To put it simply, Napa is typically more expensive than Sonoma. Of course, you can easily part with a small fortune staying in 5-star hotels, eating incredible multi-course meals, and spending all-day tasting in the winemaker’s private cellars in Sonoma, too.

What is the closest major airport to Sonoma CA? Major airports near Sonoma, California:

  • 39 miles to Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS / KSTS)
  • 58 miles to Oakland International Airport (OAK / KOAK)
  • 65 miles to San Francisco International Airport (SFO / KSFO)

Then, Which is nicer Sonoma or Napa? Napa is also the best choice for foodies who want to indulge in high-end culinary experiences, while Sonoma awaits visitors who prefer dishes made with simple, seasonal ingredients. Napa feels more sophisticated and Sonoma more authentic, but a trip to either is what you make of it.

What is the best time to visit Sonoma Valley? The best time to visit Sonoma is between June and October when the weather is at its finest, with high temps hovering in the mid-80s in June and the upper 70s in October. Unfortunately, this time of year is also when the crowds are the thickest and hotel rates are at their highest.


What is Sonoma known for?

Our beloved Sonoma County, California is renowned for amazing wines and legendary vineyards, as well as gorgeous organic produce and sustainable farming. Our natural beauty is our calling card, from our mountains, forests, rivers, valleys, and meadows, to all 55 miles of our Pacific Ocean coastline.

Which is better Sonoma or Napa? Compared to Napa, Sonoma is considered the more affordable wine destination. Reasonably priced wines abound, tasting room fees won’t leave you with sticker shock, and even hotel accommodations and restaurants can be considerably more affordable in Sonoma than Napa.

Does Southwest fly to Sonoma? Completed in 2012, Terminal B (and its futuristic people mover) handle Aeromexico, Alaska, Hawaiian, Volaris, Seaport, and Southwest flights; American, Delta and JetBlue operate out of Terminal A. Catch a shuttle at ground level in either terminal to visit the onsite rental car terminal; they arrive every 10 minutes.

What is the best airport to fly into to go to Napa Valley? Napa County Airport is the closest airport to Napa Valley and the wine country. The closest international airports to Napa Valley are Oakland International Airport, 50 miles south, and San Francisco International Airport, 55 miles south. Sacramento International Airport is 60 miles west of Napa Valley.

What is the best wine region in California?

Here’s a north-to-south guide to the best California wine regions and what else to see and do between tastings.

  • Napa County. Napa Valley, California. …
  • Sonoma County. Sonoma Valley, California. …
  • Los Carneros. Los Carneros, California. …
  • Santa Cruz Mountains. …
  • Monterey. …
  • Paso Robles. …
  • Santa Barbara County. …
  • Los Angeles County.

Is it better to stay in Sonoma or Healdsburg? Healdsburg is much more upscale than Sonoma. The Hotel Healdsburg is a lovely contemporary hotel to stay there. We have also enjoyed The Inn @ The Plaza there which is a Four Sisters Inn. There are restaurants and tasting rooms around the plaza.

Can you fly directly into Napa?

Napa County Airport is the closest airport to Napa Valley and the wine country. The closest international airports to Napa Valley are Oakland International Airport, 50 miles south, and San Francisco International Airport, 55 miles south. Sacramento International Airport is 60 miles west of Napa Valley.

Do you tip at a winery? Even though it’s not typically expected, at most wineries and tasting rooms, tips are always appreciated. Especially if you’ve had a great experience, tasted more wines than you expected to, or are with a large group, tipping your pourer is typically considered a lovely gesture.

What should I wear to Sonoma?

Spring/summer – sundress with a cardigan and sandals. Fall/winter – scarf, denim, sweater and boots. Denim is acceptable year-round; in a more upscale setting, opt for dark denim. Always bring a light jacket for the nighttime breeze from the bay.

How is Napa in February?

February in Napa Valley has a hint of spring in the air. There are also some long holiday weekends that are perfect for a winter getaway. In the town of Napa, the average temperature in February is 50 degrees, while the average high is 62 degrees and the average low temperature is 37 degrees.

What is there to do in Sonoma if you don’t drink? Top 10 Things to Do in Sonoma County (Besides Drink Wine)

  • Kayak with Getaway Adventures. …
  • Cook with Relish Culinary Adventures. …
  • Zip-line Through Coastal Redwoods. …
  • Patio Hop Around Healdsburg. …
  • Hike Armstrong Redwoods Reserve. …
  • Jordan Winery Estate Tour and Tasting. …
  • Hog Island Oysters on Tomales Bay. …
  • The Barlow.

What does Sonoma mean in Spanish? Sonoma » means the territory of t. under the leadership of Chief Nose; « Sanoma » means, poetical. of the moon. » NAMES ON THE LAND.

Why do they pick grapes at night?

Picking at night makes sure all of the grapes are the same temperature,’ said Vera. ‘Harvesting at night results in better wine, lower energy costs and greater efficiency,’ said Koning. In particularly hot climates, picking at night also means cooler conditions for the pickers.

Do you need a car in Sonoma? What is the best way to get around Sonoma County without renting a car? Sonoma County Transit buses run throughout the county. You can also explore central Sonoma County on SMART. However, if you want to have the freedom to experience all Sonoma County has to offer, renting a car is highly recommended.

How far is Napa and Sonoma from each other?

The direct drive from Napa to Sonoma is 14.3 mi (23 km), and should have a drive time of 23 mins in normal traffic. If you’re going on a road trip from Napa to Sonoma, we did the research for you and compiled some great stops along the way — with San Francisco, Calistoga, St.

What does STS airport stand for? The Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS) has a long history in Sonoma County. In 1941 the County purchased 339 acres of agricultural land and began constructing a runway using grant funds from the Civil Aeronautics Authority (predecessor to the Federal Aviation Administration).

What airport is closest to Disneyland?

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Approximately 15 miles away, John Wayne Airport is the closest airport to the Disneyland Resort. Explore the convenient travel options—including shuttles, buses, taxis and limousines—available to take you to the Resort.

Is there a shuttle from SFO to Napa? No, there is no direct bus from San Francisco Airport (SFO) to Napa. However, there are services departing from SFO Airport Terminal G-Lower Level and arriving at Soscol Gateway Transit Ctr via 1st St & Mission St and El Cerrito Del Norte BART Station. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 5h 1m.

What is the best month to go to Napa Valley?

The best time to visit Napa is August through October or March through May. Napa’s peak tourist season corresponds with the region’s harvest season (August through October). During this busy time, expect crowds and high prices for just about everything, especially accommodations.

Does Southwest fly to Napa? Travel time to Napa Valley from OAK is about 1.5 hours.

The most common airlines at OAK are Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and JetBlue Airways.


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