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Not to be confused with the capital city of Palma, Palma Nova is located in the Mallorcan municipality of Calvià and is a seaside resort with a wide, shallow bay with three good beaches: Son Maties, Na Nadala and Es Carregador, and a small marina on the Son Caliu side of the bay.

Is Santa Ponsa better than Palma Nova? Both are quite similar . Any would be fine but if the family consists of children ,I would say Santa Ponsa ,purely down to the entertainment they have in the square . Would backup carlisleblue’s comments. Palma Nova is a fantastic all round holiday resort and beats Santa Ponsa every time in my opinion.

What is the nightlife like in Palma Nova? The Palma Nova nightlife may not have a lot in common with its noisy neighbour Magaluf but, it still provides an excellent atmosphere with plenty of beachside and street bars, where you can enjoy a drink and a dance with your family or friends.

Then, Does Palma Nova have a strip? Is there a main strip in palma nova for shops,bars ect. Yes it’s the promenade/main Paseo. Mostly the shops bars and hotels are on the side of the street facing the sea/beaches though there are stretches where there are shops and bars on both sides.


Is Palma good for nightlife?

Diverse and extremely popular, Mallorca’s capital, Palma has district areas renowned for its nightlife. Restaurants, bars and enjoying live music are all part of the city’s vibrant social scene.

Which is the nicest part of Majorca? Fornalutx. If you stay by the coast you’ll never see it, but Fornalutx is regarded by many as the most beautiful village on Mallorca, and one of the most stunning in Spain. You’ll find it deep in the Sierra de Tramuntana, with winding streets, narrow stone steps, and flowers and greenery everywhere.

Which part of Majorca is best for couples? The Best Resorts for Couples in Majorca

  • Cala D’or.
  • Palma de Majorca.
  • Cala Mondragó

Which side of Mallorca is best? The West Coast, dominated by the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range (UNESCO World Heritage), is the best place to stay in Mallorca for nature-lovers and for outdoor activities like cycling and hiking.

Is Palmanova a party place?

Palma Nova has quite an active nightlife with many pubs and sports bars but still much quieter than Magaluf next door, where you will find many all-night clubs and more active and loud nightlife and clubbing scenes.

How many bars are there in Magaluf? Over Fifty bars, Five nightclubs, four tattoo shops, a bungee ball… Oh and a KFC! Check out our guide on bars and clubs in Magaluf.

What part of Magaluf is the strip?

Where is the Magaluf Strip? The Magaluf strip is located on the west side of the Island of Majorca. It is located about 30-40 mins drive from the main airport in Palma. The strip sits on a road just off Carrer Punta Ballena.

Is Palma Nova like Magaluf? It’s basically as far away from Magaluf as you can get yet staying within Palmanova. Fantastic hotel with breathtaking views from the pool. Has it’s own cove just steps away from the back entrance of the hotel and no more than 2/3 minytes walk from the first of Palmanovas excellent beaches.

Is Palma Nova quiet?

If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful destination, Palma Nova is probably best left until the autumn/winter season, when the 24 hour bars close and the 18-30 crew leave the island. Palma Nova is a bustling resort, which offers a wide choice of activities for holidaymakers.

What country is Palma Nova in?

Palma Nova
Sovereign state Spain
Autonomous community Balearic Islands
Province Balearic Islands
Island Mallorca

Where is the strip in Mallorca? The Magaluf strip is located on the west side of the Island of Majorca. It is located about 30-40 mins drive from the main airport in Palma. The strip sits on a road just off Carrer Punta Ballena.

Is Palma City Lively? The capital city Palma is the main hub as it is lively all year round, but the beach resorts provide plenty of bar and club choices when they come alive in the summer months.

Where has the best nightlife in Spain?

The 6 Best Party Destinations in Spain for Nightlife

  • Madrid: party in the capital of Spain.
  • Barcelona: best beachside party destination in Spain.
  • Valencia: all the parties your heart desires.
  • Gran Canaria: the all-in-one Spanish party island.
  • Ibiza: world-renowned clubs and DJs.

Where do celebs stay in Majorca? The most exclusive place for the rich and famous is probably Deià, on the west coast of Mallorca. This pretty town has been popular with artists since the 1950s and the exclusive La Residencia Hotel is a perennial favourite for many.

Is Mallorca expensive?

The average price of a 7-day trip to Mallorca Island is $1,135 for a solo traveler, $2,038 for a couple, and $3,822 for a family of 4. Mallorca Island hotels range from $50 to $226 per night with an average of $71, while most vacation rentals will cost $170 to $420 per night for the entire home.

Where do expats live in Mallorca? Expats living in Mallorca typically congregate around a few main destinations. The most popular coastal areas include Puerta Portals, Santa Ponsa, Portals Nous, and Bendinat. You’ll find English is widely spoken in these locations.

Is Magaluf good for couples?

Yes Magaluf is one of the more lively areas in Majorca, but it has quieter resorts too and is very welcoming of families and couples – who are not looking to party hard, but rather to chill by the pool or beach during the day, and enjoy dining out and a few quiet drinkies in the evenings.

What is the most popular resort in Majorca? Magaluf. Magaluf is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Majorca, a well built and major holiday resort located in the south-western coast of Majorca, at the western end of Palma Bay. Magaluf is situated about 26 km.

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