Darjeeling is quite safe in all seasons. But don’t push the limits like doing late nights or wandering around in secluded areas. No place on earth would then be safe. Otherwise you should be fine.

Additionally, What is Darjeeling famous for? Popularly known as the ‘ Queen of the Hills’ ,Darjeeling is a favoured tourist destination, noted for its scenic beauty, ancient forests, quaint houses , friendly peopleand the mountain panorama that it provides.

How is Darjeeling for honeymoon? Darjeeling in West Bengal, at the foothills of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga, is a popular choice for honeymoon destinations. Most Darjeeling honeymoon packages promise a local and cultural blend of experiences along with multi-adventurous sports.

Subsequently, Is Darjeeling safe for couples? There won’t be any problem.


Is Darjeeling safe for girls trip?

Darjeeling and Sikkim are 100% safe for solo female traveller. Nothing to be scared of as such. However, you may contact the following travel agents for any assistance needed.

Can I settle in Darjeeling? Hi, It is possible to buy a land or property in Darjeeling hills. As an outsider your first step should be to rent an apartment or a house in Darjeeling and stay there for a few months.

Is alcohol cheap in Darjeeling? Among the wonderful local wonders, Darjeeling has its bars and pubs, where you can head to for a great time. Most of these bars and pubs are old establishments, and the drinks are relatively less expensive than most other Indian cities.

What is the famous food of Darjeeling? 02/7Kwati

One of the most popular dishes in Darjeeling, Kwati is a part of the traditional Gorkha cuisine. It is a mixed soup made by boiling 9 different varieties of sprouted beans. Some spices are also added to the soup to pack more flavour. It is a highly delicious and nutritious dish.

How much is Darjeeling tour?

Darjeeling Tour Packages

Darjelling Tour Packages No. of Days Price*
Simply North East With Kalimpong – Land Only 6 Nights / 7 Days Rs. 21,999
Fascinating North East with Pelling – Land Only 6 Nights / 7 Days Rs. 30,999
Fascinating Sikkim and Darjeeling 6 Nights / 7 Days Rs. 32,910

Which place is best for honeymoon? Best Honeymoon Destinations

  • Bora Bora.
  • St. Lucia.
  • Maldives.
  • Fiji.
  • Maui.
  • Amalfi Coast.
  • Bali.
  • Tahiti.

Which place is better to visit Darjeeling or Gangtok?

On a personal note,I would suggest Darjeeling over Gangtok,mainly because of the natural beauty and mannificient view of Kanchendzongha ranges that it offers. The colourful life in a hill station can be enjoyed more in Darjeeling. It also offers excellent options for food and shopping…

Is Darjeeling a good place to live? Darjeeling has remained as one of the safer places in India.

Is NJP station safe at night?

Prepaid Taxi Booth outside NJP Station

It can get extremely risky if fog hinders visibility which is often the case at night. So unless absolutely necessary, avoid driving at night and plan in advance to stay back for the night at Siliguri (a twin city only 5kms from NJP).

Is Gangtok good for honeymoon?

Gangtok and Darjeeling are two destinations in the Northeast India, where everything here from locals to the cloud-kissed hills is pleasing! They have tea gardens, toy trains, gondola rides, and a lot more waiting for you on your honeymoon in Gangtok and Darjeeling.

Is Darjeeling good for solo trip? Darjeeling is perfectly safe to travel alone as a solo traveller. Just take normal precautions like don’t get too friendly with strangers, don’t travel much after dark (there is not much to do after dark anyway). Walking around on your own generally is perfectly safe.

Can Indians buy Darjeeling land? There is no restriction on outsiders buying property in Darjeeling or the Dooars. Darjeeling (and other towns like Kurseong and Kalimpong) was, till the late 1980s, a prime place for the rich from the plains to buy properties.

Why Darjeeling is called Queen of Hills?

The height at which Darjeeling is located is sure to leave you spell bound. Adding to this is the rich flora and fauna and icy chilly weather of the hill station that proudly brags on her nickname, “The Queen of Hills”.

How can we enjoy Darjeeling? Things to do in Darjeeling

  1. Enjoy a ride on the Batasia Loop. …
  2. Meditate at the Japanese Temple and Peace Pagoda. …
  3. Take a walk in The Rock Garden. …
  4. Have a picnic at Nightingale Park. …
  5. Shop for gifts at Nehru Road. …
  6. Buy woollens at Chowk Bazaar. …
  7. Mountaineer at the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.

Is beer available in Darjeeling?

Most liquor retailers in Darjeeling offer a huge variety of wine, vodka, beer, whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, etc., to choose from. So, as per your choice and event, you can buy the best-suited drinks from the nearby liquor stores. There is a variety of liquor available at any liquor shop.

Is there any red light area in Darjeeling? There is no red light area in Darjeeling and everyone knows that,” he said. Darjeeling Sadar police station inspector-in-charge T S Nath said the police.

How far is Gangtok from Darjeeling?

Distance Between Gangtok to Darjeeling

Distance between Gangtok to Darjeeling by Road is 100 Kms
Distance between Gangtok to Darjeeling by Flight is 48 Kms
Travel Time from Gangtok to Darjeeling by Road is 2:17 hrs
Nearest Airport in Gangtok Bagdogra Airport (27.34, 88.61)

Is alcohol available in Darjeeling? Most liquor retailers in Darjeeling offer a huge variety of wine, vodka, beer, whiskey, rum, scotch, gin, etc., to choose from. So, as per your choice and event, you can buy the best-suited drinks from the nearby liquor stores. There is a variety of liquor available at any liquor shop.

Which fruit is famous in Darjeeling?

Exploring Passion Fruit in Darjeeling Himalayan Regions of West Bengal, India. Passion fruit (कृष्‍णा फल), a high value foreign exchange earning fruit crop rich in appreciable quantities of vitamin A, B, C with medicinal value, is mostly grown at an altitude of 800-1500 m above mean sea level.

What is the famous sweet of Darjeeling? Kheer is one of most significant Darjeeling foods. You will relish this Tibetan style dessert. It is a traditional dessert made using boiled rice with milk. Further, sugar, large cardamoms, pistachios, raisins, and almonds are added to the sweet dish.

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