Royal Road is also well-known for its critical user base. They will slice up your work if it is not up to par. They know it when it is rubbish or not. So, if you publish there and fail big time because of plot or grammar issues, don’t come running to me crying.

What is Royal Road litRPG? RoyalRoad is a great place to find free stories. Stories are usually posted in a serial format where they are updated periodically with authors sustaining themselves via donations/patreon.

Consequently, How many stories is the royal road? Re: How many authors and novels are there? There are 1857 pages of fictions on royalroad, and each page has 20 novels on it. That’s around 37,000 books currently on RR. Assuming the average author has 1.5 fictions, which is a complete shot in the dark, we can estimate that there are 22666 published authors on RR.

Does Royal Road have an app? RE: ROYAL ROAD APP? We have an unreleased W.I.P. app, however our current priority is cleaning up the website itself and replacing the whole site engine since it just doesn’t serve it’s purpose anymore.


Should I publish on Royal Road?

Now, all that said, if you’re self-publishing your novels, and you’re just starting out, then posting on a site like Royal Road is probably one of the most efficient ways of gaining new readers. Most of them won’t ever pay for your story, but you’ve got to get noticed somehow.

Who made Royal Road? Darius The Great Builds The Royal Road. Crowned head of Darius I at Behistun. , the Royal Road was protected by Persian rulers and later used by the Romans. On this road couriers, riding in relays, could travel 1,677 miles (2,699 km) in seven or nine days.

How much do Royal Road authors make? Travis Deverell — aka Shirtaloon — earns between $15,000 and $20,000 a month writing fiction for Royal Road. His first two books debuted on Amazon this year and his second one already reached number five — across all genres — on the Amazon charts.

Is Mother of learning complete? The author has pieced out the books for Kindle publication, but the story is 100% finished. So what is the story about? Well, it’s a bit Groundhog Day meets a darker version of Harry Potter.

What is Royalroad Reddit?

Official reddit for the home of web fiction!

Is Silk Road and Royal Road the same? The international trade routes that later became known as the Silk Road or Silk Route/s were opened as the Persian Royal Road in the Achaemenid Empire (500-330 B.C.). It began at Susa in the north of Persia (Iran through Asia Minor (Turkey the Mediterranean Sea.

How long was the Royal Road used for?

Only a short few weeks after departing from Western Anatolia in Turkey, we already find ourselves gazing upon the wonders that stand before us in Persepolis. The 2,400 kilometres (149 miles) journey that led from the Aegean Sea to Iran was formerly known as the Royal Road, supposedly taking 90 days to cross by foot.

Is Webnovel like Wattpad? I also feel Webnovel is a lot like Wattpad when I first joined, so the community feels more tight knit and small, yet I do see the potential for many of the growing pains and issues that Wattpad experienced. (not that you asked, but) Webnovel is definitely better than Dreame.

How do I get readers on Royal Road?

Re: How to promote yourself on Royal Road?

  1. Add your story to your signature! …
  2. Make a post in the introduction thread.
  3. Post chapters often, especially at first and stick to a schedule!
  4. Get involved in the forums, have a play around and talk to people!

Where can I publish my stories for free?

There are quite a few online writing platforms where you can publish short fiction and nonfiction stories for free and without all the hassle.

Whatever your style or genre, you can post your short stories immediately and for free.

  • Commaful. …
  • Wattpad. …
  • Medium. …
  • Booksie. …
  • StoryWrite. …
  • Story Star. …
  • Tumblr. …
  • WordKrowd.

How many words should a mother learn? At 1.7 million words, this one book is longer than virtually every book series you’ve read — for context, Harry Potter is 1.1 million words. The author, John C. McCrae (also known as Wildbow), makes around $8k per month through reader donations. Yes, donations.

How many arcs are there in mother of learning? Mother of Learning is a fictional story written by Domagoj Kurmaic, a Croatian author. It has three arcs, and many events within it were planned in advance.

Who said Repetition is the mother of learning?

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.” ― Zig Ziglar.

Is Royalroad good for writers? Published and well-known authors of our community

Royal Road is the best place for web fiction for both authors and readers alike.

How do you become popular on Royalroad?

From what I’ve learned from my new fiction, to get followers you must have an intriguing synopsis, an interesting title (my initial tile was ‘Heavenly Swordsman’ and I had only 1 follower, my title now is ‘The Heavens Are On Fire’ and I have 4 followers), lots of updates for the first few days (amass four or five …

What are the three most powerful cities in Persia? 9 Greatest Cities Of The Persian Empire

  • Pasargadae – The First Great City Of The Persian Empire. …
  • Persepolis – The Jewel in The Achaemenid Crown. …
  • Susa – Administrative Center Of The Persian Empire. …
  • Ecbatana – First Conquest of The Persian Empire. …
  • Sardis – Mint of The Achaemenid Empire. …
  • Babylon – Symbol of Persian Dominance.

Why did the Ottoman Empire block the Silk Road?

Many sources state that the Ottoman Empire “blocked” the Silk Road. This meant that while Europeans could trade through Constantinople and other Muslim countries, they had to pay high taxes.

Why did the Silk Road ended? Established when the Han Dynasty in China officially opened trade with the West in 130 B.C., the Silk Road routes remained in use until 1453 A.D., when the Ottoman Empire boycotted trade with China and closed them.

Why did Darius I have the Royal Road built?

The Royal Road was an ancient highway reorganized and rebuilt by the Persian king Darius the Great (Darius I) of the first (Achaemenid) Persian Empire in the 5th century BC. Darius built the road to facilitate rapid communication on the western part of his large empire from Susa to Sardis.

Between what two cities is the Royal Road found? Royal road: according to the Greek researcher Herodotus of Halicarnassus (fifth century BCE) the road that connected the capital of Lydia, Sardes, and the capitals of the Achaemenid Empire, Susa and Persepolis.

Is Webnovel better than Dreame?

(not that you asked, but) Webnovel is definitely better than Dreame. They pay signed writers less, getting signed is more difficult, and there was no community to speak of.

Can you trust Webnovel? Therefore, yes, it is a scam.

Which is better medium or Wattpad? Medium has an older userbase, and lends itself more to nonfiction and probably memoir. Wattpad has a much younger, hipper audience. While they cultivate the fan fiction crowd, those publishing original fiction there tend to the young adult, new adult, and particularly romance genres.


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