They limit your time if they hit capacity. We stayed in all day. They give you bands incase they have to limit your time but this never happened on our visit.

Is there a time limit at Splash Landings? Admission – 90 minute session

Maximum 3 children per 1 adult and 2 adults per 1 child.

Then, Is Alton Towers Waterpark suitable for adults? Yes the waterpark is suitable for all ages. Some of the hot tubs are age restricted so you can escape the young ones. If you dont want children around try the Alton Towers spa as they have their own pool.

How do you get to Alton Towers without a car? The best way to get from London to Alton Towers without a car is to train and bus via Stafford which takes 3h 30m and costs . How long does it take to get from London to Alton Towers? It takes approximately 3h 30m to get from London to Alton Towers, including transfers.


Is Alton Towers water park heated?

If that’s not for you, you can instead take a relaxing trip along the lazy river or bubble-away in one of the volcanic hot tubs, all heated for splashing fun whatever the weather.

Does Alton Towers close for winter? Alton Towers Theme Park is open from March until November every year. The theme park closes for the Winter season around the start of November.

Are the rides at Alton Towers safe? All of our rollercoasters are controlled by sophisticated systems that monitor the safe operation of rides at all times.

How old are Alton Towers rides? Originally a private estate, Alton Towers grounds opened to the public in 1860 to raise funds. In the late 20th century, it was transformed into a theme park and opened a number of new rides from 1980 onwards .

Alton Towers.

Roller coasters 10
Water rides 3

Is Alton Towers open all year?

Alton Towers Theme Park is open from March until November every year. The theme park closes for the Winter season around the start of November.

How many rides are there at Alton Towers? With over 40 rides and attractions at Alton Towers Theme Park there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

How long has Alton Towers been open?

Alton Towers opened as a theme park on 4th April 1980. The theme park has been open each summer season for almost 40 years!

Is Splash Landings inside or outside? splash landings is the hotel. the water park is within the hotel, however it’s separate and you need to pay.

What is the capacity of Alton Towers?

In 2019, it was the second most visited theme park in the UK with 2,130,000 visitors which puts it after Legoland Windsor. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Alton Towers was only open from July 4th-November with limited capacity meaning only 670,000 visitors came to the park in 2020.

Alton Towers.


Can you take your own food to Alton Towers Water Park?

Unfortunately, you are unable to bring food into our Waterpark. We do have our splashtastic Adventurers Cave right in the middle of the Waterpark, where you can get snacks and drinks!

Is Alton Towers the biggest theme park in the UK? Alton Towers is the largest theme park in the UK, spanning 910 acres of land in central Staffordshire.

What date does Alton Towers Open 2022? Alton Towers has confirmed it will open for the 2022 season on Saturday, March 19 – and there’ll be some new attractions. More than 100 people have been working on the three new additions at CBeebies Land which includes Hey Duggee Big Adventure Badge, JoJo & Gran Gran at Home and Andy’s Adventures Dinosaur Dig.

Is there a drop off point at Alton Towers?

If you are coming to Alton Towers Resort to drop off/collect a friend or family member, please follow the signs for our Drop off point located close to the main Theme Park entrance. You will not be charged for using this area. Please note, you are not permitted to park here for the day.

Why did Galactica stop VR? Alton Towers Resort on Twitter: « @Ev_Jay Galactica no longer features VR due to guest feedback regarding their experience on the ride.

Do Alton Towers have security?

We take the safety and security of all our guests very seriously and have a range of robust security measures in place for the protection of our guests and staff. We recommend if you are visiting Alton Towers Resort, you arrive in plenty of time to pass through our enhanced security checks.

Why is Alton Towers Smiler closed? The Smiler rollercoaster at Alton Towers had to be closed after debris fell from a carriage – 14 months after it crashed leaving five people seriously injured.

How much profit does Alton Towers make a day?

This means it makes an average of £464,000 a day – though this will be higher during the summer months. The two days that the park has closed so far will therefore have cost it close to £1million in lost fees.

What is the oldest ride at Alton Towers 2021? Since opening in 1992, the Runaway Mine Train is now the oldest rollercoaster at Alton Towers resort.

What is the scariest roller coaster in the UK?

According to a recent survey the top 10 scariest rides in the UK are:

  • SAW Alive Horror Maze at Thorpe Park.
  • Velocity at Flamingo Land.
  • The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
  • Oblivion at Alton Towers.
  • Apocalypse at Drayton Manor.
  • Rita at Alton Towers.
  • The Ultimate at Lightwater Valley.
  • Detonator at Thorpe Park.


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