Is there a toilet on Citylink buses?

The new coaches worth £1 million feature toilets, air conditioning and are fully accessible. West Coast Motors will continue to operate the contract on behalf of Scottish Citylink Coaches.

Additionally, How long is the train journey from Dublin to Galway? How long is the train journey from Dublin to Galway? As mentioned above, Intercity trains boast fast travel speed, so the journey from Dublin to Galway doesn’t take long – just about 2.5 hours.

Does Citylink use Leap card? You can save up to 32% across all public transport operators, all year round with your Student Leap Card. See our Travel Discounts for full details. Discounts are also available on journeys with Wexford Bus, Swords Express, Matthews Coaches and Citylink Galway.

Subsequently, Do Citylink buses have plugs? Brilliant! Yes, every seat has plug points. We also have WiFi on these coaches too.


Can I take my dog on a Citylink bus?

A: Guide dogs and Assistance dogs are permitted to travel on all Citylink services without restriction. A Guide dog must be clearly identifiable by official coat and harness.

How much does it cost to get from Dublin to Galway? How to Travel From Dublin to Galway by Train, Bus, and Car.

Time Cost
Train 2 hours, 21 minutes from 18 euros
Bus 2 hours, 30 minutes from 12 euros
Car 2 hours, 15 minutes 129 miles (208 kilometers)

30 avr. 2020

Which Dublin train station goes to Galway? Dublin to Galway Train Information

With comfortable Intercity trains you will depart from Heuston station in Dublin, and arrive at Ceannt station in Galway.

Which airport do you fly to for Galway? Although there are currently no direct flights to Galway, the city is well served by Dublin Airport, Ireland West International Airport at Knock and Shannon International Airport.

Do Galway buses take card?

It’s accepted by a number of public transport providers and can be used for selected travel in Dublin and the surrounding counties, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Sligo, Athlone, Kilkenny and Wexford. Bus Éireann, Irish Rail, Go Ahead, Dublin Bus and Luas all accept Leap Cards on some or all of their services.

What age is free travel in Ireland? The Free Travel Scheme allows you to travel, free of charge, on public transport and some private bus and ferry services. Everyone aged 66 and over, living permanently in Ireland, can get the Free Travel Scheme. People with disabilities and carers aged under 66 may also qualify for Free Travel.

Can you take a bike on a Citylink bus?

Yes you can take your bike on the bus with us providing it stays in the box and is in the luggage hold. Hope this helps!

How do you use a bus toilet?

How do I get a refund from Citylink?

Refund requests may only be made by writing to the Customer Service Team at Citylink, 17 Forster Street, Galway. Citylink will only consider refunding a ticket if the reason for the cancellation is in some way caused by the company being at fault for example a late departure of a vehicle.

Can you drink alcohol on Citylink buses?

Alcoholic drinks.

Passengers are not permitted by law to take alcoholic drinks onto coaches for the purpose of consuming them on board, nor to drink such drinks on the coach. Drivers reserve the right to refuse travel to anyone under the influence of alcoholic drink.

Can I take my bike on a Citylink bus? Yes you can take your bike on the bus with us providing it stays in the box and is in the luggage hold. Hope this helps!

Can you take dogs on a Megabus? Animals are not permitted on any services, with the exception of trained assistance dogs. Guide dogs, hearing or assistance dogs accompanying registered disabled persons travel free of charge at any time. Assistance dogs must be properly harnessed and under the direct control of the customer at all times.

Is it easy to drive from Dublin to Galway?

Despite being set on opposite sides of the country, Dublin is just 129 miles (208 km) from Galway. And because they’re connected by a main highway, visiting the two cities on the same trip is quick and easy. The most convenient way to make the journey is by car—rental or private transfer—in about two hours.

How many days do you need in Galway? For Galway, I would budget at least 2 full days to do sightseeing outside of Galway and at least half a day to see sights in Galway. Galway is perfectly placed to explore some of Ireland’s top sights including the Cliffs of Moher and Connemara National Park. Both are fantastic destinations.

How long does it take to drive from Dublin on the east coast to Galway on the west coast?

Yes, the driving distance between Dublin to Galway is 209 km. It takes approximately 2h 8m to drive from Dublin to Galway.

How do I get from Dublin to Galway at night? What companies run services between Dublin, Ireland and Galway, Ireland? Irish Rail operates a train from Heuston to Galway every 4 hours. Tickets cost €17 – €25 and the journey takes 2h 19m. Alternatively, Citylink operates a bus from Temple Bar, Crampton Quay to Galway Coach Station hourly.

Is Galway worth visiting?

The incredible countryside. With its main street of colourfully painted buildings and medieval arch, looking out across the Atlantic, Galway is already one of the most picturesque places in Ireland. But it’s as a base for exploring some of the most Irish stunning scenery that it comes into it’s own.

How much is a taxi from Shannon to Galway? The quickest way to get from Shannon Airport (SNN) to Galway is to taxi which costs €120 – €150 and takes 56 min.

How much is a taxi from Knock Airport to Galway?

What is the fastest way to get from Knock Airport (NOC) to Galway? The quickest way to get from Knock Airport (NOC) to Galway is to taxi which costs €120 – €150 and takes 1h 10m.

Why is Galway airport closed? THE TRANSPORT MINISTER Leo Varadkar has said that a decision to cut funding to Galway and Sligo airports is final. The airport at Galway is now at real risk of closure in the wake of the decision to pull funding, according to managing director Joe Walsh. The future of 180 jobs at the airport also hangs in the balance.

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