Is Koh Tao expensive?

Koh Tao is more expensive than Koh Phangan, but it’s still affordable. You can expect to pay a bit more in terms of accommodation. To give you an idea, dorms start at about TBH 190 per night and you can rent a scooter for about TBH 150-200 per day.

Additionally, Is Koh Tao worth visiting? Koh Tao is one of Thailand’s most popular islands, especially for divers and snorkelers. But even if you don’t dive yourself, visiting Koh Tao is definitely worth it. The island does not offer many classic sights, but all the more exciting activities.

Is Koh Tao a party island? Yes, Koh Tao is a party island as it offers the best of Thailand’s nightlife. What is Koh Tao known for? Koh Tao, a beautiful island along the Gulf of Thailand is known for its stunning beaches, incredible marine life, a number of exciting water sports and amazing nightlife.

Subsequently, How long should I stay in Koh Tao? Honestly, I recommend spending about 2 days in Koh Tao during your Thailand itinerary. Though this will depend on how many islands you plan on a visit before or after. As if you are beach hopping your way down Thailand 2 days will be enough.


Can you walk around Koh Tao?

Koh Tao is a small island and it’s possible to walk about and explore most of it in 3–4 days. The roads here are about 80% concrete, and the remainder is dirt track. The main roads are fairly new and wide and there are continuing roadworks around the island.

Where in Koh Tao were the murders? The Koh Tao murders involved the death of two British tourists in Thailand in 2014. On 15 September, the bodies of Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were found on Sairee Beach on the island of Koh Tao, between 4 and 5 am, a few hours after their deaths.

How much does it cost to dive in Koh Tao? Koh Tao entry level diving course prices range from 9,500 to 11,000 baht. On the west coast you can expect to pay between 14,000 to 16,000 baht and on Thailand’s eastern seaboard the prices will be between 14,000 to 16,000 baht for the PADI Open Water diver course.

Where should I live in Koh Tao? Best Places to Live in Koh Tao

  • Mae Haad.
  • Sairee Beach.
  • Chalok Bay.
  • Tanote Bay.

How do you get to Koh Tao?

4 good options:

  1. Fly from Bangkok to Samui, then catch ferry to Koh Tao. Fastest most direct route. …
  2. Fly from Bangkok to Suratthani or Chumphon, then catch ferry to Koh Tao. …
  3. Joint Bus (Coach) + Ferry from Bangkok to Koh Tao. …
  4. Overnight Sleeper Train + Ferry from Bangkok to Koh Tao.

What should I avoid in Thailand? What NOT to do in Thailand

  • Animal Shows. …
  • Don’t Ride the Elephants. …
  • Reconsider the Motorbikes. …
  • Be Careful With “Kind Strangers” …
  • Don’t Leave Your Passport in the Hotel. …
  • Be Careful not to Disrespect Buddha, the King or the Flag. …
  • Chose Your Clothes Wisely When Visiting Temples. …
  • Don’t Wear Shoes Inside.

Are cars allowed on Koh Tao?

Ferries carrying only passengers, no bikes or cars, leave from Bandon Pier at Bandon Rd, in the city centre very close to two of Surat Thani’s bus stations. The crossing lasts roughly 9 hours to reach Mae Haad Pier in Koh Tao and you can buy the ferry ticket at the pier on the same day you wish to travel.

How much is the ferry from Chumphon to Koh Tao? The quickest way to get from Chumphon to Koh Tao is to ferry which costs ฿650 – ฿1500 and takes 2h 4m.

How many backpackers go missing each year in Thailand?

Added to the high levels of alleged corruption, it is very difficult to get good results there.” Cases involving ‘disappearing’ backpackers or businessmen attract most coverage, but this needs to be seen in perspective. More than 1,000 people go missing in Thailand every year, The Nation newspaper reported in 2014.

What is death island in Thailand?

Death Island or Murder Island. Koh Tao has already been struggling with a very bad reputation after the Koh Tao murders in September 2014 when a British couple was killed and left behind on Sairee Beach. From then on Ko Tao was nicknamed the murder island or the Death Island.

How many people have been murdered on Koh Tao? Since January 1, 2014, there have been four deaths on the island of Koh Tao in which the cases have since been closed and were concluded that none were crime-related. Two murders on the island resulted in the death penalty for those found guilty, however.

Why is Koh Tao called Death Island? Koh Tao has already been struggling with a very bad reputation after the Koh Tao murders in September 2014 when a British couple was killed and left behind on Sairee Beach. From then on Ko Tao was nicknamed the murder island or the Death Island.

How much do you tip a dive instructor?

As a generalization, a good rule of thumb to consider is to tip $5USD to $10USD per dive (per tank). When you break that down that is roughly leaving a tip of 10 to 20 percent based on the service provided and your overall experience.

Where is the best diving in Thailand? The best diving in Thailand is in the Andaman Sea, to the west of the kingdom. Two dive sites you shouldn’t miss are in the Southwest: Hin Daeng (Red Rock) and Hin Muang (Purple Rock). These world-class diving sites deserve to be in every divers’ top 10. Other places to target are the Similan and Surin Islands.

Is Koh Phangan or Koh Tao better?

Conclusion: There’s nothing to pick between these two beauties! Koh Phangan is much larger, so it offers more beaches and areas to explore. But Koh Tao is small enough that you can explore every inch of it and (try to) visit every beach. So it’s a tie.

How do you get from Koh Samui to Koh Tao? To get to Koh Tao from Samui you have a choice of three ferry companies, namely Lomprayah High Speed Catamaran, Seatran Discovery and Songserm. Lomprayah takes about 1¾ hr to bring passengers from Koh Samui’s Maenam pier to Koh Tao’s Mae Haad pier.

Can you take your car to Koh Tao?

Indeed night ferries are the only option for taking cars onto Koh Tao.

How do I get from Hua Hin to Koh Tao? The best and cheap way of transport to Koh Tao from Hua Hin is to take a train to Chumphon and travel by ferry or boat from Chumphon to Koh Tao. Travel by train + ferry from Hua Hin to Koh Tao via Chumphon takes about 7-10 hours and it costs about $20-35/pp. There are various ferries and boats from Chumphon to Koh Tao.

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