Is Disney World closer to Orlando or Kissimmee? Most people think Walt Disney World is located in Orlando. But a wide stretch of Disney property is actually adjacent to the city of Kissimmee in Central Florida. Everything in WDW is easily accessible from Kissimmee.

What houses are closest to Disney World? The Windsor Hills Resort is a 24-hour secure gated resort community located less than 2 miles from Walt Disney World making it the closest resort community to the major theme parks. Over the past thirteen years Windsor Hills has firmly secured its position as the most popular private rental community in Orlando.

Consequently, Does Disney have vacation homes? With several friendly Central Florida cities bordering the park to the north, east, and south, our Disney World vacation homes offer great locations close to the resort, as well as plenty of options for dining, shopping, and recreation.

How far is Disney World from the beach? Disney World in Orlando sits almost smack in the middle of Florida; it’s a little closer to the Atlantic coast, heading east with many prime sandy white beaches to choose from, but many prefer the calm shallow waters and sunsets of Florida’s Gulf Coast to the west. The closest beach to Disney World sits 65 miles away.


How far is universal from Disney?

In fact, Disney World is only about 9 miles away from Universal Studios, which means, if you are driving the most direct route in good traffic, the journey time is only approximately 15 minutes. Universal Studios is located closest to Orlando, found towards the Southwest of the city.

Where is the cheapest place to live in Orlando Florida? Here’s our list of the 12 cheapest places to live in Orlando.

  • Rock Lake. This neighborhood in Orange County, Orlando, has a population of just over 1,000. …
  • Lorna Doone. …
  • South Division. …
  • Englewood Park. …
  • Dover Shores East. …
  • Rosemont. …
  • Wadeview Park. …
  • Eagles Nest.

How much money should I save for Disney World? Conclusions. If you’re looking to plan a Disney World vacation, there’s a wide range of prices available to you. For a family of three or four, you’ll probably want to assume you’re spending at least $3000, with $4000-5000 being a comfortable amount, and $10000 being enough to make anyone’s dreams come true.

Can I stay at Universal and go to Disney? Can you stay at Universal and go to Disney? Sure. You can also stay at Disney and go to Universal, or stay off property and visit both theme parks.

Is there free transportation from Disney to Universal?

Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando offer free shuttle services between their resorts and affiliated theme parks, but you may have to transfer from one to the other. Usually, routes run every 20 to 30 minutes, departing from the entrance of every Disney and Universal property.

Why you should not move to Orlando?

Where should I not live in Orlando?

Most Dangerous Areas Orlando

  • Mercy drive.
  • Roosevelt park.
  • Malibu Groves.
  • Johnson village.
  • New Malibu.
  • Lake sunset.
  • Rock lake.
  • Carver Shores.

What is the safest city in Orlando Florida? If you’re looking for top places to live in Orlando for safety and affordability, check out these five neighborhoods and suburbs!

  • Altamonte Springs.
  • Baldwin Park.
  • College Park.
  • Conway.
  • Doctor Phillips.

How much does it cost for a family of 4 to go to Disney World?

A typical Disney World Vacation for a family of four for 5-nights will cost on average around $3,800 which includes hotel, airfare, park tickets, and food.

Should I bring cash to Disney World?

Jody, you do not need to carry any cash in Walt Disney World Resort. Cash is accepted in the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks and Disney Resorts Collection hotels, but you do not need to use it.

How much does it cost for a family of 7 to go to Disney World? Our total comes to about $5075. divided by 4 = $1268 per person for a 6 night/7 day stay. To break this down just a bit further, divide $1268 by 6 nights and we get an average daily rate of $211 per person/day for a Disney World Hotel, Park Hopper passes and food.

Is it better to stay at Disney or Universal? Universal Hotels like-for-like are generally cheaper than staying at Disney. Less travelling – save time and money As of 2020, Disney will be charging guests to park their car at their hotels which makes hiring a car even more expensive. Plus, Universal charge $20 a day for parking at their theme parks.

Is Disney more expensive than universal?

With that said, Universal is less expensive than Walt Disney World in most ways. Park tickets and food prices are not particularly noticeable, but the big one is hotel rates. Not only is Universal significantly cheaper, but its resorts include perks that would cost additional money at Walt Disney World.

Will Universal hotels hold your luggage? Hotel guests get free luggage storage on check in and check out days at their hotel.

What does Disney parking cost?

Driving to Parks at Walt Disney World

One big perk of driving to Walt Disney World is that you can drive to and from the parks. Parking at Disney World parks costs $25 for standard parking and $45 or $50 for preferred parking.

How much is uber from Disney to Universal? Disney Tips

Average Uber cost from Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando’s drop-off point is $20-25 per trip. Average wait for a pick-up at Walt Disney World is 4-8 minutes.

How do you get around in Orlando?

Renting a car is recommended as it’s the most convenient option for getting around Orlando. Alternative options include public transportation, taxis, and hotel shuttle services. Many hotels located near I-Drive and other popular attractions offer free or inexpensive shuttles to attractions as well.

Can I move to Florida without a job? Having a job in hand that you’ll be able to tolerate is very important before making the decision to move to Florida. It’s easy to take a risk and make your dream move without a job, but it will make settling for undesirable work that much more likely.

What are the 6 reasons not to move to Florida?

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t move to Florida:

  • Crowded with Tourists All Over The Year:
  • Why is Florida Called the “Sunshine State”?
  • Affordable Places to Visit in Florida is a Myth:
  • Get Cautious about Tornadoes and Hurricanes:
  • Too Many People Than You Ever Imagined:
  • Urbanization and Its Effects:

Is Orlando a good place to live 2021? Orlando, FL Ranked #73 Best Place to Live in 2021 | Livability.

Where is the best place to live near Disney World?

  • Celebration (The Community that Disney Founded) Celebration is a well-mapped out community with a minimal of 8000 population as per the 2010 census. …
  • Winter Park (City of Cultural and Heritage) …
  • Windermere (Disover the Lake Life) …
  • Lake Nona (Medical City) …
  • Horizon West (City of the Villages)

Is moving to Orlando a good idea? The cost of living in Orlando, FL, is about 3% lower than the average Florida cost of living; making Orlando an excellent choice if you are planning to move to Florida. Orlando enjoys a lower cost of living in comparison to Florida in all categories except housing.

What is the best area to live in Orlando? Here are the eight best neighborhoods in Orlando to check out.

  1. Celebration. This neighborhood likes to think of itself as an independent city catering to well-to-do families. …
  2. Dr. Philips. …
  3. Winter Park. …
  4. Milk District. …
  5. Thornton Park. …
  6. College Park. …
  7. Baldwin Park. …
  8. Park Lake Highland.


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