Is September a good time to visit Seattle?

The best time to visit Seattle is from September to October. Summer marks the city’s high season, meaning room rates rise and availability drops, while cold winter weather can deter even the most avid sightseers.

Additionally, Is September rainy in Seattle? The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Seattle in September is 12.0°C (53.6°F). The amount of rain in September is normal with an average of 43mm (1.7in). It rains on average a total of 8 days. You can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day.

What is Seattle like in September? Seattle’s average high temperature in September is 70, with overnight lows rarely dropping below 50. And it is Seattle’s third driest month with only nine days of rain most years. Of course anyone who has spent any length of time in the Northwest knows there are exceptions to any weather rule.

Subsequently, How cold is it in Washington in September? September Weather in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.; United States. Daily high temperatures decrease by 10°F, from 83°F to 74°F, rarely falling below 64°F or exceeding 92°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 10°F, from 67°F to 58°F, rarely falling below 48°F or exceeding 74°F.


What is the rainiest month in Seattle?

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: January, March, November and December. On average, November is the wettest month with 6.38 inch (162.0 mm) of precipitation. On average, July is the driest month with 0.63 inch (16.0 mm) of precipitation.

How do people dress in Seattle in September? If you’re planning a Seattle packing list for a trip in September, consult the “summer” tips above, then add a sweater and light coat. If you’re visiting the city in October or November, here’s the plan for what to wear in Seattle: Think button-down, long-sleeve plaid shirts with skinny jeans.

What’s the coldest month in Seattle? The coldest month of the year in Seattle is December, with an average low of 38°F and high of 47°F.

What months are sunny in Seattle? High Season (June to August): Sunny, dry, and warm, with daytime highs generally around 24°C and low humidity. Flights, ferries, and tours all run with greater frequency during this time.

What are the least rainy months in Seattle?

According to official data, the driest months of the year in Seattle are July and August, while just two months later, the number of rainy days increases several times. November is the month when it rains the most, with an average 18.4 rainy days.

What is the rainy season in Seattle? The rainy season extends from October to March with December normally the wettest month, however, precipitation is rather evenly distributed through the winter and early spring months with more than 75% of the yearly precipitation falling during the winter wet season.

What is the best time of year to visit the Pacific Northwest?

Best time to visit the Pacific Northwest

While it’s good to visit the Pacific Northwest any time between May and October, I particularly like being there in late September or early October.

What do Seattleites wear? Even though jeans and t-shirts are the base of the wardrobe, Seattleites wear boots at least half the year. The good thing is the style is up to you, so you’ll be able to wear pretty much any kind you like. If ever a city was a shoe personified, it’s Seattle with the Chacos.

Is Seattle always cloudy?

Days of partial cloud are more common in Buffalo than in Seattle or Portland.

Most Cloudy Days.

City Cloudy Days a Year % of Days
Buffalo, New York 311 85
Seattle, Washington 308 84
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 306 84
Rochester, New York 304 83

What is the rainiest month in Washington state?

The Pacific Ocean creates a marine layer where clouds are frequent in the winter, spring and fall, but several days of steady rain is the exception rather than the rule. July and August are the driest months in Western Washington; January and February the wettest.

What is the cheapest time to fly to Seattle? Top tips for finding cheap flights to Seattle

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Seattle is January.

How many days do you need in Seattle? Spending 2 to 3 days in Seattle

If you keep your itinerary to the most popular sites and stay in this relatively small geographic area, 2 to 3 days in Seattle is enough for most people to get a good taste of what urban Seattle offers.

Why is Seattle so gloomy?

What makes Seattle so rainy? Seattle is located slap-bang in the middle of a convergence zone where nearby weather patterns meet. It’s here that different streams of hot air, cold air and moisture collide, forming clouds, rain, hail and snow.

What is the wettest month in Washington state? The Pacific Ocean creates a marine layer where clouds are frequent in the winter, spring and fall, but several days of steady rain is the exception rather than the rule. July and August are the driest months in Western Washington; January and February the wettest.

What is the coldest month in WA?

February is the hottest month of the year, with an average high of 31.6 °C (88.9 °F), and July is the coldest month of the year, with an average low of 7.9 °C (46.2 °F). 77% of rain in Perth falls between May and September.

Weather stations.

Years open Location
1993 – Present Stancliffe Street, Mount Lawley

What is the best month to visit Washington state? May, June, September, and October are sprinkled with occasional rain but are the best times to go for fewer crowds and still pleasant weather. Crowds are still very much existent throughout May, June, September, and October, but are less overwhelming compared to the summer.

Which state is better Oregon or Washington?

Oregon is good across. You’ll find yourself stopping more in Oregon to see the sights. In Washington, you’ll likely have to drive longer through boring routes to get to the really beautiful spots.

What kind of shoes do people wear in Seattle? Shoes for Seattle: Sandals & Sneakers

With nice weather and minimal rain, a pair of sandals and a pair of sneakers are the best shoe combo for a trip to Seattle in June, July, or August.

Do you need a rain jacket in Seattle?

Rain Shell

You don’t need a big bulky rain jacket or trench coat to survive the Seattle rain. Instead, it’s a good idea to throw a light rain shell in your bag that you can pull out and put on when needed but won’t take up too much space.

What is Seattle like in the fall? Fall in Seattle can vary quite a bit, just like spring. Some years bring plenty of warm, sunny days, other years the fall is filled with cool, rainy days. Plan accordingly and have backup plans in case the weather goes south.

Is Seattle a depressing city?

In fact, Seattle was the saddest metro area in the nation last month. Yep, Seattle is depressing and also depressed! About 1.5 million adults in the metro area reported having feelings of being depressed or hopeless last month.

Is there more depression in Seattle? In the Seattle area, multiracial and white people were more likely to report feelings of depression in mid-November than Asian, Black or Hispanic people. And women were slightly more likely to feel depressed than men. Nationally, 71,939 people responded to this survey, including 1,754 people in the Seattle area.

How many GREY days are in Seattle? Seattle is the cloudiest major city in the Lower 48 states — 226 days a year with clouds covering more than three-quarters of the sky. “Where do you think they came with up that title, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey?

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