Is January a good time to visit Las Vegas?

For those who have visited Las Vegas before and just want a simple and inexpensive getaway and don’t mind the potentially chilly and rainy weather (average January temperatures range from around 40 degrees Farenheit to the upper 50s) it’s a good time to visit.

Additionally, How warm is Las Vegas in January? Average Las Vegas Temperatures

Month Avg Low Avg High
January 39°F (4°C) 58°F (14°C)
February 41°F (5°C) 61°F (16°C)
March 49°F (9°C) 71°F (22°C)
April 55°F (13°C) 77°F (25°C)

Can you swim in Vegas in January? Re: Swimming in January? Yes, its cold in Las Vegas in the winter. Some pools are open and heated if you like to go have a morning swim for exercise but you wont want to be laying out by the pool during typical Jan.

Subsequently, What should I wear to Vegas in January? Although you probably could wear shorts during the day in Vegas, a comfortable pair of jeans is your best bet for Vegas in the winter. Men should also bring a mix of short and long sleeved collared shirts, as well as a T-shirt or two and a hoodie.


Is January cold in Vegas?

Las Vegas weather in January is very cold at night with milder temperatures during the day. It’s a great time to book your Las Vegas holidays if you want to avoid the hot summer weather and do a lot of sightseeing during your stay.

What’s the cheapest month to go to Vegas? January is considered the cheapest month to fly to Las Vegas, but there are other times when flights are also lower than usual, such as August and October. Travelers who plan to visit Las Vegas during these months can save on the price of their tickets.

What month do pools open in Vegas? When do pools open in Las Vegas? Pool season begins in March and ends around October with the daily hours typically being 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. but this can vary from pool to pool.

Is Vegas crowded in January? Crowds/Rates | Is it Busy? January is less busy in Las Vegas, as crowds thin down a little after New Year’s. While not really quiet, it’s still a more affordable month with lower hotel prices compared to December. Additionally, flights to Las Vegas are cheaper during January.

Where is it 80 degrees in January?

Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Those living in the northern climates may dread the month of January, but if you are lucky enough to be spending it in Brazil, you’re in luck! January in Rio reaches temperatures over 80 degrees which is the perfect weather for digging your toes in the sand on one of their famous beaches.

Is Vegas expensive in January? The Cheapest Month To Go To Las Vegas Is January

As the publication explains, « During this month, flights tend to be 15 percent cheaper than they are the rest of the year, and that’s likely because January is the coldest month in Las Vegas.

What is the cheapest day of the week to fly to Vegas?

Days With Lowest Fares

For the lowest fares, fly to Las Vegas either mid-week or on Saturday. Fare Compare writes that the most cost-efficient days to fly are, in order, Wednesday, Tuesday and Saturday. Tickets cost more on Friday and Sunday because more people fly to and from their destinations on these days.

Is Caesars Palace pool open year round? Hot tubs and one pool are open year round. The other pools are open from March – October. For cabana, day bed and outdoor spa reservations or rates, please call Leisure Concierge at (702) 731-7266 or (877) 346-4642, or visit Leisure Concierge desk in the front lobby.

Can Park MGM guests use MGM Grand pool?

Only MGM Grand hotel guests may use the Grand Pool Complex. Pool hours are tentative and subject to availability due to inclement weather and special events.

Is Marquee Dayclub open in winter?

The only winter pool party in Las Vegas is lead by Marquee Dayclub with full temperature control. It may be cold outside, but with the custom dome surrounding the entire pool area, Marquee remains 85 degrees. It’s no surprise the pool parties are some of the funnest events in Vegas, so why not have them all year round.

What is the best month to go to Vegas? The best time to visit Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November. While you’ll find plenty of travel deals throughout the year, the spring and fall shoulder seasons offer the most moderate weather.

Is it windy in Las Vegas in January? January’s average wind speed is one of the lowest for the year in Las Vegas.

What state has the best weather in January?

Overall, Hawaii is the warmest US state to visit in January. However, the month’s also the ‘coldest’ time of the year to visit the coastal town on Hawaii’s Big Island. Average low temperatures range from a pleasant 69°F (20.5°C) to a very nice 81°F (27°C).

Where is it 70 year round? Where is it 70 degrees all year round? Santa Barbara is an incredibly popular tourist destination and one of my personal favorites. It sits on the Central California coast and has gorgeous weather all year long with highs in the 70s during the Summer and 60s during the Winter.

What state stays 70 degrees year round?

While temperatures fluctuate throughout the year in most U.S. states, there are some that see averages around 70-degree weather year-round. These states include Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico. Which city has the best climate?

What is the cheapest time to fly to Las Vegas? Book at least 1 week before departure in order to get a below-average price. High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Las Vegas is August.

What airport do you fly into for Vegas?

If you are flying into Las Vegas, you’re landing at McCarran International Airport, which is serviced by nearly 30 airlines.

What is the cheapest time to go to New York? THE CHEAPEST TIME TO VISIT NYC

As you might well have guessed, the cheapest months of the year to travel to NYC are from January through March. It’s in these 3 months that the costs of both a flight and hotel are on average the lowest for the whole year.

How far is the Grand Canyon from Vegas?

It is located about 130 miles from the heart of Las Vegas. On average, the drive takes approximately two and a half hours. Both the North Rim and South Rim (the two rims of Grand Canyon National Park) are located over 270 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. On average, both drives take approximately four and a half hours.

When should I book a trip to Vegas? Travelers looking for the best deals will want to book their flights to Las Vegas at least 14 days in advance, as prices rise dramatically within two weeks of departure. Travelers booking early can save up to $200 over last-minute travelers.

What is the cheapest way to plan a trip to Vegas?

What is the cheapest way to book a trip to Vegas? The cheapest way to book a trip to Vegas is to search for packages on online travel agents and metasearch websites. Try searching from various airports in your area as some low-cost carriers may only fly from 1 airport.

Is Bellagio pool free for guests? Yes!!! The only way anyone can use the Bellagio pool area is if they are a guest in the hotel and there is NO charge for this.

Is MGM Grand pool open year round? The MGM Grand Pool is open year round. Well, not the entire pool deck but one of the pools and jacuzzi’s are open on the MGM Grand Pool Deck year round. So if you need to get your Vegas pool fix in the winter and are staying at MGM Grand then you have a place to go.

Do you have to stay at Mandalay Bay to use the pool?

Does Mandalay Bay offer a day pass to the pool area for non guests? No. Pool and Beach access is for registered hotel guests only. Room key must be shown at entry.

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