Dubrovnik is a better travel destination for foodies, and has a better Old Town. Split offers better nightlife, better day trip options, and is generally cheaper than Dubrovnik. Both destinations offer excellent beaches.

Can you swim in the Plitvice Lakes? Swimming is forbidden in Plitvice Lakes National Park. As a tour guide once explained to me, “The lakes are also a resevoir for drinking water! We just can’t allow swimming”.

Then, What is the most beautiful part of Croatia? The 12 Most Beautiful Spots In Croatia

  • Plitvice Lakes. …
  • Greeting to the Sun. …
  • Diocletian’s Palace, Split. …
  • Northern Velebit National Park. …
  • Rovinj. …
  • Krka National Park. …
  • Korcula. …
  • Mljet National Park. From Korcula, go just a little bit to the south-east, and you’ll reach Mljet, another of the gorgeous Croatian islands.

Which is better Split or Hvar? Split has some great beaches but also the bars and parties for those that want them, while Hvar has a more explorable landscape with plenty of hidden coves, sleepy fishing villages and luscious beaches.


Is Split Croatia nice?

Split is a very authentic city, but it is also famous for its great beaches! So in case you didn’t get to experience the beaches in any other Croatian city such as Dubrovnik, for example, then Split is a great place to do so.

How long does it take to walk around Plitvice Lakes? Walking / Hiking around Plitvice Lakes is easy and well organised. There are about eight different routes that involve walking/hiking that lasts from two and a half to about eight hours. The routes are named as trails A, B, C, E, F, H K (see details below) with the length of between 3 km to 18 km.

Why are Plitvice Lakes so blue? The lakes are continuously changing colour according to the amount of minerals or organisms, as well as the angle of sunlight. The most important ingredient causing the water to turn blue or green is calcium carbonate from limestone rocks.

Why are you not allowed to swim in Plitvice Lakes? For the sustainable formation of tufa (porous rock), it was therefore imperative to protect the fragile ecosystem from excessive human influence. Therefore since 2006, it bathing or swimming in the lakes have been banned.

What is Split like in Croatia?

Split, the second largest city in Croatia, is a mix of modern life and ancient history. With ruins dating back to the Roman Empire, a bustling waterfront, and fresh seafood served daily at many of the restaurants in town, Split is well worth a visit on a tour through Croatia.

Where do celebrities stay in Croatia? But if viewers want to make their trip particularly authentic, they should opt to stay where most of the cast holed up during filming—in the ocean view accommodations at the famous Hotel Excelsior, part of the Adriatic Luxury Hotels collection.

What is the best month to go to Croatia?

The best time to visit Croatia is during the summer months, from June to September, when sunlight is plentiful and temperatures are warm, between 66°F and 86°F. These conditions are ideal for boating and swimming in the blue waters around the islands.

How far is Zagreb from Split? The distance from Zagreb to Split is just over 400km. The quickest way from Zagreb to Split is to zoom down the A1 motorway, a journey south of just over four hours and 400km plus, passing close to Zadar and Šibenik.

Is it worth staying in Split?

With excellent ferry connections and close proximity to other coastal towns, Split is the perfect home base for day trips around Croatia. Vis, Brac and Hvar are all great islands you can day trip to, and another must-visit is Krka National Park (without a doubt, the top attraction here is its waterfalls).

Is 10 days in Croatia enough?

To get a little taste of everything, yes, this 10-day itinerary is an ideal length to stay in Croatia. The country is fairly small, so 10 days is long enough to accommodate traveling from place to place, but also means to see everything on your bucket list, your itinerary will be jam-packed.

Is Split a party town? Split. Split that has mostly become a popular party place because of Ultra Europe festival that is being held on stadium Poljud in July offers much more than just those three days.

How many days in Split is enough? Two days in Split are enough to cover all of the main activities in town. However, due to its ideal location, there are so many day trips that you can (or rather should) take while in Split. We’ll list some of the best day trips and things to do around Split for your itinerary.

Is Split safe?

There is no popular destination which is immune of crime, incidents, accidents, etc. There is only a difference how often they happen, or how bad they can go. Split is not an exception. It is considered as a safe place, just like Croatia in general, especially compared to some bigger and busiest cities or resorts.

How long do you need in Plitvice National Park? Plitvice Lakes are reachable on a day trip from Zagreb, Zadar and Split. However, we recommend spending at least one night in the area to allow you to experience everything the park has to offer. With this in mind, plan at least 2 days for visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Are there bears in Plitvice Lakes?

Fortunately for Plitvice Lakes visitors, several call the park home. The largest and most spectacular predator that lives in the park is undoubtedly the Eurasian brown bear. These large predators reach up to 650 pounds in weight, making them large enough to subsist on virtually any prey they wish.

Is one day enough for Plitvice Lakes? One day at Plitvice Lakes is more than enough. I had dreamt of going to Plitvice for years and thought I would want to spend as much time there as possible but actually, 4-5 hours was plenty. I walked one of the longer trails, saw all the most popular waterfalls and had a picnic by the lake.

Why is Plitvice famous?

Plitvice Lakes National Park is famed for its unsurpassable natural beauty. Sitting between Zagreb and Zadar, at the Bosnia Herzegovina border, it is the jewel of mountainous central Croatia, and it’s easy to see why it made the Unesco World Heritage register in 1979.

Are there bears in Plitvice national park? Fortunately for Plitvice Lakes visitors, several call the park home. The largest and most spectacular predator that lives in the park is undoubtedly the Eurasian brown bear. These large predators reach up to 650 pounds in weight, making them large enough to subsist on virtually any prey they wish.

Is Croatia a nice country?

Croatia is one of the safest countries in the world. In February of 2020, it was ranked at a “Level One” by the U.S. State Department—the safest category. The country is also a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union (EU).


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