The Hong Kong high-speed rail link opened on 23 September 2018, and it’s now possible to travel between Hong Kong & Beijing in a single day. A daily bullet-nosed Fuxing train covers the 2,441 km or 1,516 miles in a remarkable 8h56 – that’s an end-to-end average of 168 mph including 6 station stops.

Can you fly from Hong Kong to Guangzhou? Cathay Pacific operates 37 non-stop flights from Hong Kong (HKG) to Guangzhou (CAN).

Then, How long is the high speed train from Hong Kong to Shanghai? Hong Kong to Shanghai, by Train or Airplane?

High-Speed Train Airplane
Duration 8 hours 2.5-3 hours
Frequency 1 high-speed train per day 1 flight per day
Punctuality Punctual Occasional delays
Seat Space More leg room than on an airplane Cramped

• 24 févr. 2022

Can you take a train from Hong Kong to Shanghai? The cheapest way to travel from Hong Kong to Shanghai is by train. … These trains depart from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station and arrive at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station after about eight hours, 30 minutes of traveling, making stops in Hangzhou, Nanchang, Changsha, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen along the way.


How long does it take to get to Shenzhen from Hong Kong?

How to Travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen by High Speed Train, Metro, and Ferry

Time Best For
High Speed Rail 15 minutes Travelers who already have a visa
Metro 60–90 minutes Travelers who need a Visa on Arrival
Ferry 50–90 minutes Travelers who need a Visa on Arrival

16 août 2021

Do I need a visa from Hong Kong to Guangzhou? Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Guangzhou? You need a Chinese visa to visit Guangzhou, but you don’t need one to enter Hong Kong, which is technically one of China’s Special Administrative Regions. Remember, Hong Kong and China have a formal border, including passport control and customs checks.

Is Guangdong in Hong Kong? The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Greater Bay Area) comprises the two Special Administrative Regions of Hong Kong and Macao, and the nine municipalities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing in Guangdong Province. The total area is around 56 000 km2.

Can you drive from Hong Kong to China? The Hong Kong-mainland China cross-border driving scheme allows the smooth movement of vehicles from one side to the other. However, mainland China drives on the right-hand side of the road while Hong Kong is a left-hand drive city.

Can foreigners transit through Hong Kong?

All passengers (Hong Kong residents and non-Hong Kong residents, regardless of vaccination status) travelling from the Chinese Mainland or Macao (see below) who have not been to any other country/region in the past 14 days, are allowed to enter Hong Kong.

How fast is the MTR in Hong Kong? Speedy: Running at 200km/h in the Hong Kong Section and up to 350km/h in the Mainland Section, High Speed Rail is the fastest cross-boundary land transport in Hong Kong. Direct: Connecting you from Hong Kong to 58 Mainland stations without interchange. Reliable: Punctual and less affected by traffic conditions.

Can you drive from Shanghai to Hong Kong?

Yes, the driving distance between Shanghai to Hong Kong is 1463 km. It takes approximately 14h 55m to drive from Shanghai to Hong Kong.

How long does it take from Shanghai to Guangzhou by train? For a rail travel from Shanghai to Guangzhou, high-speed trains are much faster than normal-speed traisn with a travel time of 7 to 8.5 hours.

Is Shanghai better than Hong Kong?

For example, if knowing Mainland China is your primary interest, then Shanghai is better , and it is also less expensive. If you want nature and better air quality, Hong Kong is better for that.

Hong Kong vs Shanghai Quick Facts.

Hong Kong Shanghai
GDP (2018) 381 billion $480 billion

• 11 oct. 2021

Can I take train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen?

There are 80 daily high-speed trains traveling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. Departure time is from 07:00 to 22:50.

How long does it take from Shenzhen to Guangzhou by train? Shenzhen to Guangzhou Train Tickets Booking

Dep. Arr. Duration
06:37 Shenzhen North 07:09 Guangzhou South 32M
06:44 Shenzhen North 07:22 Guangzhou South 38M
06:45 Shenzhen 08:04 Guangzhou East 1H19M
06:58 Shenzhen North 07:27 Guangzhou South 29M

How much is train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen? Around 65 pairs of high speed trains are running between Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station and Shenzhen Futian/ Shenzhen North Railway Station each day.

Hong Kong – Shenzhen High Speed Train Ticket Fare.

Business Class Seat First Class Seat Second Class Seat
CNY 226 USD 34.5 CNY 120 USD 18.5 CNY 75 USD 11.5

Do they speak English in Guangzhou?

What language is spoken in Guangzhou? Mandarin is the official language, but most local people speak Cantonese (Guangzhou was once called Canton City). Both languages use the same characters for reading and writing.

Why is Guangzhou famous? It’s China’s most important port

Situated on the Pearl River, Guangzhou has a maritime heritage stretching back over 2,000 years and its vast port is China’s main transport and trading hub. It was also one of the starting points of the old Silk Road, a trading route that stretched across Asia.

Is there a bullet train from Guangzhou to Shanghai?

The 1790km high-speed railway links two major cities in China, Guangzhou and Shanghai. 7 high-speed trains and bullet trains run from Guangzhou to Shanghai between 08:00AM and 07:39PM every day. The duration is around 7 hours – 11.5 hours and the ticket prices are USD129 to USD396.

Is Guangzhou and Guangdong the same? Guangdong (UK: /ɡwæŋˈdʊŋ/, US: /ɡwɒŋ-/), alternately romanized as Canton Province or Kwangtung, is a coastal province in South China on the north shore of the South China Sea. The capital of the province is Guangzhou.

What language is spoken in Guangdong?

Region Western Guangdong, eastern Guangxi
Ethnicity Cantonese people
Language family Sino-Tibetan Sinitic Yue Yuehai Cantonese
Dialects Guangzhou Xiguan Malaysia Hong Kong

Why was Guangzhou called? Why is Guangzhou also known as Canton? Guangzhou has served as a doorway for foreign influence since the 3rd century CE and was the first Chinese port to be regularly visited by European traders, who called it Canton.


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