Is Naples or Sorrento better?

Naples is cheaper and has more accommodation options. Sorrento – being a touristy town – doesn’t have the traffic or noise of its big city sister down the road. It also has no sights to see – as in world class museums or anything of significance like catacombs, castles or churches (yeah it has one church…

Additionally, What is the best part of Naples to stay in? Where to Stay in Naples: 9 Best Areas

  • Lungomare Caracciolo, good place to stay in Naples for everyone. …
  • Chiaia, upscale, trendy and the best shopping. …
  • Vomero, where to stay in Naples for nightlife. …
  • Posillipo, for an upper class experience. …
  • Naples Central Station, where to stay in Naples if you are travelling by train.

Is Naples walkable? Naples has an average Walk Score of 35 with 19,537 residents. Naples does not have many bike lanes. The most walkable Naples neighborhoods are Old Naples, Lake Park and Sun Terrace.

Subsequently, Should you stay in Naples or Pompeii? Pompeii is a large site so the earlier you get there the better. Do stay in Naples. While Naples has mixed reviews, it is full of life and its grittiness is part of the experience. Take pickpocket precautions and then enjoy it.


Is it better to stay in Naples or Amalfi Coast?

I would say if you are all looking for lots to do – and a big city hustle & bustle atmosphere, then Naples may be best. Or if you are looking for relaxation/swimming/generally chilling out in a beautiful seaside village, then Positano or elsewhere on the Amalfi Coast may be best.

Where should I not stay in Naples? Dangerous neighborhoods of Naples

  • Scampia: Naples’ most dangerous neighborhood in Europe. …
  • San Giovanni a Teduccio district of Naples. …
  • Barra neighborhood not sure. …
  • Overcrowded Naples neighborhoods: Rione Sanità …
  • Quartieri Spagnoli or Spanish quarters. …
  • Neighborhoods of Naples to avoid: Centro Direzionale.

Are there any nice parts of Naples? The Coolest Neighbourhoods in Naples

  • Vomero. Architectural Landmark. View. Add. …
  • Chiaia. Architectural Landmark. View. Add. …
  • Quartieri Spagnoli. Architectural Landmark. View. Add. …
  • Centro Storico. Architectural Landmark. View. Add. …
  • Rione Sanità Architectural Landmark. View. Add. …
  • Santa Lucia. Architectural Landmark. View. Add.

What to do in Naples in 3 days? What To Do in 3 Days in Naples

  1. The Duomo (1285-1309) …
  2. Eat Pastry. …
  3. Visit and Shop Galleria Umberto 1. …
  4. Museo Cappella Sansevero. …
  5. Naples Archeological Museum. …
  6. Stroll the Piazza del Plebiscito. …
  7. Eat Pizza. …
  8. Visit Pompeii and Herculaneum.

How do I spend a day in Naples?

What to do in Naples in 24 hours: A complete one-day itinerary

  1. Tour the ancient statues inside the Naples National Archaeological Museum.
  2. Walk the ornate halls of the historic churches in Centro Storico.
  3. Fill up on tapas as you walk across the Spanish Quarter.
  4. Stretch your legs with a trip around the Piazza del Plebiscito.

How long is the ferry ride from Naples to Sicily? The Naples Palermo ferry route connects Italy with Sicily and is currently operated by 2 ferry companies. The Grandi Navi Veloci service runs up to 10 times per week with a sailing duration of around 11 hours 30 minutes while the Tirrenia service runs up to 9 times per week with a duration from 9 hr 15 min.

Is downtown Naples walkable?

Downtown Naples is very walkable and very nice.

Is Sorrento worth visiting? Sorrento is undoubtedly worth a visit if you enjoy stunning scenery, a rich cultural heritage, and sightseeing. What draws visitors to Sorrento is its proximity to various world-famous tourism attractions, including Naples, Capri, the Amalfi coast, and Pompeii.

What is the safest area to stay in Naples?

Chiaia – Where to stay in Naples with family

One of the safest place to stay in Naples is the waterfront district of Chiaia. This is where locals and travelers come to shop. From designer goods by Louis Vuitton to independent fashion boutiques, you can buy just about anything in chic Chiaia.

Is Sorrento too touristy?

Yes, Sorrento is crowded, touristy, filled especially with British and Americans, and can feel a bit Disney. It also is naturally gorgeous, with cliffs and the sea and curves all around.

Is Capri on the Amalfi Coast? The Amalfi Coast is one of my favorite destinations in the world. It is an Italian landscape dotted with small towns dramatically perched between the rugged mountains and the azure sea. On a week-long trip, you can see the best of the Amalfi Coast including Sorrento, Ravello, Amalfi and Capri.

Is Naples a good base? Located in southwest Italy on the coast by the Gulf of Naples, Naples is a good base to explore Capri, Ischia, Procida, Sorrento Coast, and the Amalfi Coast. With a population of 975,000, this birthplace of pizza is the third-largest city in Italy after Rome and Milan.

Where in Naples is Gomorrah set?

Just a few years ago, Le Vele – a sprawling housing estate in Scampia, on the outskirts of Naples – was both the fictional location for the hit crime film and Italian TV series Gomorrah and the real-life location for the biggest international drugs and arms supermarket in western Europe.

Is Naples hilly? Naples is hilly.

Naples is deceptively hilly, and although most of the centro antico is fairly flat it’s a walk either uphill or downhill to get to the port, to the National Archaeological Museum, to the train station… Just about anywhere.

Is Rione Sanita safe?

The trick is to recognize them and to be able enough to avoid scams and other unpleasant accident. If you visit this place, with a skilled guide, and some policemen around, you are safe and you may enjoy the visit. Otherwise, it is better to go somewhere else.

Where is the best place to live in Naples Italy? These places are best for neighborhoods in Naples:

  • Vomero.
  • Quartieri Spagnoli.
  • Rione Sanita.
  • Chiaia.
  • Santa Lucia.

How many days do you need in Amalfi?

The short answer is that you need 2 days on the Amalfi Coast to see its highlights and 3 days or more if you want to add a trip to Capri or Sorrento. The long answer is that you can make the most of a stay in the Amalfi Coast no matter how much time you have, may it be one day or one week!

How many days do you need in Capri Italy? You’ll need at least three or four days to fully experience Capri and Anacapri. If you do have only one day to visit, take a look at our itinerary for Capri in a day.

How can I spend 2 days in Naples?

The perfect place to find the cool photo spot in Napoli

  1. Piazza Plebiscito – Plebiscito Square.
  2. The Royal Palace of Naples.
  3. Umberto I Gallery – 2 days in Naples.
  4. Cathedral of Naples and San Severo Chapel.
  5. Sea Side – Via Caracciolo.
  6. Pompeii Ruins – Day Trips from Naples.
  7. Explore the Islands of Capri and Ischia.

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