Is The Forum in LA still used?

On March 24, 2020, Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer purchased The Forum from MSG for $400 million . The arena is formally known as The Forum, and has previously been known as the Great Western Forum and nicknamed the « Fabulous Forum » by Lakers announcer Chick Hearn.

The Forum (Inglewood, California)

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Additionally, How much did Steve Ballmer pay for the LA Clippers? Steve Ballmer purchased the LA Clippers for $2 billion. According to this report, that would suggest that the Clippers have gone up $0.63 billion in valuation since Ballmer purchased the team.

Are floor seats at forums good? Arguably the best seats in the house, the Floor Level Sections are typically the closest seats you can get for L.A. Forum concerts. General Admission options work on a first come, first-served basis. Fans who arrive early have the best chance to get right in front of all the action on stage.

Subsequently, Does Steve Ballmer own forum? (AP) — Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer on Monday completed his purchase of The Forum from Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp. for $400 million. Newly created Forum Entertainment LLC will continue operating the building that opened in 1967 as a concert venue.


Who is the richest NBA owner?

Steve Ballmer – Los Angeles Clippers

With a mind-numbing estimated net worth of $51.4 billion, Ballmer is not only the richest owner in the NBA but is also the 16th richest person in the world.

What is the best seat at The Forum? Best seats in the Forum are Lower Loge level, on either side of the stage (112, 111 and 125, 126). Floor seats are not great, you end up standing, and trying to see over people’s heads.

How many seats are in a row at The Forum? Each lower level section at The Forum contains just 16 rows of seats and up to 12 seats per row. These are relatively small sections by comparison, making them easy to navigate in and out of. When sitting in your seat, lower number seats are on your left.

What is zone seating at The Forum? “Zone Seating” refers to tickets for seats that are guaranteed to be within the listed Section and/or Row or a better Section and/or Row.

What will Ballmer do with the Forum?

Ballmer has long sought a new arena for his team, which will now be built in Inglewood across the way from where the Forum currently stands. The Forum will remain a music and event venue, with employees answering to the Clippers president of business operations Gillian Zucker.

How much did James Dolan buy the Forum for? Ballmer is buying the Forum from New York Knicks owner James Dolan and Madison Square Garden. In 2012, Dolan paid $23.5 million to purchase the Forum.

Are the Clippers moving to the Forum?

The $1.8 billion, privately funded Intuit Dome will open in 2024 and will feature a team practice facility, retail space and more. The Clippers will play in the Intuit Dome in 2024 when it opens (photo via Intuit Dome). INGLEWOOD, Calif. (AP) — The design meetings have been going on for years.

What is Mark Cuban worth? Mark Cuban (born July 31, 1958) is an American billionaire entrepreneur, television personality, and media proprietor whose net worth is an estimated $4.3 billion, according to Forbes, and ranked No. 177 on the 2020 Forbes 400 list.

Who owns the entire NBA?

List of NBA team owners

Franchise Principal Owner(s) Purchase Price (US$ millions)
Los Angeles Clippers Steve Ballmer 2,000
Los Angeles Lakers Jeanie Buss, Jim Buss and Johnny Buss, along with siblings in the Jerry Buss family trust. 20 & 268
Memphis Grizzlies Robert J. Pera 377
Miami Heat Micky Arison, Nick Arison 68

Does Jay Z own the Nets?

He has long been tied to the franchise, because he became a part-owner of the franchise in 2003. At the time they were known as the New Jersey Nets and played in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Does The Forum have a pit? The most common seating layout at The Forum for concerts is an end-stage setup with the stage located near sections Section 113, Section 114 and Section 115. For many concerts there are also slight variations to the layout, which may include General Admission seats, fan pits and B-stages.

What does no view seating mean? No view: You can’t see the stage from your seat. Side view: The seat will be on one side of the performing area, and you won’t have a front view of the event.

Is it safe to go to The Forum in Inglewood?

Inglewood is safe enough to go to an event at the forum, and leave the area as soon as the concert is over. We drive there from home at the beach 20 min. away.

How many seats are in a row at the Fiserv Forum? Most rows have 13-20 seats. The entrance to Gallery sections is located at the top row. Although there are better views from lower rows, sitting near the top row limits your walks up and down the steep stairs. For basketball games, the front rows of sections 207-209 and 221-223 offer outstanding views.

What are the best seats at Fiserv Forum for a concert?

The best Seats for the Milwaukee Bucks are located in lower sections 117 or 106 on the opposite side of the court, as they’re the mid-court seats closest to the floor.

How many luxury suites does Fiserv Forum have? Offering incomparable sightlines, customer service and amenities, the Fiserv Forum will include 17,500 seats for basketball and up to 18,000 for concerts, and will offer 34 luxury suites and three clubs.

Is Donald Sterling still alive?

Sterling settled his lawsuit against the NBA in November 2016 and remains active in Los Angeles real estate .

Donald Sterling
Occupation Attorney, businessman
Known for Former owner of the San Diego / Los Angeles Clippers
Spouse(s) Shelly Sterling ( m. 1955)
Children 3

How did Steve Ballmer get rich? The majority of Ballmer’s fortune is derived from a stake in Microsoft, the world’s biggest software maker. The company’s former chief executive officer is assumed to still own about 4% or 333 million shares of the company, which matches his reported stake in Microsoft’s 2014 proxy, the last time it was disclosed.

Does Steve Ballmer own the Clippers?

LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer ‘building our own presence, identity’ with new arena. LA Clippers chairman Steve Ballmer initially was content to play at Staples Center — in the same building as the Los Angeles Lakers and the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings — when he bought the franchise for $2 billion in 2014.

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