Is it better to stay in Mahe or Praslin?

If you’re looking for great snorkelling, Mahe or La Digue are great, but Praslin isn’t. If you’re looking for a good place to swim, I recommend you Mahe. And if you’re looking for national parks, active holidays and swimming as well, Praslin is a good option.

Additionally, How many days do I need in Seychelles? A classic Seychelles holiday lasts between 10 and 14 days. This duration means that you have enough time to visit three different Seychelles islands to get to know their own individual beauty and tempos. If you want to see more than three islands during your stay then you should plan a 3-week holiday.

Which part of Seychelles is best to stay? Mahe – Best Place to Stay in Seychelles for Families. Mahe is the largest island of Seychelles. It covers nearly 160 square kilometres and is home to the largest cities and tourist hubs. With plenty of things to see and do, Mahe is our pick for where to stay in Seychelles when you’re travelling with kids.

Subsequently, Which side of Seychelles is the best? Without further ado, these are the best Seychelles islands:

  • Mahé The largest and main island of Seychelles, Mahé is also the most popular Seychelles destination. …
  • Praslin. Praslin is the second biggest island in Seychelles, but it cannot be compared to Mahé. …
  • La Digue. …
  • 4 – 5. …
  • Curieuse. …
  • St. …
  • Cousin Island.


Can you do Seychelles on a budget?

It’s always viewed as one of the most expensive in the world but, as this post shows, it’s possible to visit on a budget! The Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands off the east coast of Africa, are known for being extremely beautiful — and extremely expensive.

How do I get to Mahé Seychelles? How To Get Here. There are no direct flights from the U.S., but you can easily connect through London or Middle Eastern hubs such as Qatar or the UAE. International flights fly into Mahe airport, a lovely, tiny airport, from where you can catch local flights on Air Seychelles to connect you to the island of your choice …

How do you get around Mahé Seychelles? The best way to get around Mahé and Praslin is with a rental car. You can also get around on public buses. On La Digue, the best way to get around is by bike. On Mahé and Praslin (and to a limited extent on La Digue) you can also get around by taxi.

Which is better to visit Maldives or Seychelles? While Seychelles offers a much better experience when it comes to sightseeing and activities. Maldives reigns supreme when it comes to the stay experience. Maldives is known for its one island one resort concept. The private island stay experience is something you just don’t get everywhere and even if you do.

How far is La Digue from Mahe?

The total crossing time between Mahe and La Digue is approximately 90 minutes, which includes the short layover on Praslin. Arrival on La Digue is at the Inter Island Ferry jetty in La Passe.

Which is better Seychelles or Maldives? While Seychelles offers a much better experience when it comes to sightseeing and activities. Maldives reigns supreme when it comes to the stay experience. Maldives is known for its one island one resort concept. The private island stay experience is something you just don’t get everywhere and even if you do.

Which island is better in Seychelles?

Mahé island is the most popular in Seychelles. It’s the island where you will see most of Seychellois culture and is usually the best starting point for your holiday.

Can you use US dollars in Seychelles? Currency and cards

The currency of the Seychelles is the rupee (SCR) but tourists can also pay in US Dollars or Euros. In Seychelles, you are required by law to pay exclusively in a common foreign currency.

Can you drink alcohol in the Seychelles?

First, alcohol is widely available throughout the country and home-brews can be purchased at low price at any time of the year. Second, alcohol drinking is an important aspect of male culture in the Seychelles.

How long is Mahe Island?

Mahé Island, largest island of the Seychelles archipelago, Republic of Seychelles, in the western Indian Ocean. The island is 4 miles (6 km) wide and 16 miles (26 km) long.

How big is Mahé? Mahé is the largest island of Seychelles, with an area of 157.3 square kilometres (60.7 sq mi), lying in the northeast of the Seychellean nation in the Somali Sea part of the Indian Ocean. The population of Mahé was 77,000, as of the 2010 census.

How long does it take to drive around Mahé Seychelles? It takes around three hours if you drive straight through. But with over 20 beaches, viewpoints, restaurants and a rum distillery on the way, you’ll want to take your time.

Is there Uber in Mahe Seychelles?

Re: Does Uber exist in Mahe? No it doesn’t exist in Seychelles.

How do you get from Mahe to North Island? Guests will arrive on North Island via helicopter, a journey that takes twenty minutes from Mahé. The owners of North Island insist on this method of arrival to prevent rats or other pests from entering the island, jeopardising the elaborate style and conservation efforts of the island.

How do I get from Mahe airport to ferry?

Mahe airport is relatively small, so you should have no problems finding it. The shuttle bus leaves the airport no later than 1 hour before the scheduled ferry departure time. Journey time to the Victoria jetty is approximately 15-20 minutes.

What is better Mauritius or Seychelles? While both Mauritius and Seychelles are safe places in comparison to most places in the world since Seychelles receives a lower number of tourists and has a smaller population their crime rate is slightly lower than that of Mauritius. However, the beaches of Mauritius are considered safer for children and in general.

Which is better Zanzibar or Seychelles?

While Zanzibar is counted as one of the top diving destinations in the world and a Mecca for deep-sea fisherman, Seychelles is also famous for the diving, snorkelling and fishing opportunities it provides because of its apt location and marine diversity.

Is Seychelles cheaper than Maldives? If you have to make a comparison between the two islands, the Maldives honeymoon will cost you less than spending your holiday in Seychelles. A week-long honeymoon in Seychelles will cost you a minimum of 150,000 per person without airfare while a 4D/3N vacation in the Maldives starts from INR 76,000 per person.

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