine.

Can an American buy a house in Tunisia? Foreigners are allowed to purchase real estate property in Tunisia.

Is Tunisia safe? While much of Tunisia is safe to visit now, including the capital Tunis and much of the north of the country, much of the south and the western border is still considered dangerous for tourist travel, because of terrorism or military operations.


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