Is Ios just a party island?

Ios is an island within the Cycladic Islands of Greece alongside the likes of Mykonos and Santorini. It’s known for being a party island and popular with people in their 20’s, especially Australians, Brits and Irish.

Additionally, Does Ios have an airport? Ios Airport

There is no airport in Ios island. The nearest airport is located in Santorini island, the most popular island of Greece. The airport of Santorini receives daily flights from Athens and Thessaloniki, the largest cities of Greece, and also charter flights from abroad in summer.

Is Ios island safe? Ios is generally a safe island. However you should be alert for pickpockets and petty thieves and do not leave your belongings, especially electronic devices, unattended even for a short period of time. Public intoxication is quite common starting as early as 20:00, mostly regarding young British tourists.

Subsequently, Is Ios a nice island? Ios is one of the most popular destinations in Greece, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. Mainly famous for the vivid Ios nightlife, the island is known as one of the best party islands in Greece! Indeed, the Ios party scene isn’t just about the epic Ios clubs and bars.


Who owns the island of Ios?

Ios is part of the southern Cyclades group, located in the Aegean Sea. Chora is the main village of the island. Only three settlements are inhabited in Ios Greece, These are Chora, the main port Ormos and the touristy settlement of Milopotas but during winter only Chora still has residents.

Can you fly direct to Ios? There is no airport on Ios, so the island is only accessible by ferry. Most people choose to fly directly to Athens, Santorini, Mykonos or Crete and then take the ferry to Ios Island.

How long is the ferry from Ios to Santorini? Is there a high-speed ferry from Ios to Santorini? Yes, there are ferry companies that run the route Ios – Santorini with fast ferries, mainly during the summer. The duration of the trip with the high-speed ferry to Santorini is around 25 minutes.

Where do you fly for Ios? Ios (Station) is 2h ahead of Dublin. It is currently 2:07 PM in Dublin and 4:07 PM in Ios (Station). Which airlines fly from Dublin Airport to Santorini Airport? Aer Lingus, British Airways, Aegean Airlines and three other airlines offer flights from Dublin Airport to Santorini Airport.

Is IOS Greece cheap?

Although Ios is one of the most popular Greek islands, it’s way more budget-friendly than places like Santorini and Mykonos since it caters to younger travelers and backpackers. As long as you can find a budget place to stay and don’t drink too much, you’re set. But it never hurts to save more!

Is Ios island Expensive? Ios is the cheapest, Santorini, surprisingly is a very affordable place, once you go to places that don’t have the caldera view! Mykonos is easily the most expensive but even there if you do a bit of homework you can still find good value places to eat, drink etc.

Is IOS Greece walkable?

Like all of the Cyclades, Ios is full of the traditional whitewashed houses and stone-paved streets. Chora is a great place to walk around and explore the unique architecture. Another feature largely associated with the Cyclades Greek islands are the iconic windmills.

Do I need a car in Ios Greece? Getting around Ios, Greece

I highly recommend renting a car to explore the beaches that are far away from Chora. Although there are several car rental companies found on the island, we were pretty satisfied with Europcar.

Is Ios Greece worth it?

Is Ios, Greece, worth visiting? Why yes, yes it is! Ios reigns as one of the most attractive islands in the whole of the Aegean Sea. Hundreds of thousands of visitors flock its way every year.

Is Ios a volcanic island?

They are an hour away by ferry, but encounters such as this are a thing of the past over on the world’s most photographed volcanic island. … While other islands have matured and evolved, Ios seemed destined to remain the Daytona Beach of Greece, the eternal adolescent parked between scene-stealing Mykonos and Santorini.

How far is Ios from Athens? How to Get from Athens to Ios. The distance between Athens and the Cycladic island of Ios, is 163 miles (263 km). The most convenient way to travel between them is by high-speed ferry, which takes 4 hours from Piraeus, the port of Athens, to the Ios port.

How do I get in Ios Greece? The best way to reach Ios is by taking a ferry from Athens. Piraeus, the major port of Athens, offers a number of ferries to Ios. Alternatively, other Cycladic islands, such as Folegandros, Santorini, and Paros, have direct ferries to Ios, if you’re planning an island-hopping trip.

How do I get Ios from UK?

There is no direct connection from London to Ios (Station). However, you can take the train to Gatwick Airport, take the walk to London Gatwick airport, fly to Santorini, take the taxi to Santorini, then take the car ferry to Ios (Station).

How far is Ios from Paros? What’s the distance between Paros and Ios? The distance between the port of Parikia in Paros and Ios is 38 nautical miles (approximately 70km).

Where is the nightlife in Ios?

Ios Nightlife

Ios is the island of entertainment. It is famous for its wild and crazy nightlife since the 1980s when hippies from Crete first headed to the virgin beaches of Ios. A few cafes and beach bars can be found in Ormos and Mylopotas but most of the night fun is found in Chora, the best place for a night out.

How do I get from Ios Greece to Ireland? There is no direct connection from Ireland to Ios (Station). However, you can take the bus to Zone 15, stop 7347, take the walk to Dublin airport, fly to Santorini, take the taxi to Santorini, then take the car ferry to Ios (Station).

How long is flight from Dublin to Greece?

The distance between Dublin and Athens is 2853 km (1773 miles). The total flight time between Dublin airport and Athens is 3 hours and 50 minutes.

How long do you need in IOS Greece? How many days do you need?

  • Most travelers spend 7-8 days in Athens, Naxos, and Ios combined.
  • Visiting Athens, Naxos, and Ios in 5 or 6 days is possible, but will feel rushed.
  • With 9 or more days, most travelers choose to add more stops to their trip.
  • The most common extensions are Tinos and Santorini.

Is IOS cheaper than Mykonos?

What is this? Winner: Ios. It might not be the cheapest place in Greece but it’s certainly cheaper than Mykonos, which might well be the most expensive!

How do I get around in IOS? Move Around Ios

  1. Public buses. Public transportation is much preferred by both locals and visitors, as it is the less expensive mean of transport and at the same time an amusing way to explore the region. …
  2. Taxis and private transfers. …
  3. Car and motorbike rentals. …
  4. Organized tours.

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