SIM Library opens from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you’re looking to borrow and/or return your books, you will still have to book an appointment to visit the SIM Library (click here).

How many libraries are there in Singapore? In 2019, we reached 7 in 10 residents in Singapore through our services, programmes and spaces. Besides the National Library and the National Archives of Singapore, we have a total of 27 libraries in our network, comprising 25 public libraries owned and operated by NLB and 2 partners’ libraries.

Then, How do I use Suss library? 1. Welcome to SUSS Library!

Download the mobile app at PlayStore (Android) and AppStore (IOS) to:

  1. View loans, requests and reservations.
  2. Check availability of library books and facilities.
  3. Receive alerts on library news and events.
  4. Email or make calls to SIM Library helpdesk.

What is the biggest library in Singapore? The National Library, Singapore is the flagship national library of Singapore. A subsidiary of the National Library Board (NLB), it is located on an 11,304–square metre site in Victoria Street within the Downtown Core. It is the country’s largest public library.

National Library , Singapore
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Can unvaccinated go library?

Unvaccinated people cannot enter public libraries from 2022, even with negative Covid-19 test.

Is national library free? The National Library receives all publications from the United Nations absolutely free of cost. Reason being, the library has been honoured by the United Nations and its agencies for being a repository library.

Does suss have a physical library? SUSS Library partners with SIM (Tay Eng Soon) Library located at Block A, Level 2 to provide our full-time and part-time degree and diploma programme students with access to physical library materials, book and equipment loans, study spaces and other on-site services and facilities.

How do I log into my Sim library? The e-resources should be accessed via SIM Library webpage. To login, use your SIM ID/ PI Number as your login ID and your Date of Birth (in the format ddmmyyyy) as your password.

Which library in Singapore has the most books?

1. Bishan Public Library. Conceived in the late 90s due to the crowds at the Toa Payoh and Ang Mo Kio community libraries, Bishan Public Library opened with much fanfare in 2006. Spread over five levels, the library carries over 250,000 titles.

Can I study at NLB? Patrons can visit the National Library, the Study Lounge at Level 5 of the National Library Building, and the National Archives of Singapore for up to two hours, and one hour in all other public libraries and at the Former Ford Factory.

How many floors does the national library have?

It preserves and makes accessible Singapore’s literary and publishing heritage, and intellectual memory through the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library occupying seven floors (from Level 7 to 13) with a floor area of 60,000 square metres.

Who is Eul? WHO’s EUL procedure assesses the quality, safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and is a prerequisite for COVAX vaccine supply. It also allows countries to expedite their own regulatory approval to import and administer COVID-19 vaccines.

Can unvaccinated enter malls in 2022?

From 1 January 2022, the concession for unvaccinated individuals to take a negative Pre-Event Test (PET) to enter VDS settings such as shopping malls and establishments providing personal care services, will be removed.

Can a family of 5 go out together?

Social gatherings of up to 5 persons can take place. These persons do not need to be from the same household.

How can I download free books? Top 20 sites to download Free eBooks

  1. Open Library. The Open Library has more than 1 million free e-books available. …
  2. Internet Archive. The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library. …
  3. Project Gutenberg. …
  4. Google eBookstore. …
  5. …
  6. BookBoon.

How do I create an e library? Open your file explorer and navigate to the libraries sections. Select « New Library » and rename your new library « Books ». Double click your new Library and select the « Include a folder » tab. A window will pop up.

What is the full form of NDLI?

National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is a virtual repository of learning resources which is not just a repository with search/browse facilities but provides a host of services for the learner community.

Does SUSS look at GPA? The SUSS holistic admission comprises both the applicant’s performance for the following assessment components (i.e., 4-stage assessment), AND the applicant’s grades scored for Singapore-Cambridge A-level in three H2, one H1 subjects, General Paper and Project Work (computed as University Admission Score [UAS]), OR …

Are there dorms in SUSS?

Accommodation. SUSS do not offer on campus residential places or hostels.

Is SUSS part of SIM? SIM University To Be Renamed Singapore University Of Social Sciences. School/Dept: Share: 17 March 2017 – With effect from today, SIM University (UniSIM) will be renamed the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), as part of its restructuring into Singapore’s sixth Autonomous University (AU).

How do I borrow a book from Singapore library?

Step One: In the app, search for the titles you want. Tap on the eBooks or Audiobooks tab near the top of the screen (see circled part of screenshot below). Step Two:Tap on your desired title. Step Three: If you have signed in using your myLibrary username, you can select ‘Borrow’ on the title details page.

How long can I stay in library NLB? Patrons can visit the regional libraries (in Jurong, Tampines and Woodlands), the National Library, the Study Lounge at Level 5 of the National Library Building, and the National Archives of Singapore for up to three hours and up to two hours in all other public libraries.

How long can I borrow books from NLB?

One of the most convenient features of borrowing eBooks / Audiobooks is that they will be returned automatically after 21 days. But if you are done with them before the 21-day loan period is up, you can also return them earlier so that another person can enjoy them sooner.

Does NLB have WIFI? The Wireless@SG service at our libraries allow our patrons to access the Internet , as well as selected eResources (e.g. eNewspapers and eMagazines) that can only be accessed at physical library locations.

1.1 Multimedia Stations.

Usage Time Block Cost
90 minutes (1.5 hours) $2.70
120 minutes (2 hours) $3.60


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