Is ticket number and booking reference same?

No it is not. They are two different things. A booking reference is a record of your booking, usually with the airline or agent who issues the ticket.

Additionally, How do I find my ticket book reference number? Finding booking reference or ticket number

Your ticket number is a 13 character number which can be found near the top of your ticket on the right‑hand side. Emirates issued tickets normally start with 176. This number can also be found on your boarding pass.

How do I know if OK to board is done? As the OK to Board is issued by the airlines, the best way to check its status is to call the airlines you are flying with. They would notify the same on the phone. If you have applied for Ok to Board through a travel agency, they would notify the same through phone or mail, at least 48 hours before your flight.

Subsequently, How long is PNR number? PNR is a 10-digit number which stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a unique number that is assigned to every booked train ticket on Indian Railways.


How can I get my itinerary without paying?

There are 3 simple steps you must follow to reserve a flight without making the full payment for the flight ticket:

  1. Call your preferred travel agent or visit the Visa Reservation website.
  2. Submit your travel flight details.
  3. Receive the flight itinerary in your email account.

What is a PNR status? PNR is a 10-digit number which stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a unique number that is assigned to every booked train ticket on Indian Railways. PNR Status shows the current status of booked train ticket i.e. whether it is confirmed, waitlisted or RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation).

How do I verify OK to board online? Procedure of OK to Board

  1. Make a copy of your visa and send it to the airlines you have booked your tickets with.
  2. The airlines will recheck your visa.
  3. The ticket will then be approved and checked for the information provided by the applicant.
  4. When the approval is done, your flight PNR will be marked as OTB.

What is OK to board IndiGo? OK to Board’ can be processed at IndiGo’s Sales Office in Doha. The staff concerned will verify the authenticity of the visa and insert “OK to Board” message on PNR. A service charge of QAR 15 will be levied to the sponsor at the time of verification of visa. This charge may change without prior notice.

What is ECR?

ECR/ECNR. ECR stands for Emigration Check Required and ECNR stands for Emigration Check Not Required. ECR status will be printed in the passport of the applicants who fall in the ECR category.

How can I get my waiting list ticket confirmed? Get a confirm ticket by extending destination city: If you are getting waiting ticket for your origin-destination pair in a train, then change the destination to a station which comes 2-3 stops after your alight station. Sometimes you might find confirmed ticket in this case.

Does PNR expire?

The validity of the PNR remains unchanged irrespective of the number of people booked or the seat confirmation. For instance, the PNR number for a single person or a group of people – a maximum of six under a PNR will be stored by the railways till the departure or the cancellation of the train.

Can I travel with waiting list ticket? You Can Travel with Waiting List Ticket Only if You Booked Tickets from Railway Counters or I-Ticket. And if you have E-Ticket With Partially Confirmed or RAC are valid for Travelling. As per Rules you Can not Travel with Waiting Tickets but Practically people with Waiting List tickets are Traveling.

Can we book ticket without passport?

No, you can make a booking without your passport details. Your passport number may, however, be needed at the time of online check-in.

What are dummy tickets?

What is a Dummy Ticket? A dummy air ticket is nothing more than a round-trip flight reservation from and back to the original departure country. A dummy ticket is not a paid return ticket. Basically, it is only a document that included travel itinerary details, but it’s not a confirmed ticket.

Is itinerary same as ticket? To paraphrase a little, an itinerary is a list of flights you are presently booked on. A ticket is a contract entitling you to travel.

Can I travel with RLWL ticket? Can we travel in train if the ticket is in RLWL? Yes you can travel only if the ticket is not booked online. You can travel if you have a waitlisted ticket from PRS counter. But you will not get a seat there.

How long does OK to board take?

Airlines take a minimum of 24 to 48 hours to update the Ok to Board with the ticket information.

Is OTB required for Etihad? You don’t need this confirmation while going back to India. What if i have booked my ticket to UAE from Air india express? Whichever airline it is.. you need to mail that airline to get Ok to board confirmation. You can call the customer care of that airline to confirm the process.

How do I contact flydubai?

However, if you still want to get in touch with us, you can contact flydubai Customer Centre on (+971) 600 54 44 45 or Emirates on (+971) 600 555 555, (+971) 600 577 777.

Does Air Arabia need OK to board? Ok to Board has nothing to do with ECR or NECR status. If you do not have original visa (Visa Sticker) in your passport, your sponsor has to visit Air Arabia office in UAE with his passport copy and E-visa print to clear Ok to Board status. Hope this helps.

Can I travel to Sharjah with Dubai visa?

Normally you should not have any issue, as all UAE visa is same and one could enter through any air, sea or road entry points.

Can we land in Sharjah with Dubai visa? Kindly be informed that Effective Monday 30th August 2021 Passengers holding UAE Resident and Tourist Visas are allowed to travel to Sharjah .

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