The opening days in Caminito del Rey are from Tuesday to Sunday all year around (Mondays are closed). So we recommend to organize your trip to Malaga visiting the city or other areas on Mondays, when the kings path is close. In the winter season the opening hours are from 9:30 am until 2:30 pm.

How long is El Caminito? Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey
Length 3 km .
Location Ardales, Málaga, Andalusia, Spain
Established 1905
Use Hiking

Then, How tall is Caminito del Rey? Known as Spain’s most dangerous path, or the most dangerous walkway in the world, the Caminito del Rey (The King’s Little Pathway) is over 100 years old and 100 meters (350 feet) high. The perilous concrete trail winds through steep limestone cliffs near the small village of El Chorro and into a hidden valley.

Is the Caminito del Rey open in November? Although you can walk the Caminito del Rey all year round, the less hot months are the most suitable for enjoying this route. On the other hand, we must take into account that during these months there are greater changes in temperature, more probability of rainfall and fewer hours of light.


Where does Caminito del Rey start?

The official starting point of the Camino de Rey access path is on the country road MA-444 (which branches off the MA-5403 6km east of Ardales) just south where it crosses over the Conde de Guadalhorce Dam by the Sillon del Rey (King’s seat) a stone seat where King Alfonso XIII signed off the dam in 1926, It is near a …

Can you walk around Malaga? Malaga is a walkable city

You may be surprised about how compact Malaga’s historic center is. Most of the main tourist attractions in Malaga are within walking distance of each other, and most of the historic center is car-free, making it great for strolling.

How much is Caminito del Rey? The Caminito del Rey is a hiking trail equipped with footbridges and there is an entrance fee. The official ticket costs 10€ (but as you will see below, you can easily end up having to pay a bit more…). The walk can be done only in one direction (from north to south) and in total the walk is 7.7km.

Can kids do Caminito delrey? Caminito del Rey with babies and children

According to the regulation of the Caminito, it is forbidden to bring children under 8 years old. Additionally, it is strictly forbidden to carry children of any age in your arms, at any stretch.

Who built Caminito del Rey?

The construction of Caminito del Rey began in 1901 and lasted four years, it was used by maintenance workers from Saltos del Gaitanejo and El Chorro. The name of King’s Path was given after the visit of King Alfonso XIII who used this walkway to inaugurate the dam Conde del Guadalhorce.

What is the king’s path? The King’s Path is a unique walkway in Spain but not one to attempt if you are scared of heights. It is 3km (1.9 miles) long, 100 metres (328 feet) high and just one metre wide.

Where can I park in El Caminito del Rey?

Parking lots at the Caminito del Rey

The most typical parking area, both paid and free, is located around the restaurant El Kiosko. In addition, a few meters away there is a recreational area with picnic areas, toilets and camping areas. A small path leads to the entrance to the Caminito.

How do I get from Malaga to Caminito del Rey? The best way to get from Caminito del Rey to Málaga without a car is to taxi and train which takes 1h 3m and costs €30 – €60. How long does it take to get from Caminito del Rey to Málaga? It takes approximately 1h 3m to get from Caminito del Rey to Málaga, including transfers.

Is there an old town in Malaga?

City Centre and old town in Malaga. Picturesquely situated in a bay surrounded by mountains and bounded by the rivers Guadalmedina and Guadalhorce, Malaga city with its two thousand-eight hundred years of history is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Walking by the old town is a experience you should not miss.

Can you swim in Malaga in May?

In May there are usually splendid temperatures on the Costa del Sol inviting you to enjoy pleasant days on the beach as well as many activities and visits, with temperatures around 20 to 25 degrees (68 to 77ºF) that can sometimes rise to 28 degrees (82.4ºF).

How do I get to Malaga from the airport? The most efficient option is hiring a Malaga airport taxi, which will cost approximately 28€ and will take 15 minutes. The train is a quick option, taking only 12 minutes and costing 1.80€. Finally, there is the option of a bus, which costs 3€ and takes around 20 minutes to reach the centre.

Is there a direct train from Seville to Malaga? No, there are no direct train services from Seville to Málaga. Travelling from Seville to Málaga by train will require a minimum of 1 change.

Where can you walk the King’s little pathway?

The King’s Little Pathway (Caminito del Rey) is anything but little. This suspended walkway brings visitors high up through the Gaitanejo and los Gaitanes gorge in the province of Malaga, an area of phenomenal natural beauty.

Is Malaga a party town? The lively city of Malaga is a world renown place for nightlife, competing with some of the best party destinations in Europe such as Ibiza or Mykonos. Like most of these destinations, there are areas in Malaga that are more proper to party than others.

How do you say Malaga in Spanish?

What is Malaga nightlife like? Malaga’s nightlife is no exception offering is always very busy evenings, with numerous options to suit all tastes, including tapas bars, clubs on the sea, drinking in the university district and romantic walks through the streets of the old town. In Conclusion, the nightlife of Malaga is still alive and is always fun!

What is the coldest month in Malaga?

Even if it rains during some days, Malaga enjoys one of the warmest winters in Europe, with around five hours of sunshine on average per day. January is the coldest month of the year, and during the night, temperatures can really drop and the sea winds and humidity add a chill factor.

Where is the warmest place in Spain all year round? The Canary Islands – the warmest place to visit in Spain in winter

  • Tenerife. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and also the island that is most popular and gets the most visitors annually. …
  • Gran Canaria. …
  • Fuerteventura. …
  • Lanzarote.

What is the warmest city in Spain?

What is the hottest town in Spain? The hottest town in Spain is Montoro which has twice set the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the entire country. This small Andalusian city has twice recorded temperatures of just over 47 °C in the space of five years.


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